Boost Android Performance: Keep your Smartphone Running Fast

Android is the one of the best operating systems for smartphones nowadays. If you have a look at the best smartphones under 15000, you’re sure to see some Android products there. What it is about is how if youve been using your Android all happy go lucky and now feel that it has started to drain out a bit in terms of performance, there are some ways that you can bring it back to its new day glory and have the old efficiency you loved back.

What happens sometimes is that we end up piling up apps, being careless with security, fall behind updates and just pretty much assume that the Android will take care of its self. Unfortunately there is no magic app for maintenance. So here is the manual way to go about it.

Keep your Apps Up to Date

The Android Marketplace is the highlight of having an Android but that doesnt mean that there arent road blocks on the path to glorious app-dom. Whenever apps become out of date there is a high potential of them being infected with viruses or malware that causes damage to your phone as well as results in the slowing down of its processes. So make sure you get the latest updates to ensure that it isnt an app thats slowing down your Android.

Install Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware Tools

The Android market place allows third party apps to be present and hence there is always a chance of a deviant or mal app infiltrating your phone. There may be a cell phone monitoring app or an Android spy app that has found its way onto your device and is causing your phone to slow down and disrupting otherwise smooth functionality by using your processor and internet to collect and transmit personal data. In order to avoid this, as well as boost your Android functionality, install the latest anti-malware and anti-android spy app tools. Find security apps at the play store at this link.

Turn off Unnecessary Programs.

Apps when not functioning correctly will indeed put a toll on your Android but there are other things which may be taking your smartphone down too. For instance, background data. Services like Twitter, Facebook, Spying apps and WeatherBug are always downloading data.

This way when you launch them you get the most updated version of the Newsfeed etc. All you need to do is de-select the Background Data option by going to Settings and then Data Manager. You can also choose to turn off gprs, 2g network in android settings when on the go.

Use Boosting Power Apps

There are a number of amazing apps available on the Android Market designed to help clean and sanctify your phone. Some of them to get you started are Android Assistant and 1Tap Cleaner. These apps perform functions such as History cleaning, cache cleaning, and Startup Manager. These apps also assist in improving battery life so your Android functions better and longer both.

Put a Check on Google Services

Google Services such as Books, Contacts, Currents, etc. all come as part and parcel of Android devices. If you do not use these services then they just end up being extra data your Android continually downloads, putting a toll on other processes and hence the Androids performance. So simply delete the services you do not need and watch your Android acquire better performance.

Author : Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards PC security Software, cell phone spy software and android spy software. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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