Best Mobile Operators, Networks in India for Different Age Groups

Though internet is a very popular only 21% of people have internet access in developed country. But now a days…

Best Mobile Operators, Networks in India for Different Age GroupsThough internet is a very popular only 21% of people have internet access in developed country. But now a days mobile phones are much more popular than internet, even in India 59% of people are using mobile phones and believe me it is the fastest growing technology recently.

To use a mobile the first thing that comes in our mind is mobile network operator. It’s important you read articles such as Public Mobile review to see which operator will suit your needs best. Different age groups, and people with different social backgrounds have different choices and likings…

Kaustav GhoshGuest Post by Kaustav Ghosh [FB], a engineering student from Kolkata with a passion for technology and latest trends in mobile news in India.

Popular Mobile Network Operators in India for Various Age, Social Groups

There are many mobile operators in India each of them trying to give some unique offer. The main operators in India in gsm services are Airtel, Aircel, Bsnl, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, Tata docomo, and the last but not the list is Uninor. Here are some specialties of these operators which mainly attract people…

# Airtel

Airtel is the largest telecom business operator in India in gsm mobile network. From a poll result I can say that 35% (approx) of people in India is using Airtel.

Pros : Good Network Coverage. Reliability. Customer service. Lower internet charges. Good net speed in urban areas also.

Cons : Customer dissatisfaction. Unnecessary reduction of balance. At times poor service. Charges and billings. Not so attractive call tariff plans.

Overall in recent times airtel’s service is not so good as there are many complaints over customer support, billing etc.

Many customers are accusing that they are cheated by Airtel. In 3G connection the technical support is also very bad. But all in all they have good network and also reliable in my opinion.23% of people are changing their number from airtel to others. But in my opinion Airtel is not bad as operator.

# Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the best service providers in India. Vodafone is India most admired marketer according to THE ECONOMIC TIMES.22% of people are using Vodafone in India according to a poll result.

Pros : Network coverage. Best service. Reliability. Indias most trusted service. Latest technology. Largest 3G network.

Cons : Online billing issue. Call charges are expensive. Expensive internet charges. Customer care is time consuming.

Overall Vodafone is not bad at all. If you are looking for an operator for good service with a lot of coverage all over India. I will recommend you Vodafone. In my opinion their 3G service is going to be the best in India which can be a big hit in the near future.


Bsnl is Indias fastest growing cellular service. Approximately 11% of people in India are using bsnl. They have brought gsm service at an affordable cost to the common man.

Pros : 3G Services. Economical. Pyari Jodi Plan. High Talk Value per Recharge.

Cons : Bad network outside metro cities. Poor service and customer support. No activation of Dosti. Worst customer care. No good sms message promo.

Overall I would like to suggest bsnl to those who does not travel a lot and also wants an economical mobile operator.

# Aircel

Aircel today has a presence that spreads across almost the entire length and breadth of India. It attracts mainly youngsters by their unlimited talktime offers. At present 11% of people in India using Aircel.

Pros : Unlimited talk time voucher. Good network. Pocket internet service. Charges and billings.

Cons : Internet service recently is underperforming. Raised money for unlimited money. No good sms voucher.

Overall Aircel is not bad but their recent increase of tariff has forced many people to ditch aircel. With their recent bad performance both in call charges and internet I will not suggest aircel.

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# Idea

Idea is the 3rd largest mobile network operator service in India, in revenue terms, and recorded a subscriber base of over 78 million as on end November ’10. Ideas tariff voucher is very attractive and many youngsters love Idea for many reasons. According to a recent poll 11% of people in India are using Idea.

Pros : Network Coverage. Quality of Service. Tariff Charges. Value added Products. 3G Services.

Cons : No voucher for sms. Customer service is not up to the mark. Gprs is expensive.

Overall I will say Idea is not a bad option those who likes to call more rather than using internet. It has also very strong network and also reliable for its brand name.

# Tata DoCoMo

Tata Docomo has come up with the pay-per- use, per-second revolutionary concept among the mobile operators in India. TATA DOCOMO subscribers are now enjoying the benefits of pay-as- you-use, at only one paisa per second for all voice calls across India.

Pros : Good Network Best Call charges Best sms promos Cheap tariff Different types of promos for different kind of people.

Cons : Not good customer care Not good service everywhere.

They are rapidly increasing their network and is available in most of the places in India. Though theirs customer service is not good but Tata Docomo is the cheapest mobile service provider. Over all, I would rate Tata DoCoMo the best in terms of quality and Value for money.

# Uninor

Uninor is very new in mobile network service market but they are offering very attractive plans for call charges which entices more customers to be interested in Uninor.

Pros : Average network. Inexpensive.

Cons : Unreliable. Not so popular among most. Value added service is poor. No good gprs plan.

Uninor network has poor coverage with low quality and unclear voice on the network, especially rural areas the network is very poor. So though they have some attractive call tariff plans and in my opinion they are not very reliable, so don’t go for Uninor.

# Reliance

Reliance Mobile is one of the leading GSM Service providers in India. Reliances network is the best in India till now. But only 9% of people are using reliance.

Pros : Most widespread network coverage. Well performing Internet service.

Cons : Poor customer care and support. Low maintenance billing system. Unreliable service. Unnecessary deduction of prepaid balance on offers and unwanted services.

Though Reliance has best network coverage and good internet service theirs service and customer care is so poor thats why I will not suggest Reliance anyone.

Please Note, that these are my personal opinions and your viewpoint might be different. Let us know in comments which you think is the best mobile operator in India.

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