Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

Maybe you want to demarcate nearby neighborhoods or zones to organize a political or sales effort divided among a group. Maybe you want to find all the tailors in town and save them to one map you can use as a reference as you conduct reviews of all the tailoring businesses in your area. Or maybe you want to visually plan out your trip around the world with markers and annotations to help you map your world.

Whatever the reason, Google Maps can help. By creating a custom map in Google Maps you can do all the above and more, and then share your personal Google map with anyone who needs or wants to see it. Heres how:

Creating Custom Maps with Google Map Markers

First, go to and click the Maps tab at the top of the screen or go directly to

Once youve opened the Maps tab, click the My places button in the upper left of the screen, and then click the Create Map button, which will appear underneath the My places button on the new screen.

Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

At this point you will be prompted to sign into your Google account if you have not already done so. If you are already signed in, you will see a map of your nearby area on the right, and a menu on the left. Decide on a title and a description for your map, and enter them into the corresponding fields (this makes sharing the map a breeze). You can also change the privacy and sharing settings by clicking Public or Unlisted. The differences between the two settings are explained simply on the page. Then click Save.

Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

After your map get tiled, you will notice that a toolbar appears in the top left corner of you map. These are the select, marker, and line tools (respectively, from left to right).

Your primary tool when creating a custom map will probably be the marker tool, which looks like an upside-down teardrop. Click on the marker tool and drag the marker to an important landmark or location for your map. If you are going on a trip, for example, this marker could represent your starting point, or your first stop.

Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

When you place the marker on the map, you will notice that a placemark index begins on the left hand side of the screen. This index will help you keep track of your markers. Each marker should have its own title, and descriptions can be added if you wish, as well.

Another neat feature of markers is that you can change the icon to match the point your marking. For example, if you were going to the beach to board a cruise ship, you would drag your marker to the launch point, click the marker in the index (which brings up the marker menu on the map, shown above) and then click the box with the marker icon in the image above it is the blue upside-down teardrop.

Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

Clicking the icon will bring up a list of other, more trip specific icons, such as a boat, that you can use to mark your map.

After youve created your first marker, create more to your hearts content, and plan your trip visually for everyone to see!

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