Restaurant Menu Board Ideas, Design Planning Tips: LCD, LED, Neon

If you walk into a hotel, pizza shop or a food court, you will notice different digital menu boards or…

If you walk into a hotel, pizza shop or a food court, you will notice different digital menu boards or two. The digital screens make the menu boards more attractive thus attracting more customers. This trend is spreading so fast. The easy adjustability of the menu boards is one incredible benefit of these boards.

Other benefits include: Highly Cost effective, Secure messaging, New brand communication. With these boards, you can include videos and photos that will leave your customers salivating.

5 Tips for Design and Planning your Restaurant Menu Board

Lighted Writing boards, Fluorescent LCD, LED, Neon Menu Boards

Lighted Writing boards, Fluorescent LCD, LED, Neon Menu Boards

As an entrepreneur in the hotel sector, you can make your menu boards to be more attractive. The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to make this happen. Below are five effective tips to help you design the best digital menu boards for restaurants:

1. Keep your eyes on the set goals – how do you intend to use your board?

Start with how you plan to finish. Begin with a single panel. You must be knowledgeable about the exact use of your board. Have an idea of what the present and future use of your board will be, which ensures that you do not have to change the design of your board frequently to match to your changing needs.

It surely saves you a lot of money in the long run. A great place to start is asking yourself what benefits you intend to derive from the board. Some of the future uses are: – Advertising of other commodities not related to what your restaurant offers. – Communicate precise messages and ideas through the inclusion of photos and videos.

2. Involve the Public

You should involve the public since they are your potential customers. You should also consult all the sectors within the restaurant because each brings in a unique input. As a leader, you should welcome everybody’s view. So, you can maximize on output efficiently.

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Design your boards depending on the area and customer needs. Automatically, this will help you enjoy maximum profits through addressing customer needs effectively, which is the primary aim of all business entities.

3. Employ the use of Software

Today, the tech world is full of different software, from Restaurant Accounting Software to interactive menu boards. They come in handy in an array of industries. When it comes to a digital menu board, the case is no different. So how do you choose the best out of the many available? Flexibility and capacity are the primary factors to consider in selecting a software system. If the software is highly flexible, with a large capacity, then it can accommodate more promotional methods. It can also allow any current version of it and goes miles in helping you save a lot of money.

You may also be interested in a POS System to help move your restaurant along, you can purchase one from sites such as

4. Use high grades of Technology

Most restaurants operate 24 hours a day throughout the week. So the technology you intend to use should withstand any form of loads such as like climate and long hours. Thus making sure it will be beneficial in the long run. Lighted writing boards, Fluorescent LCD, LED and Neon are good and long lasting technologies for restaurant menu boards.

5. Focus on up sell, revisits, and cross –sell

The aim of this board in a restaurant is to achieve the maximum revenue; that should remain the focus when designing for sure.

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