Top Radio Apps: Listen English-Hindi Songs on Android, iPhone on the Go

Top Radio Apps: Listen English-Hindi Songs on Android, iPhone on the GoIf you are fed up of listening to your old MP3 collection or simply interested in finding some alternatives for your music choice, you would be delighted to learn a fact that there many radio apps for a wide range of smartphone devices. These apps would help you in tuning some popular radio or FM stations all across the globe. Hence you can simply convert your smartphones into a portable music player using any of the radio applications.

The following are the top 7 radio apps for your smartphone, which you could use to enjoy a different music over any radio or FM station.

Best Smartphone Radio Apps for Listening to English Music, Songs


It is among the popular radio apps for smartphone users, which streams video and music files from places like YouTube and from your memory card along with connecting with a number of TuneWiki users all over the world. It is different from any other radio application in couple of ways. For instance, users could get to see lyrics for all the songs and could be easily synched to music even for the songs that are saved in your memory card. TuneWiki accesses Shoutcast network pertaining to radio stations that helps you to find a huge amount of music genres. In this way, TuneWiki apart from connecting to a number of radio and FM stations acts more than a radio application. It could be downloaded for free.

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It is among the smallest size radio application (1.7 MB) meant for smartphones. It helps you in browsing your favorite radio stations, and artists recommendations along with creating some new stations in no time. A number of new artists could be added over your profile, which helps in expanding your possible recommendations. By carrying some huge amount of artists and countless of genres, this radio application is competent enough to quench your thirst for any music flair. Hence even the most demanding souls enjoy listening to their favorite music over

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If you are sick of listening to the same old music all the time then consider Spotify a handy tool to expand your horizons for music. All you need to do is to load any song, artists or playlist of your choice and then hit the button of Radio and this application will produce a highly personalized radio stations list as per your music type. It is compatible to all the smartphone devices including iPhones, Windows phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android based phones, etc. Though it comes for free, but to enjoy some incredible features you need its premium subscription.

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It is basically Pandora websites natural extension, which comprises of 400 plus musical features simply designed to conform your musical zest. It comes for free, but for this you need to bear a number of ads appearing over your screen. This simply goes off if you subscribe it by paying 36 dollars. Then you could access a wide range of additional features like availing increased amounts of skips per day along with enjoying a wide range of custom skins that enhances your smartphones feel and looks.

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TuneIn Radio

It is among the free radio applications, which could be used for all the major smartphone devices and tablets like iPad. It helps you in connecting to a number of radio and FM stations. With the help of TuneIn Radio, you can stream more than 70,000 radio stations not only local ones but all across the world along with the feature of rewind or pause in the live streams. You also have the option to browse a number of radio stations by country, language, genre, etc. Though its free, however, upgrading to the premium ones gives you enough additional features for enjoying incredible music.

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Slacker Radio: You could find 100 plus preprogrammed radio stations at this application and thus making your smartphone an incredible handy machine to enjoy music of your taste. Slacker Radio is BlackBerrys product, which help you in personalizing radio stations or select the one that comes configured via the music experts. You can create your own radio stations on the fly along with sharing the biographies of musicians and album reviews. It comes for free.

OurStage: This radio application is among the unique, handy and super hip kind of tool to enjoy incredible music. You could find a number of fresh platforms related to new music, fans, unsigned bands and indie music. OurStage helps you in rating different music piece with the features of thumps up and down. It helps you in tracking your priorities and then starts giving recommendations for new music as per your taste to enjoy.

Tip: Play MP3 Files in your Dropbox on your Phone Browser

Top Android, iPhone Apps to Listen to Hindi, Bollywood Songs and Tracks

Saavn is the best Bollywood and Indian music listening experience, online and on the go. It gives you access to the largest music library anywhere. Our millions of songs, albums, and playlists, include the best of Bollywood, bhangra, bhajans, ghazals, and more, with new releases added every day.

Links: iPhone | Android is a free music streaming service launched by Times Group. With a library of close to a million songs, the application offers users music from a wide range of genres from the oldest Hindi films hits, world music, regional and folk songs to the latest Bollywood chart toppers. became India’s most visited music streaming site within the first 4 months of its launch and has consistently held that position ever since. Its designed entirely in HTML5 to support any tablet and large screen smartphones.

Others in the Indian music streaming space, are MusicIndiaOnline and Raaga being two of the more popular contenders for the best.

The above hot radio applications for your smartphone are among the best apps meant to connect you to music. If your smartphones do not have any of these radio apps, then better download one or few and enjoy music of your zest by connecting any radio or FM station of your liking.

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