Avoid Survey Popups, Email Forms that Block Webpage Content

Remove Survey Popups, Sign Up Forms that Block Webpage ContentOne of the challenges of using any website is annoying layers. Earlier websites used to show pop-ups. But these pop-ups were by default blocked by many browsers. To circumvent this limitation, websites started showing layers on the web pages. Layers are formed with javascript. They cannot be blocked by the browsers. Some layers are so annoying that users cannot even close them without submitting forms embedded in those layers. In this article we take a look at how to get rid of these layers and increase productivity.

Let’s first try to understand different types of forms and overlay layers. Most overlays have a form embedded in them. The intention of these layers is to get the user details before they get to use the website. Many layers allow users to close them without filling details. Some allow users to close them by clicking on any area outside of the layer or by pressing escape key. If you get no response on following these steps, you need to take a harsher steps.

3 Ways to Remove Embedded Survey, Sign Up Forms which Block Webpages

1. Using Development Tools in Chrome to Delete the Layer

This is the easiest way to get rid of the popup form layer. Let’s take an example of a layer shown above. Now follow these steps –

  1. Select any text on the embedded form overlay or popup.
  2. Press F12. This will open developers tool and show the exact HTML behind the text selected.
  3. Navigate the HTML tree and see the elements of the layer high-lighted on the screen.

    For example <div id="MB_window" and <div id="MB_overlay" in the image below.

    Remove Survey Popups, Sign Up Forms that Block Webpage Content

  4. Once you reach the element that is behind the entire layer (this is generally a DIV), right click and select "Delete Node".

You will see that they layer is deleted. In some cases the background is covered with another semi-transparent layer. You can use above steps to locate this transparent element and delete it.

2. Disable JavaScript in Browser

Another way to get rid of the layer is to disabled the javascript. Since layers are rendered through javascript, if you disable javascript, the layers would never be shown. The downside of this approach as compared to previous approach is that many other important and useful javascript functions will not be available. To disable javascript on chrome, follow these steps –

  1. Go to chrome://chrome/settings/ from the address bar.
  2. Click Show advanced settings
  3. Under Privacy section, click on Content settings
  4. Under javascript section, click Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

    Remove Survey Popups, Sign Up Forms that Block Webpage Content

If you are interested in exploring more ways to get rid of annoying javascript tricks on the chrome browser, have a look at the Kill Evil extension.

3. Block Survey Popups with Adblock Plus

Avoid, Block Survey PopUps on Forums, Websites

Adblock Plus extension has become one of the most popular firefox addons installed. Now whenever you surf around the web, the things which you mostly see are advertisements. Adblock Plus automatically removes pestering ads once you assign which ads to block. Simply click "Open Blockable Items" and remove ads from any advertiser forever. Watch a quick overview at youtube.

  1. Install Adblock Plus for your Browser (Links : Firefox | IE | Chrome )
  2. Now, right click on any banner, popup, ad etc you want to block and Click "Block Frame"

    Avoid, Block Survey PopUps on Forums, Websites
  3. It will show you the advertisers website. Simply Block the whole domain.

    Block Survey Popups with Adblock Plus
  4. You will never see ads from that advertiser again in your browser. (but you can disable filters later).

How do you deal with annoying layers while surfing? Share them below.

Guest Post written by Paresh for 95paisa.

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