Compile Music Libraries Online & Backup Your Songs, Playlists

Backup Your Songs, Music and PlaylistsDigital music has revolutionized the way tunes are spread and enjoyed. With the advent of popular mp3 players like the iPod, for example, CDs increasingly were rendered obsolete. Now, many people have been going even more digital by finding their music online and storing their music in the cloud.

5 Ways to Protect and Backup Your Digital Music

On that note, heres a list of programs, services, and suggestions designed for those who seek to always keep their music close at hand.

 1. Back-up your Music with Recovery Tools

Programs like Acronis True Image Software <download> writes and stores images of your files and data, allowing it to revert and restore your computer to the last-saved image at any time. Acronis software saves not only your music, but all files and computer configurations as well. Similar Free alternative tools can be found here.

2. Make a Spotify, Collection

Making a Spotify or collection ensures that your favorite playlists will always be there, even if your personal music files are lost. Spotify is a Swedish digital music streaming service that allows you to search for artists, view similar artists, create playlists and radio stations, and easily share what youre listening to with friends on Facebook.

Because Spotify survives on digital marketing, your listening experience will occasionally be punctuated by advertisements. Paying for a premium Spotify membership, however, eliminates the ads and allows you to access Spotify on your smartphone.

3. Copy your Music to Dropbox, a service that offers both free and paid web-based file hosting, is a great way to store and back-up your music. You can stream your music in Dropbox on any computer or device on which the app is installed. On computers without Dropbox, you can still view and play your music by using a web link. Moreover, as an added bonus, Dropbox allows you to access your music even without an internet connection and to share files with friends and family members.

4. Build a Google Music Library

Google Music is a newly-launched and one of the popular music streaming services and online music store. Music can be purchased from the Google Android Market and then added to your online library. The product which has already built up a wide assortment of songs and artists further allows for automatic caching of your music for offline play and can support free storage for up to 20,000 songs.

 5. Copy your music to an External Hard Drive

Always a reliable option, an external hard drive can offer significantly more storage capacity than online services. An external hard drive might just be the best and most practical option for backing-up and storing music for those with very large music collections. You can also backup the songs using free cloud storage services online which protects you from losing your files ever.

These are just a few of the many services out there for those who seek to compile and manage their music digitally. If youre looking to expand, diversify, or simply store your collection, you may want to start your search by evaluating these resources.

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