Subscribe to Anyone’s Google+ Plus Profile Updates via RSS Feed

Just like last time where we showed you how to subscribe to someone’s tweets via rss for when you don’t…

Subscribe to Anyone's Google+ Plus Profile Updates via RSS FeedJust like last time where we showed you how to subscribe to someone’s tweets via rss for when you don’t want to follow that user. Similarly after the launch of the "Twitter+Facebook" like social site called Google+ you might want to keep yourself updated with the latest status updates from a particular Google+ profile by fetching their public updates via RSS feed in your favourite feed reader.

Generate RSS Feed for Public Updates from a Google Plus Profile

Since Google+ doesn’t officially rss feeds for profile updates, Russell Beattie created this useful tool called PlusFeed <link> that transforms public updates from Google+ profile into an atom feed which you call follow via any reader of your  of your choice.

Step 1 : Go to the Google Plus profile of the user and copy the unique User ID from the address bar.

Step 2 : Add this User ID to the end of to create a unique URL api.

For eg: The link for Matt Cutt‘s Google+ Profile will be 

Simply add this URL to your Feed reader to subscribe to the public updates of the Google+ profile (Matt Cutts in this case).

This way, until an official release, you can subscribe and follow anyone posting updates on Google+ without adding them to a circle. Quite useful if you don’t use Google+ but want to get updates from a person of your interest.

A good thing about Google+ status updates is the public posts gets indexed by Google hence you can use them as google’s realtime alternative, since they are not offering realtime results from twitter anymore.

Tip : Show Unread Notifications for Gmail, Reader on Google Nav-Bar

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