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For those of you who are not aware, Spotify has been available for some time on Windows Phone 7. However, it is now more popular as it has been made available on Windows Phone 8. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for downloading. Spotify was originally developed way back in 2006 by a dedicated team in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is now headquartered in London; however, the research activities are still confined to the offices at Stockholm.

It is surprising to note that the company reported a loss of $4.4 million in the year 2008, when it launched the application that was accessible by the public. Free accounts were made available strictly by invitation, though paid subscriptions were thrown open to everyone. In spite of signing licensing deals with several major music companies, Spotify could not breakeven that year.

spotify-logoAs of December, 2012, there is access to over 20 million songs on Spotify through searches for genres, titles, songs, labels, artists, and albums, offering access to music tracks from major labels and other independent sources. However, there still exist some artist who are finicky and do not wish to be accessed through Spotify, for reasons best known to them. You may not be able to get access to The Beatles, whichever way you search, as they have an exclusive distribution agreement with Apples iTunes. However, the desktop client at Spotify allows you to import music from iTunes, which can be synced with your smartphone.

With Spotify downloaded, you can share playlists that you will first need to set up. Alternatively, the collaborative software allows you to edit the music involving different users. You can drag the link for playlist to your email or IM window. All the recipient needs to do is to follow the link to download into Spotify on their devices. Once downloaded, the playlists get automatically updated each time the author adds new tracks or deletes any existing ones. There are exclusive websites devoted to Spotify where active forums exist for sharing and discussing current favorites.

Spotify on Windows Phone 8 will be available with options that allow syncing over 3G as well as on an offline mode. The Windows Phone Live Tiles help updating with the title or album that is playing now. You also get the options to pin playlists that have been created by you on to the Start Screen. The app can be downloaded from the Windows app store free of any charges. One can avail the 30-day free trial offer, after which a payment of$9.99 per month becomes applicable. Spotify on Windows Phone 8, which is in Beta mode, is similar the apps available on Android and iOS. The music experience that one can enjoy is quite good, and Spotify app joins the ever increasing list of apps on the Windows App store that has crossed 125,000 already.

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