Best Wireless Broadband Internet Connection, USB Data Card in India

Best Wireless Broadband Internet Connection, USB Data Card in IndiaNowadays there are many laptop users in India because the price of laptops have gone down and so, now everyone wants a wireless Internet connection to connect to the Internet and stay always in touch.

Many shopping centres and airports are equipped with internet access Wi-Fi but either it is not accessible to all or it has limited service. People want to get in touch whenever they want no matter where they are at that present moment.

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How Wireless NIC (Network Interface Controller) Work ?

A wireless network interface controller (WNIC) connects to a radio-based computer network though mobile towers called BTS (Base transceiver station) rather than a wire-based network like Ethernet, ADSL broadband. This card uses an in built antenna and modem to communicate through microwaves. Connectivity options are USB and PCI card.

Nowadays USB data card internet is very popular in India and if you plan to get wireless broadband then you need to find a one that connects via USB to your laptop and also the best for you usage and cheap. There are loads of ways that you can get cheap broadband, such as using a company like Usave. However, there are loads of options that you could take a look at though for getting your broadband sorted. You just have to ask the right questions.

Tip: Use Your Laptop’s Wireless As Wi-Fi HotSpot in Windows 7

Best USB Data Card, Wireless Broadband Internet Connection Providers in India

Some of the popular wireless connections via USB Data Card in India are :-

  2. Tata Photon+
  3. Reliance Netconnect Data Card
  4. MTS High Speed Internet

My Choice : BSNL EVDO

EVDO stands for Evolution-Data Optimized. It is only available in select cities in India and offers download speeds up to 2.4 mbps. But if there is no EVDO coverage is your area, the EVDO card switches to CDMA 1.x based Internet access which gives speeds up to 144 kbps.

I am currently using Bsnl EVDO nic data card and to be frank I am quite satisfied with its performance. In metropolitan cities, download speed is quite good at 60-70 KB/sec.

But outside the city the speed is okay for surfing but not for downloading large files. All in all with the rental of 650 per month with unlimited scheme and with its speed it always fulfils my daily high volume internet usage needs.

Find detailed information about BSNL Evdo at this link.

Advantages, Disadvantages of Wireless Connection USB Data Cards

Bsnl Evdo


  • Cheap price(Cost only 650)
  • Unlimited scheme
  • Speeds upto 2.1 Mbps
  • Good speed even outside the city


  • Downtimes occur often.
  • Non availability of data cards most of the time
  • Unreliable speed
  • Coverage not so good outside cities.

Reliance NetConnect


  • High speed with speeds upto 3.1 Mbps
  • Service centres available in most cities in India.
  • Better network and speed.
  • Customer care is good.
  • National roaming.


  • No unlimited data plans
  • Expensive tariff
  • You have to pay much more even you get 1x speed.
  • Though surfing speed is good Download speed is not great

Tata Photon+


  • Cost effective
  • Faster than 256 broadband line
  • Download speed is good
  • Customer care is good


  • Lack in availability of network
  • Service centres not located in smaller towns and cities.
  • Most offers is in postpaid not in prepaid.

MTS Mblaze


  • High speed internet
  • Wide range of data plans
  • Very fast in metropolitan cities


  • Expensive for heavy data usage
  • Entry cost is much more
  • Not good speed outside the city.

My Verdict : These four are leading companies for wireless internet thru usb data card in India. I am using Bsnl evdo and I quite like it. It has the cheapest unlimited plan with a good speed. Now those you who are looking for high speed internet surfing I will suggest to them Reliance Netconnect. It has good performance when you are surfing but not for heavy downloading. Those who are looking for high speed download with least cost I will suggest to them Tata Photon+. And at last but not the least those who are willing to pay more for high speed internet (priority is speed) and also living in metropolitan city I will suggest them MTS Mblaze.

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