Top 5 Default iPhone 5 Apps to Make Daily Life Easier

iPhone 5 MockupsThe latest release of iPhone 5 comes with a whole set of in-built apps. This mobile device has already overwhelmed the users and its apps are all the more mesmerizing. The in-built apps in iPhone 5 are such that you can do anything and everything with them and at the same time cannot think of living without them. Find location, shoot photo or video, ask Siri for some help and what not?

The Best Built-in Apps of the iPhone 5

With the new iOS 6 the iPhone 5 interface has gotten a lot faster, smarter and better including better music management, apps and avoid red eyes while shooting photos with a better camera.

SIRI Ask More Than Before

As you Siri is an intelligent assistant that understands, knows and has answer to all your queries. For instance, if you ask Siri to find some good Italian eatery within a few distances, it will figure out the correct app and provide you the relevant answer like your personal assistant. Sending messages, making phone calls, setting reminders, scheduling meetings , to name a few of the tasks of Siri. Want to take your beloved for a movie night? Ask Siri for the upcoming showtimes! You can also know the scores of live games as well as learn about the schedules, player stats and team rosters.

FACETIME Face-to-Face Chatting

Get a cellular or Wi-Fi connection and use this app for amazing video chatting. With this app on your iPhone 5, you can indulge in video calling to some other iPod touch, iPad, iPhone or Mac. Now, you have the option to arrange a meet with the person residing in another part of the world. Regardless of where you are residing at the present moment, FaceTime allows you to stay connected with your family and friends.

PASSBOOK Have Coupons, Cards and Boarding Passes Handy

You no more have to scroll through hundreds of mails or fumble with a paper printout, this app keeps your tickets, passes, coupons, and gifts cards all arranged in a proper fashion. With the help of Passbook, you can scan all these documents right from your iPhone. This app is location and time based and so, you can view the tickets and passes wherever and whenever you require them. This Passbook app is so advanced that you even get information about the change of gate while you are waiting for the flight. Can you imagine?

MAPS Find a Location in a New Way

Want to find a restaurant or a gas station, this Maps app changes completely the way to perceive the world. Thought it received a lot of negative reviews. The vector based elements in this app offers incredible detailing of text and graphics. You can even know a streets name from this app. If you are heading to some unknown place and you take a turn, this app tells you the direction you are moving to and you can easily know see the road. Also traffic conditions and special events are provided by this Maps app.

HD VIDEO RECODRING Crystal Clear Video Picture

The large aperture and backside illumination provides more light to iSight camera and your videos appear brighter. Seeing a video it will be hard to believe that its captured through an iPhone. Better image, high resolution video and improved soundtrack are the features of iPhone 5 video.

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