Enable Speech Input in your Browser: Talk to Type, Enter Text Online

You might have noticed android phones come with feature that enable users to enter text in the Google search box using speech by taking into the mic. and the voice recognition software built into the mobile os. converts it into text and places it in the input box.

After Vista, Window 7 comes with inbuilt voice recognition support which you can use to your advantage to enter text via speech input while typing in notepad or word documents etc. But you can also enable speech input in your chrome browser without launching windows speech recognition.

Tip : Listen to Selected Text on WebPages

Use Speech Input in Chrome Browser

Use Speech Input in Chrome BrowserChrome has already enabled HTML5 speech input into chrome from their 11.0 version onwards. But it works only on Google search input box and as a input feature in Google Translate. But you can’t use speech input elsewhere.

Fortunately with the help of chrome extensions you can enable speech in your browser and use voice to type text into input boxes in most webpages easily.

Use Speech Input in Chrome BrowserVoice Search extension allows user to search by speaking. Just click on the microphone icon and say "puppies" to search for puppies. If you specifically want pictures of puppies, say "google images puppies". Want to learn more about World War II ? Say "wikipedia world war two".

Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works…

Voice Search comes pre-loaded with the following default services: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo etc. You can also add your own user-defined search engines. It also integrates speech input buttons for text fields on all websites.

Speechify is an similar extension, with it, many of the search boxes you encounter while surfing the web will have the little microphone icon. Clicking it allows you to speak and input your search term into the search box. It works on Google, Bing, YouTube, Hulu a ton of sites and it works well.

Enable Speech Input in your Browser: Talk to Type, Enter Text Online

Another extension is TalktoType. To type into text box use the mic icon while speaking and it populates the text box automatically. Test all the 3 extensions mention to see which one works best for you.

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