Download Torrents Remotely: Auto-Initiate uTorrent Using Dropbox

Download Torrents Remotely: Auto-Initiate uTorrent Using Any DropboxDo you download a large files from the Internet using your torrent client ? Do you want to initiate a torrent download in your home computer from your office, mobile ? Yes, it is possible. You can remotely start a torrent download in your home using Dropbox from your office computer or your android phone. You could even look into a company like Premiumize, where you will be able to download torrents for your computer. You’ll no longer have to endure the time it takes to download videos or any other file.

This tutorial is based on Windows 7 as the operating system and uTorrent as the torrent client. Lets take a quick tour on how to setup your computers and Dropbox to trigger any torrent download from a remote PC.

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Trigger Your Torrent Client to Start Remotely & Start Downloading

#Part 1: For your Home (Remote) Computer

Step 1: For the first time, download and install both the Dropbox and uTorrent in the target computer (home for example). Though I’ve described this tutorial using uTorrent, but you can use any other torrent client, which have the same settings.

Step 2: Open your uTorrent client and click on Options > Preferences.

Step 3: In the “Preferences” window, Click on Directories from the left panel and enable Automatically load .torrents from:

You can find a […] button under that option. Click that and browse to the location of a local Dropbox folder.

It is recommended that you create a new separate folder for torrents in your Dropbox and set the path of this folder in the above step. Make sure that this folder is synced with your Dropbox cloud account.

Now, leave keep this computer on… and go to your office/workplace (remote) computer.

#Part 2: From the Office/Workplace Computer

Step 1: Go to any torrent site and select the file you want to download. Download the .torrent file for that download and save it to your PC.

Step 2: After downloading that .torrent file in your office/workplace computer, Open your Dropbox Account/Client and simply add (copy-paste) it to that Dropbox location that you specified earlier to your utorrent preferences to load torrents automatically from.

Or, if you have Dropbox client installed on your office/ workplace PC then login and add that .torrent file to that folder. Now this torrent file will be synchronized with all commuters connected with your Dropbox account including the one added to your home computer with the utorrent preferences.

When synchronized, the home/remote computer will start seeding and trigger uTorrent to will start downloading the files automatically without you being present there.

Note: Some machines are set to shut down or hibernate after few inactive minutes,so make sure those options are disables before you proceed.

You can’t also initiate downloads from your smartphone with Dropbox for Android (Link). Download the .torrent file and add it to a folder (synced with your dropbox acc.) on your phone.

So, from now you can start the Torrent downloads in your home computer from anywhere anytime, similarly perform other functions remotely.

About Author: Tanmay is a tech geek and a full time blogger from Kolkata. He’s recently developed a script to remotely shut down PC using Dropbox. Check it out and at his blog

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