Best Android LockScreen with Gesture Password on Pictures

If you have been using android you know there are a plethora of screen locks available. Majority of these screen locks are swipe locks for a pattern and pin type locks. But now, inspired by a similar feature in Windows 8, Picture Password Lock-screen would be the most secure version of password protection ever.

We have mentioned in bullet points below on how to enable this app on your phone.

Best Android LockScreen with Gesture Password on Pictures

  1. In the ‘apps’ section on your mobile, we need to select & click on ‘Password Protection Lock-Screen’.
  2. Once you have read about the app, open it. 3. Once you open the app, a menu would appear for you to choose your intended actions.
  3. It is however recommended to enter into the ‘preferences’ option and decide on the lock-screen settings which would be desired by you.
  4. It is also recommended to set a back-up pin to be more sure about the security of your phone.
  5. Once you have done all the settings, you can exit the ‘preferences’ section and go back to the app’s menu screen.
  6. Now you can set a combination of a dot, line & circle anywhere on the background image of your phone.
  7. For your access to be granted, it is mandatory to draw the combination of dot, line & circle as required.

The app has been developed by XDA developers. For more clarity, about how to perform the above mentioned actions on your phone, it is recommended to watch this video by XDA.

You can download this app absolutely free at Google Play. In such cases wherein you are highly impressed with the app, you can shell out close to Rs. 188 / 3$ and unlock some additional features too. These additional features consist of adding time to the lock screen, feature to initiate the app on boot, to name a few.

(Post by Deeptaman Mukherjee)

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