Type & Write Hindi Text on iPad, iPhone with Gestures -Free Apps

The popularity of touch based devices from Apple namely the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch has risen to its all time high in India. Since Hindi is one of the most widely spoken language in this country, people prefer Hindi as more suitable mode of communication while sending texts and informal email messages.

So,  if are looking for free apps on iTunes that’ll will let you write and type hindi text on your iOS device. We have compiled a list of free apps that will help you to type text in hindi on your iPad or iPhone etc. Some of them have gesture recognition, so that you may manually draw the character on the touchscreen to generate the text input.

Quillpad Touch for iPad (iTunes)

Quillpad Touch provides a simple way of writing text in Hindi on your iPad. You can use the smart keyboard to type auto-complete supported text quickly or use handwritten gesture recognition makes it even more easy and fast to input text. Just pinch anywhere on the screen for combining two consonants instantly.

Type & Write Hindi Text on iPad, iPhone with Gestures Free Apps

Once you write the text, you can copy the string of hindi characters to clipboard and paste in any application like facebook, email etc. Quillpad is free and a must try. You can watch their product demo video at this link.

Hindi Writing, Typing Apps for iPhone, iOS

Hindi SMS <iTunes> is a Hindi SMS, Email application which integrates itself into the typing keyboard of the iPhone, ios device to help users send SMS or E-mail in Hindi very easily to any smartphone and mobiles which has Devanagari Unicode support, can display the messages sent from this application.

Type Hindi, HindiWriter (free) and Hindi for iPhone (free) are two easy to use apps, which uses transliteration support to convert the hind text you type in English into the appropriate Hindi characters.

Using the built-in Hindi (हिन्दी) editor you can create hindi text and share it to the world via Facebook etc from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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