Buy Personalized Heat Sensitive Magic Coffee Mugs Online in India

A recent craze has come in offices and for the perfect gift for a friend and they are these new heat sensitive and colour changing coffee mugs also known as Magic Mugs. Personalized coffee mugs, like photo mugs which allow you to select your favourite photo to be displayed on the mug, are popular by default. But these Magic Mugs are special because the personal messages that are printed on the surface are slowly revealed only after some hot drink is poured into it.

The technology is simple, first the photo / message is printed over the mug surface after which it is coated with a special dark colored oxidized ink (also known as morphing or sublimation ink) which hides the message. Upon receiving heat the ink loses its opacity and becomes transparent revealing the printing done below on the mug. Watch a youtube video at this link to see the process.

Few Sites you can use to Order Magic Color Changing Mugs Online in India

These some the trusted sites I have used to order items, and received the products on time with free shipping. You use them to order your Magic Mugs or other items in these stores.

1. Zoomin (

“Choose now from a handy travel mug that you can personalize to a magic mug that magically shows up your favourite photo as soon as you pour your hot drink in it.”

Buy Personalized Heat Sensitive Magic Coffee Mugs Online in India

Zoomin is the best place for having your Magic Coffee Mugs as well other photos printed online. You can customize your personalized message/ photo in any way you want. They give you a variety of options, custom settings or simple one click pre-made themes to choose from.

2. Snapfish by HP (link)

Buy Personalized Heat Sensitive Magic Coffee Mugs Online in India

“See some magic while sipping your tea and coffee with this unique magic photo mug. Watch your custom message or photo appear when you pour a hot drink into the magic mug. Simple to create, just choose the photo you want to appear on the magic mug and let Snapfish do the rest”

3. Ebay (Magic Mugs search)

Ebay is one of the largest online shopping portals in the world from where you can order almost anything that can be bought in any part of the of world. So you can also order these color changing heat sensitive magic mugs from the verified sellers on Ebay. You can find good deals on Ebay too and save a few bucks.

4. (link) | (link) | (link)

These are also similar online shopping sites where you can order these magic mugs. These and the above sites use good quality ceramic for creating the magic mugs which you can put them in the microwave and are durable. The prints are also good quality and tends to retains after many washes.

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