Play MP3 Files in Dropbox by Streaming Songs Inside the Browser

Google Music Alternative DropTunes: Stream Play MP3 Songs in DropboxGoogle’s new Music Beta service is cool, but it’s now available for US only. If you are looking for an almost similar alternative, I recommend you check out DropTunes. It an online service that lets you play mp3 songs in your Dropbox account directly in your browser online.

Play Songs in Your Dropbox Account Online

ยช Go to Droptunes :

Log in with your Dropbox email and password. You’ll see all the folders you have. Navigate to the one with your songs in it and you will see all the music files listed.

Click the Play button beside a song to start playing it. Once the song has finished playing, the next song in the list starts playing automatically… although there is no shuffle option to play randomized songs in the list.

Google Music Alternative DropTunes: Stream Play MP3 Songs in Dropbox

There is a seek-bar and volume control and its supports both Flash and HTML5 mode. Which means if your browser supports HTML5 like Chrome and Firefox then you can play music with Droptunes on devices which doesn’t support flash.

The good thing about playing music from your Dropbox you can sync it with various other services like iTunes etc. And if you are using DropTunes from a mobile device then your songs are with you all the time. Quite good enough if you’re looking for a cloud based music player.

For iOS users, MusicDrop, SongBox and BoxyTunes are useful apps for iphone, ipod touch or ipad which does an awesome job of turning your DropBox into a  cloud music jukebox service. They let you stream music from your DropBox account, also fetches album artwork and other info.

We recently also wrote about a chrome extension that lets you add online files directly to your Dropbox, which means you can save any mp3 URL you come across the web to your Dropbox immediately.

Tip: If you are a song lover I recommend you try YouTube Music Discovery which is an awesome tool that lets you create personalized playlists with music from popular artists and songs related to your name entered, or get list of the top 50 songs on YouTube.