Track Trains in Indian Railways: Find Current Location Status

Indian Railways operates the biggest and most complex network of trains across the world. To add on to the complexity, it is also one of the most geographically spread networks too. In this kind of a complex system, it would be a difficult job to track your train & it’s location. And, I am quite sure that there are people like me, who have faced difficulty in doing so.

Previously, Indian Railways did have their own website, which would help you track a train, it’s schedule, the start & the end stations, etc. To make things easier, the user was provided with an option to either remember the name of the train or key-in the train number, to access the relevant details.

But now with combining technology and location based systems, Indian Railways have come up with an useful solution to internet users at home or on mobile. The Centre For Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has recently launched the modified version of the pre-existing website which would help you locate the current position of the train. Go to the site and follow the steps below:

  1. Type in a relevant train name (eg. Rajdhani or 12301).
  2. All the train names with the word ‘Rajdhani’ will automatically be displayed. You would have to choose the one train which you’re looking for.

I chose ‘Kolkata – New Delhi’ Rajdhani Express with Train No 12301.Locate Trains in Indian Railways: Find Current Position Status

  • Click on the train name & select the starting date of the train which you intend to locate.
  • On clicking the date, Nov 5; the current train status (location) is accurately displayed. All relevant details about the delay status, the stations which would next arrive with their Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) is mentioned.
    Locate Trains in Indian Railways: Find Current Position Status
  • It also shows the stations which are left behind.
  • Indian Railways has also launched another tracking system into the website called RailRadar, that shows the current location of any running train in India on a Google Map. Click on any train on a route on the map and it shows the location and details…

    Locate Trains in Indian Railways: Find Current Position Status

    RailRadar is an interactive map which allows users to watch movements of trains which are currently running in India. You can also use search to find your train.

    These are great and useful services from the Indian Railways. So the next time you travel by a train, do not forget to use this website & follow the steps mentioned above, to locate the exact location of your train.

    (Post by Deeptaman Mukherjee)

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