Translate PDF, Text, Word Documents Online Using Google Translation

Translate PDF, Text, Word Documents Online Using Google TranslationYou have probably used Google Translate, we’ve also posted about how to use it to listen to text translations from your browser. One added functionality of Google translate is that it lets you translate text in any type of documents by uploading it from your browser.

Translating Text Documents, PDF Files with Google Translate

If you come across any document or pdf file etc. containing text in a foreign language, here’s how you can translate it your desired language.

1. Go to Google Translate (

2. Click on the translate a document link on the page and browse to the pdf file, document etc. you want to upload and translate.

3. Choose Detect Language on the left and on the right select the language you want to convert the document to.

4. Click Translate button to proceed.

5. It opens a new page with the translated text… You can save this page by using Ctrl+S or selecting text and copy-pasting it to a word file.

You can also try DocTranslator, a free online translation app. for translating files and supports almost any type of office, text document formats. Although I think Google Translate does an awesome job.

There is also a Google translate desktop client you can download and install to translate webpages, email and other documents without opening online-translation sites.

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