Best Safe Sites to Play Quality Flash Games Online Free

If you like online games then that is one of the greatest advantages of having the Internet. Whether you like Aim training games, or are a hardcore role-playing gamer, or are an inquisitive puzzle-solver (such as those brain teasing games), a time-waster sitting in an office cubicle, or even a bit of an online gambler (playing on those sites that let you play Easy Slots for example) online games provide a simple yet accessible diversion from the drudgery of daily life. And since you visit free games sites, your “habit” doesn’t cost you a thing!

Unless one of these free gaming sites gives your computer a virus. Sadly, this is all too common in the online gaming world. Even if you get lucky and the virus doesn’t ruin your hard drive, it can certainly ruin your day. If you want to have fun playing online games but need to avoid catching a virus from a free gaming site, here are six sites that you should turn to:


This site has a large selection of “dash” games like Cooking Dash, Hotel Dash: Suite Success, and SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash. There are also RPGs like Dream Chronicles and Jewel Quest Mysteries, as well as arcade-style games such as Egg vs. Chicken.


Best Sites to Play Cool Online Flash Games for Free

This site proudly touts itself as “100% Safe and SecureNo VirusesEver.” Players can pick from a wide variety of puzzle games (Wordz, Flip Words 2, etc.), strategy games (Maze Stopper, All My Gods, etc.), and adventure games (Treasure Seekers, Surface, Virtual Villagers, etc.).


It’s billed as “one of the Internet’s top destinations for safe and virus-free game downloads.” Board game lovers will appreciate Scrabble, Monopoly, Boggle Supreme, and Risk 2. The site also boasts the latest versions of Bejeweled, Airport Tycoon, and Dirt Track Racing.


This is an Argentina-based site that promises no viruses, adware, or spyware, though its game selection is somewhat limited. The only games offered at the time this article was written are Simplz, Inner Quest, Dylo’s Adventure, and two versions of Airport Mania.


The name says it all, and they’ve got plenty of ways to get you hooked. Choose from strategy games like Jelly Escape and Dragons of Atlantis, action games like Bomb Diver and The Amazing Spiderman, shooting games like Discount Mayonnaise and Polygon Apocalypse, and even games that cater to the fairer sex.


Once you’re done with the games on this site, you can even download a movie. But it’ll take a while to explore all of the sports games (New Star Soccer, Wonderputt, etc.), skill games (Pogo Swing, Fall Damage, etc.), rhythm games (Beat Wizard, Shred Master, etc.), and RPGs (Cardinal Quest, Legend of the Void, etc.).

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