Easily Apply Color Correction to Enhance Your Digital Photos, Images

Softwares to Improve Digital Photos, Enhance ColorWe all love taking pictures, but not every one can afford a high quality SLR cameras. Here are 2 very useful desktop apps which can help you quickly enhance your digital photos and images and improve them with color correction, managing colour tones and other photographic elements.

Softwares to Improve Digital Photos Instantly

Here are two of my favourite editing tools to digitally enhance photographs into high quality images.

PhotoEQ – Smart Tool for Advanced Image Improvement

Although this is not a freeware but the capability of this image editing tool will amaze you. It can literally change your simple digital photo into a professional looking high quality image. Watch video below to see the tool in action…

The secret sauce inside PhotoEQ is their in-house developed color correction solution which automatically corrects white balance, exposure and contrast problems in single step. Each color correction adjustment is a separate layer and this gives full freedom to tweak automatic color correction as you want.

PhotoEQ - Smart Tool for Advanced Image Improvement

Check samples of color corrections above… the tool has the following features :

  • Simple to Use : Lightweight single window graphical user interface. Just drag and drop image files or folders to start working.
  • Color Correction : Color correction filter automatically corrects white balance, exposure and contrast problems in single click.
  • Image Editing : Tools and filters for resizing, cropping, rotating, straightening, sharpening, de-noising, tilt-shift and red-eye fixing.
  • Color Management : Support for standard ICC profile based color management and it loads and saves embedded ICC profiles.
  • Layer Based Processing : Image Processing is non-destructive and layer based. Image editing tools can be used together with color correction or separately.
  • Tweakable : Full control to fine tune automatic correction intensity and other automatic color correction adjustments.
  • Todo Queue : Todo queue for collecting multiple images to one by one processing or all images batch processed automatically.
  • Batch Processing : After selecting adjustments and output settings for single image these settings are used to batch process and save all images from todo queue.
  • Support for Multiple Formats : Reads multiple digital image and camera RAW-formats. Edited images can be saved as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD formats.
  • Work with Others : Boost your Adobe Photoshop and Indesign workflows by saving original and edited images to same PSD-file as separate layers.

Get PhotoEQ : <download> 

If you are looking for a free alternative try using Photoscape (see below).

Use Photoscape to Enhance Colours in Digital Photos

We have mentioned Photoscape earlier, which is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos and many features, heres one that lets you improve your photos and make it look like a professional looking photo. Check out the final results I created with just a few clicks on photos taken from facebook…

Use Photoscape to Enhance Colours in Digital Photos

Just open the photos in photoscape editor and apply effects like high contrast, colour saturation, film effect (provia), region out of focus (blur) and exposure. Watch this screencast video (link) to see simple step by step how I transformed a low quality photo into a professional looking photograph.

Download Photoscape <Link>

Try similar variations which works best for your photos. By far photoscape is the best among free image editing tools. You can also try the online photo editors which are quite good for those quick edits.

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