Teach Yourself to Type Faster: Free Online Typing Tutorial Sites

Teach Yourself to Type Faster: Free Online Typing Tutorial SitesBeing able to type correctly is not just for show. Any good typist knows that, in order to hit top typing speeds while staying accurate, you have to learn a standard method of typing and stick to it. Even if you consider yourself a fast typist, you may be amazed at how much your speed can be improved by increasing you skill level.

Whether you have never learned to type correctly or you just want a nice refresher, using a typing tutorial is the absolute best way to learn. Here are some quick reviews of three popular web tutorial programs, all of which could take your typing skills from so-so to excellent in no time. All the tutorials are available for free.

Top 3 Websites to Learn to Type Faster, Better

1. Typing Web

Typing Web online typing tutorial is a popular and easy learning system, designed to take typists of all skill levels and improve their technique. The tutorial opens with various choice of skill level, from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. They also have specialty typing programs.

Teach Yourself to Type Faster: Free Online Typing Tutorial Sites

You first learn about hand and finger placement, then move on to higher levels as you master each section. The beginners level covers simple basics like mastering the top row, bottom row and home row. It introduces easy words that can be typed within each row, and students practice at this level until they are ready to move on.

2. Keybr

If you want to learn with fun and original games and enjoy the look of sleek graphics, then the Keybr tutorial program is for you. All students can start on the level most appropriate to their skill set. This tutorial places emphasis on correct finger movements, and urges students to start very slowly and move up only when they have mastered the key strokes perfectly.

Teach Yourself to Type Faster: Free Online Typing Tutorial Sites

You can also select from many language settings, and the program will adjust to meet the typing needs of that language. Students can import text from websites and blogs to practice, or choose a setting of random words or custom text adjusted to their skill set. Check your progress with excellent charts and graphs for free.

3. Good Typing

The Good Typing web tutorial focuses on teaching anyone to type correctly within a few hours. It is best for students who can already type, but want to learn how to type better and more seamlessly. The entire process is a combination of 27 step-by-step lessons that guide you from hand placement to typing full phrases.

Teach Yourself to Type Faster: Free Online Typing Tutorial Sites

It will teach you to move your fingers in the correct motion so you can learn to type as quickly and efficiently as possible. Good Typing comes with a choice of 20 different keyboard layouts, so no one is restricted by language or their brand of keyboard.

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