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Avoid Survey Popups, Email Forms that Block Webpage Content

Remove Survey Popups, Sign Up Forms that Block Webpage ContentOne of the challenges of using any website is annoying layers. Earlier websites used to show pop-ups. But these pop-ups were by default blocked by many browsers. To circumvent this limitation, websites started showing layers on the web pages. Layers are formed with javascript. They cannot be blocked by the browsers. Some layers are so annoying that users cannot even close them without submitting forms embedded in those layers. In this article we take a look at how to get rid of these layers and increase productivity.

Let’s first try to understand different types of forms and overlay layers. Most overlays have a form embedded in them. The intention of these layers is to get the user details before they get to use the website. Many layers allow users to close them without filling details. Some allow users to close them by clicking on any area outside of the layer or by pressing escape key. If you get no response on following these steps, you need to take a harsher steps.

3 Ways to Remove Embedded Survey, Sign Up Forms which Block Webpages

1. Using Development Tools in Chrome to Delete the Layer

This is the easiest way to get rid of the popup form layer. Let’s take an example of a layer shown above. Now follow these steps –

  1. Select any text on the embedded form overlay or popup.
  2. Press F12. This will open developers tool and show the exact HTML behind the text selected.
  3. Navigate the HTML tree and see the elements of the layer high-lighted on the screen.

    For example <div id="MB_window" and <div id="MB_overlay" in the image below.

    Remove Survey Popups, Sign Up Forms that Block Webpage Content

  4. Once you reach the element that is behind the entire layer (this is generally a DIV), right click and select "Delete Node".

You will see that they layer is deleted. In some cases the background is covered with another semi-transparent layer. You can use above steps to locate this transparent element and delete it.

2. Disable JavaScript in Browser

Another way to get rid of the layer is to disabled the javascript. Since layers are rendered through javascript, if you disable javascript, the layers would never be shown. The downside of this approach as compared to previous approach is that many other important and useful javascript functions will not be available. To disable javascript on chrome, follow these steps –

  1. Go to chrome://chrome/settings/ from the address bar.
  2. Click Show advanced settings
  3. Under Privacy section, click on Content settings
  4. Under javascript section, click Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

    Remove Survey Popups, Sign Up Forms that Block Webpage Content

If you are interested in exploring more ways to get rid of annoying javascript tricks on the chrome browser, have a look at the Kill Evil extension.

3. Block Survey Popups with Adblock Plus

Avoid, Block Survey PopUps on Forums, Websites

Adblock Plus extension has become one of the most popular firefox addons installed. Now whenever you surf around the web, the things which you mostly see are advertisements. Adblock Plus automatically removes pestering ads once you assign which ads to block. Simply click "Open Blockable Items" and remove ads from any advertiser forever. Watch a quick overview at youtube.

  1. Install Adblock Plus for your Browser (Links : Firefox | IE | Chrome )
  2. Now, right click on any banner, popup, ad etc you want to block and Click "Block Frame"

    Avoid, Block Survey PopUps on Forums, Websites
  3. It will show you the advertisers website. Simply Block the whole domain.

    Block Survey Popups with Adblock Plus
  4. You will never see ads from that advertiser again in your browser. (but you can disable filters later).

How do you deal with annoying layers while surfing? Share them below.

Guest Post written by Paresh for 95paisa.

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Boost Android Performance: Keep your Smartphone Running Fast

Android is the one of the best operating systems for smartphones nowadays. If you have a look at the best smartphones under 15000, you’re sure to see some Android products there. What it is about is how if youve been using your Android all happy go lucky and now feel that it has started to drain out a bit in terms of performance, there are some ways that you can bring it back to its new day glory and have the old efficiency you loved back.

What happens sometimes is that we end up piling up apps, being careless with security, fall behind updates and just pretty much assume that the Android will take care of its self. Unfortunately there is no magic app for maintenance. So here is the manual way to go about it.

Keep your Apps Up to Date

The Android Marketplace is the highlight of having an Android but that doesnt mean that there arent road blocks on the path to glorious app-dom. Whenever apps become out of date there is a high potential of them being infected with viruses or malware that causes damage to your phone as well as results in the slowing down of its processes. So make sure you get the latest updates to ensure that it isnt an app thats slowing down your Android.

Install Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware Tools

The Android market place allows third party apps to be present and hence there is always a chance of a deviant or mal app infiltrating your phone. There may be a cell phone monitoring app or an Android spy app that has found its way onto your device and is causing your phone to slow down and disrupting otherwise smooth functionality by using your processor and internet to collect and transmit personal data. In order to avoid this, as well as boost your Android functionality, install the latest anti-malware and anti-android spy app tools. Find security apps at the play store at this link.

Turn off Unnecessary Programs.

Apps when not functioning correctly will indeed put a toll on your Android but there are other things which may be taking your smartphone down too. For instance, background data. Services like Twitter, Facebook, Spying apps and WeatherBug are always downloading data.

This way when you launch them you get the most updated version of the Newsfeed etc. All you need to do is de-select the Background Data option by going to Settings and then Data Manager. You can also choose to turn off gprs, 2g network in android settings when on the go.

Use Boosting Power Apps

There are a number of amazing apps available on the Android Market designed to help clean and sanctify your phone. Some of them to get you started are Android Assistant and 1Tap Cleaner. These apps perform functions such as History cleaning, cache cleaning, and Startup Manager. These apps also assist in improving battery life so your Android functions better and longer both.

Put a Check on Google Services

Google Services such as Books, Contacts, Currents, etc. all come as part and parcel of Android devices. If you do not use these services then they just end up being extra data your Android continually downloads, putting a toll on other processes and hence the Androids performance. So simply delete the services you do not need and watch your Android acquire better performance.

Author : Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards PC security Software, cell phone spy software and android spy software. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root Password

Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root PasswordLike any other electronic gadget, your iPhone is at risk of getting viruses, malwares and Trojans from other devices. But this is why having something like Zonealarm Free anti virus installed onto your devices can help protect your files and give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

While Apple executives assert that no virus can infiltrate the system of the iPhone, the Ikee worm has managed to infect it through the Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol. While this usually occurs in phones that underwent jail breaking, its best to keep your device even those not jail broken – protected at all times.

Here are ways on how you can shield your iPhone from nastiest viruses out there. However, there are also ways you can lose your iPhone’s data in the physical world! Keeping your phone’s data safe is very important as people store more information about themselves, their family and their home. Data loss will let hackers threaten you by having your credit card details, but also your location and therefore your home. Make sure you install outdoor home security cameras to keep your home protected!

Jailbreaking is a BIG NO

Jail breaking is the act that removes the restrictions imposed by Apple on your iPhone, allowing you to get more themes and applications that are not authorized by the manufacturer. You can even download those that you cant access through the App Store. While this act makes your iPhone free for some time, it puts your device at risk to viral threats such as the Ikee worm. It also nullifies your phones warranty. So if you jailbreak your phone, you cant have it repaired for freein case something goes wrongas the warranty in these phones are already considered void.

Change your SSH PasswordRun Cydia

Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root Password

As mentioned, the Ikee worm can infect iPhones via the network protocol SSH. In order to prevent this in jail broken iPhones, you need to change your SSH password by running Cydia and choosing the Mobile Terminal program. Install the app and change the old SSH password (Alpine) into a new one. Refer this tutorial.

Scan your iPhone Regularly Using VirusBarrier Program

Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root Password

Apart from jail breaking, surfing the net is a common activity that you perform on your iPhone that makes it prone to contracting virus. Prevent this from happening by scanning your iPhone regularly with the Virus Barrier program. Its available at the App Store for only $ 1.99. Windows, Mac, Unix and Zip files can be scanned by this inexpensive program. It also scans e-mails and downloads you access through your iPhone.

Keep your iPhone secured with Trend Micro Mobile Security

Like your laptop, having an anti-virus program installed is necessary. However, the fact of the matter is there are not a lot of anti-virus programs for the iPhone and other Apple iOS devices. Fortunately, there is one available in the market, and its name is Trend Micro Mobile Security. Apart from mobile device management, its great with mobile device security. Other features include application management and data protection.

Surf the Net safely using Trend Smart Surfing

A lot of people use their iPhones to surf the net, and if you are one of them, you are making your gadget susceptible to getting viruses and other threats. One way to shield your iPhone from these threats is by surfing the net securely with the use of protective programs such as Trend Smart Surfing. It keeps your iPhone shielded from viruses, and it keeps you out of false web pages as well.

While Apple says that the iPhones iOS is one of the best, the Ikee worm infection says that the device is still vulnerable to viral threats. Your iPhone is expensive! Dont waste the hundreds of dollars that you spent on it, make sure you follow these tips.

Guest Post by Mason Brown, who is a marketing lead at, which provides quality iPhone App Development using advanced technologies. It his my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.

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Setup Satellite Internet Network Access, Connection at Home

Setup Satellite Internet Network Access, Connection at HomeAlthough most localities have Internet service, for some rural localities Internet connection is possible only through satellite service. Setting up Internet connection via satellite service is not too difficult, and you can approach a service provide like aerials Warrington, to set it up for you. But, if he gives you detailed instructions, you can also set it up yourself. You should have ensured that you have been researched all internet companies to make sure you are on the right plan for you. Once you are happy, you can start setting it up! Given below are 4 steps to set up satellite internet access connection.

Installing Satellite Dish The first step to get an Internet connection via satellite is to install a satellite dish. You have to contact an Internet Service provider and fix an appointment with him, so that he can come to your house and install the dish. The satellite dish has to be installed in an open place under the sky without anything to block it. After the installation of the satellite dish, you will be able to access Internet after the provider activates it. Check out a dish network review to make sure you’re getting a good satellite dish which will work well.

Setting Up Home Network Now that your satellite dish is installed, you need to set up a home network, which will connect your computer to Internet. Although you need the service provider to install the satellite dish, you can easily set up the home network yourself, if the Internet Service Provider gives you specific instructions. The wall jack will have a cable which will be connected to a router or a modem and, which in turn, will be connected to your computer.

Connecting Your Computer To Network To connect your computer to your home network, you need to be aware of the Operating System installed in your computer. Usually, your Internet Service Provider will give you clear instructions that will help you connect it easily.

  • If your operating system is XP, the first step is to shut your computer.
  • Install the network adaptor and restart windows.
  • Log in but as the administrator.
  • Click on Yes, now and every time I connect a device, that appears next to the found New Hardware.
  • Now click on Next.
  • When windows asks you how to find the driver, install the CD give to you by your Internet Service provider and click next.
  • Click on the Continue button that appears on the screen.
  • Windows will copy the files that it needs and Finish button will appear on the screen. Click on it and you are done.

Restart The Computer After connecting your computer and the Internet, you will have to restart it. For those using wired Internet, you can immediately start browsing but if you are using a wireless router, then you will have to wait till your wireless network is set up.

Follow this video tutorial, which explains it in a more understandable matter…

Most people would find it easier to set up the connection themselves, but it is always better to let your Internet Service provider do it for you. They are professional with the right knowledge of what they are doing.

But if you are setting it up yourself, like in a rural area, where you cannot find anyone to help you then keep all these instructions handy with you and your efficient rural Internet service will soon be available to you. If you find it too hard to set it yourself, you can call up technical support to walk you through the steps.

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Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

If you are looking forward to buy or sell stuff online or looking for flats available for rent in the locality you have newly moved into or looking for a maid / cook or other rented services, places for learning stuff etc. the best place nowadays is to find it online at sites like the ones below. If you are a provider of these services or looking for these then here are the 3 best sites to post ads free online in India or find the postings. Free classifieds in India

You should have seen those funny OLX ads on TV. If you are still not using OLX then you should check it out. Its one of the popular sites to post classified ads for free online in India. OLX provides an interface to create ads/postings for selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside. You can easily design rich ads with pictures.

Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

You can control your selling, buying, and community activity in My OLX and also choose to display your ads on your social networking profiles (Facebook, Myspace, ). The sites mobile interface makes it easy to access the site from your mobile phone in your local language too. OLX is used in over 96 countries in 40 languages. Free Local Classifieds

Quikr is a place where the local community within a city could come together, meet, trade and help each other in many ways. Community members can come here to find an apartment to live in, sell their old car, bike ,music system, laptop or furniture, promote their small business, find a tuition class or get a break as a model or actor, join a salsa class, get an audience for a local event, buy any item that they might want or have to offer and make new friends while doing all of the above.

Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

Quikr is currently present in over 40 cities across India. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc. Delightful discoveries. Everyday

Sulekha is one of the most popular Indian classified sites which gives free service to users in India. It uniquely integrates Local Search, Classifieds and Ecommerce services, enhanced by member blogs, answers, reviews and ratings in these key marketplaces: Property, Cars, Home Needs, Office Needs, Education/Training, Lifestyle, Movies, Gadgets, Travel, Eatouts, Buy/Sell, Deals.

Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

They are experts in providing help to users in business listings, classifieds, ad postings, deals, ecommerce and reviews/ratings through which users satisfy their local needs across many domains.

A tip for postings ads  in these sites, keep the title descriptive and accurately describe what you are trying to convey and post it in the correct category.

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Best Safe Sites to Play Quality Flash Games Online Free

If you like online games then that is one of the greatest advantages of having the Internet. Whether you like Aim training games, or are a hardcore role-playing gamer, or are an inquisitive puzzle-solver (such as those brain teasing games), a time-waster sitting in an office cubicle, or even a bit of an online gambler (playing on those sites that let you play Easy Slots for example) online games provide a simple yet accessible diversion from the drudgery of daily life. And since you visit free games sites, your “habit” doesn’t cost you a thing!

Unless one of these free gaming sites gives your computer a virus. Sadly, this is all too common in the online gaming world. Even if you get lucky and the virus doesn’t ruin your hard drive, it can certainly ruin your day. If you want to have fun playing online games but need to avoid catching a virus from a free gaming site, here are six sites that you should turn to:


This site has a large selection of “dash” games like Cooking Dash, Hotel Dash: Suite Success, and SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash. There are also RPGs like Dream Chronicles and Jewel Quest Mysteries, as well as arcade-style games such as Egg vs. Chicken.


Best Sites to Play Cool Online Flash Games for Free

This site proudly touts itself as “100% Safe and SecureNo VirusesEver.” Players can pick from a wide variety of puzzle games (Wordz, Flip Words 2, etc.), strategy games (Maze Stopper, All My Gods, etc.), and adventure games (Treasure Seekers, Surface, Virtual Villagers, etc.).


It’s billed as “one of the Internet’s top destinations for safe and virus-free game downloads.” Board game lovers will appreciate Scrabble, Monopoly, Boggle Supreme, and Risk 2. The site also boasts the latest versions of Bejeweled, Airport Tycoon, and Dirt Track Racing.


This is an Argentina-based site that promises no viruses, adware, or spyware, though its game selection is somewhat limited. The only games offered at the time this article was written are Simplz, Inner Quest, Dylo’s Adventure, and two versions of Airport Mania.


The name says it all, and they’ve got plenty of ways to get you hooked. Choose from strategy games like Jelly Escape and Dragons of Atlantis, action games like Bomb Diver and The Amazing Spiderman, shooting games like Discount Mayonnaise and Polygon Apocalypse, and even games that cater to the fairer sex.


Once you’re done with the games on this site, you can even download a movie. But it’ll take a while to explore all of the sports games (New Star Soccer, Wonderputt, etc.), skill games (Pogo Swing, Fall Damage, etc.), rhythm games (Beat Wizard, Shred Master, etc.), and RPGs (Cardinal Quest, Legend of the Void, etc.).

Guest Post : Chris Martin is a freelance writer who writes about topics ranging from auto insurance and consumer finance to video games and home improvement.

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Best Sites to Play Pool, Snooker Online for Free

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote SyncEvernote (link) is a clever cloud driven application using which you can sync your data between your device and online cloud storage. The free application provides a monthly storage of 60MB and you can upgrade to premium if you require more storage. It not only behaves as a backup but you can save your data in the form of notes and notebooks. This way you can organize your pictures, videos, urls, tasks, text in a easily remindful fashion, recover when required and never loose your data.

Once you are connected to the internet whatever you created via the notes are synced online. Since you can sync Evernote with many platforms and devices you may face some problems if your data is not in sync. The other day I faced a similar kind of problem. I have two operating systems – Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. I have Evernote desktop client installed on both the OSs.

I had my Evernote settings to sync every 30 minutes and on exit. This happened on the 32 bit OS. But I logged into the 64 bit OS and made some changes to the earlier notes which I created in 32 bit OS.  But somehow I and the system forgot to sync the changes.

So when I returned back to the 32 bit OS the changes were not visible. I was in dilemma whether I lost those changes. That was significant links to blogs and was requiring them very necessarily for my blog articles. So I logged in back to the 64 bit OS only to find that the changes still existed. So I felt really happy.

But very soon they disappeared once I got connected to the internet, as the system synced the Evernote.  Hmm! So what was really happening?

The Solution to your Evernote Sync Problems

If you face similar kind of problem dont worry. Evernote has some cool recovery solutions by which you can get back your lost changes. I just found out this by accident.

So what happened to the changes I made in the other OS. They were saved in a local notebook called Conflicting Changes.  The data from the server and in the local desktop client were not matching, so these notes with sync problems were saved in that notebook. Now you can move these notes present in this local notebook to your old notebook or any notebook you required.

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

Now there are 2 notes with the same name first one which initially synced with the server and the second one which had the changes I made on 64 bit OS. Now you can leave them as they are or merge them to become one note.

How to Merge Two or More Notes in Evernote

Its simple. All you have to do is select the two notes you want to merge. Press Ctrl + <select each note with the mouse>

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

You can apply this technique to any number of notes. Then, Evernote gives you the option to Merge and other options.

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

My Remarks: Though the merge feature was good, it didnt do what I expected. I was expecting that the changes would be append/added to the old ones. But instead of that, the changes appeared in this fashion.

Guest Post by Palla Ramarao, who is a tech evangelist and web enthusiast. Hes a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time. He worked for various engineering colleges, software companies and likes to blog on Microsoft Windows, Apple, Google, Browsers, Software, Technology and Gadgets. He presently works onhis Windows blog in his free time.

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Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Friends, Likes, Map, Old Posts

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Friends, Likes, Map, Old PostsFacebook’s new Timeline has caused much debate. While some users have willingly embraced the new layout, others have protested that the compulsory shift is an invasion of  personal privacy. This is mainly due to the fact that older posts previously buried safely within the abyss of Facebook could now be available for anyone to easily view due to a new feature allowing them to click on a chosen year, listed on the right hand side of peoples profile pages as history navigation. A click would then bring up the persons entire activity for that year.

Facebook issued a statement saying that users had more freedom through the new layout to control who sees what, although users argued that this was both time-consuming and confusing. However, the new layout is here to stay.

Remove Content You don’t want Others to see on your Facebook Timeline

If you dont want everyone to see your every action from 2007 such as what you had for dinner, what you thought, liked and shared heres a step-by-step guide to manage privacy settings for your facebook Timeline.

Hiding Timeline Elements like Friends, Map, Friending Activity, Likes, Social Reader etc

Friends : Click the Friends link on your timeline and it will take you to your friend-list page.  Click on the ‘Edit‘ button on the top-right and select the appropriate option from the drop down.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Friend List

While it is a good idea to keep your friend-list visible to only ‘Friends without Acquaintances‘ but I would recomend to select ‘Custom‘ and show it to a limited number of people who you might have organised into a custom Facebook List.

 Map : If you don’t want people to see the history of all the places that you’ve stayed and checked-in on a map, then you can hide map on your Facebook timeline. Click on the down arrow icon at the end of your Timeline favorites. (see pic. below)

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Friend Map

Once you click it hover your mouse pointer on the Map tile and you should see an edit icon (pencil) at the corner. Click it and select ‘Remove from Favorites‘ to hide map from your facebook timeline.

 Friending  Activity : Sometimes you may want to keep the knowledge of whom you add as friends personal. To hide friending activity from your timeline wall, browse down to the widget that shows your recent friend additions.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Friending  Activity

Hover your mouse on the top-right corner and click on the edit icon (pencil) and select ‘Hide from Timeline‘ to hide the friends widget or ‘All Friends Added…‘  to hide whom you’ve recently add as friends on facebook.

Likes and Other Activity Widgets : By default your Facebook timeline will show almost all the activity that you do on facebook like reading news though a social reader app or commenting and liking stuff, joining groups and events, posts made by apps you have installed.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Social Activity

You can hide them if you want by click the same edit (pencil) icon on the top right that appears when you take your mouse close to the top-right corner of the social widget on your timeline and choose ‘Hide from Timeline‘.

Hide Old Posts, Keep them Visible to Friends Only

Go to your profile page and click the drop down arrow to the right of the Home tab in the top right hand corner of the screen. Select Privacy Settings. The first thing you should do is limit the visibility of your old posts. On the list of options, select Manage Past Post Visibility as per the following screen shot.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Old Posts

A warning sign will pop up, as illustrated in the next screen shot. Clicking Limit Old Posts is an action that cannot be undone, so to the left of that there is an option Learn about changing old posts (see the second screen shot). When you click Limit Old Posts, anyone not on your friend list will not be able to view posts on your Timeline.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Hide Old Posts

Managing Default Privacy while Posting Status Updates / Images From Mobile Device

To ensure that content you post from a mobile device or app stays private, there is also a setting to control this. On the main privacy settings menu, and look for Control Your Default Privacy and select Friends or select the option that suits you.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Old Posts

But you can also control who you allow and who you do not allow to view information posted from your mobile or applications other than Facebook by customizing the post visibility settings to your preferences by clicking Custom. Type in friends names or the custom lists you’ve created into the Make this visible to or Hide this from option boxes, as illustrated.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Hide Old Posts

Manage Who can Post on Your Timeline Wall

Next go back to the main Privacy Settings menu and select Timeline and Tagging. This option will control who is able to post what content on your Timeline. You can control posts, tagging in photos, and can choose to review content before it is posted. Take a look at the below screen shot to help you.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Who can Post on Your Timeline Wall

Manage Who can Connect with You on Facebook

Next, you should think about what information you wish to be available to people who search for you that are not on your friend list. On the main Privacy Settings menu, selected How you connect. The screen shot below shows the options that are available for restriction, including your contact details, messaging, and friend request options.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Who can Connect with You on Facebook

Protect Your Personal Information from Facebook Apps

Did you know that your personal information is also available to view through the apps you have downloaded to Facebook? Privacy controls on these apps are controlled separately to those on your main Facebook page.

Facebook Timeline Privacy: Protect Your Personal Information from Facebook Apps

To limit them, select Apps and Websites from the main privacy settings menu. The following screen shot appears. Here you can see all the apps you have subscribed to, and can adjust privacy for each one.

Guest Post by Sarah Flanders, who is a freelance writer from England who specialises in finance and technology articles for various journals ..

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5 Android Apps to Get Live Score Updates of IPL Cricket Matches

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular game in the country and everybody would love to sit at home and watch all the IPL matches, but this is not possible for most to leave work or skip their job etc and watch IPL Matches but there is a solution if you have an android phone. Although there are apps that allows live streaming on your smartphone but it is not always possible to do that if one is at work. You can connect with all IPL Matches live score update with these top 5 android apps in your android smartphone.

Top 5 Apps to Get Latest Score, Match Updates of IPL Matches

Official DLF IPL 2012 Android App

Official DLF IPL 2012 Android App is an app by which the official online partner of DLF IPL T20 012. The apps will provide you the up-to-date match scores as they happen.

Android Apps to Get Live Score Updates of IPL Cricket Matches

The app gives the info about the Team fixtures, Schedule by Results, Fixtures, Team and players profile, latest news and photos during the tournament, past-match videos, ipl songs. The app requires android device running on 2.1 and up besides all of this you can also see off-field happenings and players interviews.

Link : Google Play Store (Free)

ESPNCricinfo Android App

ESPNCricinfo is an official Android app which brings you the most recent and complete cricket information from around the world. The app also allow you to view live cricket match, gives you the live scoreboard of current match and bally by ball text commentary.

Android Apps to Get Live Score Updates of IPL Cricket Matches

You can easily customize news, results and fixtures by your favorite team. The app will make push notification to update you about the wickets, batsman milestones and score updates during live matches. There is a unique lean back mode in the app for which you have to switch the app and place your phone on the table and follow the live score throughout the match in a busy work day.

Link : Google Play Store (Free)

Cricket Next Live for Android App

Cricket Next Live is another android app which is one of the best ways to get live scoreboard and updates on your Android Smartphone. This app aims to give every recent update about the match and also has a very colorful interface and easy to navigate options.

Android Apps to Get Live Score Updates of IPL Cricket Matches

This apps cover every game live and you can view the action in 36 different angles and see most of the stats in a single page, whether its live score, commentary, batting, fielding and bowling charts ,stats, photos and match-reports.

Link : Google Play Store (Free)

NDTV Cricket Android App

NDTV Cricket Official Android app provides the live cricket score coverage of international and domestic matches along with the photos and stats of live events, ball by ball commentary with news.

Android Apps to Get Live Score Updates of IPL Cricket Matches

The good thing about the app is that you can use it as the homescreen widget on the notification bar with the numerous logos for the list of ongoing matches. The app uses the push technology and gives the fastest live score. It is a very light weight app so consumes a very less battery on your Smartphone.

Link : Google Play Store (Free)

Cricbuzz Android App

CricBuzz Cricket Scores & News is an android app from the popular cricket portal CricBuzz. Apart from the apps we have covered above it is a different app. In this app you can get match notification in every 5 overs or for every wicket.

Android Apps to Get Live Score Updates of IPL Cricket Matches

You can subscribe to your favorite team and can get notification in a complete series about them and to connect with social media you can share new stories on facebook with one single click. Also you will get the Indian premier league matches ball by ball updates as well as get scoreboard and commentary in English and Hindi.

Link :  Google Play Store (Free)

Guest Post by Dimple  Julyani who also writes on a fastest growing site

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Embed a Branded Logo Design Inside your Custom QR Code: Photoshop

Embed a Branded Logo Design Inside your Custom QR Code: PhotoshopQR Codes or the Quick Response Codes are the magical bar codes which can be read by smart phones. But these codes are often criticized because of their black and white appearance like a checker box. Fortunately these codes can be revamped while retaining their ability to get scanned. QR codes have enough potential from a designers point of view while designing a code to boost the value of you of your brand and make it appealing to the customers. This is the latest development in the ever-evolving world of brand promotion, but if you don’t feel that you have the technical capacity to do this, you could stick to the more traditional forms of raising brand awareness, just visit for example.

Quick Response Code was developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota in the year 1994 to help the car makers in managing different types of auto parts. These codes were developed to produce the fast visual classification of the components as well as for managing the additional information.

Quick Response Codes, these days, have become one of the most useful tools for transmitting information to the cell phone users because of its following advantages:

  • Minimum requirement of hardware and software to read a QR Code
  • Fast reading quality
  • Capability of storing a wide range of information from text to numeric to binary data

Here in this article we will discuss the way of changing a Quick Response Code and insert a custom logo design into it. This branded logo will be shown correctly in spite of this modification.

The QR Code which symbolizes a two dimensional bar code was earlier used by the organizations. But now a day it is extensively used for encoding and transmitting small information such as URLs, business cards, contact details, phone numbers, GPS locations, meetings and mails etc. This transmission procedure is performed visually and only the mobiles which are inbuilt with code reader software and camera can be a receiver.

Choose the QR Code type: While choosing you may find various types of QR Codes categorized by their number of columns and rows which are called modules. Nearly 40 versions are there containing modules from 21 to 177. Higher versions of QR Codes have more storage capacity but you may face problem while reading as it has higher density of points in the images. Therefore while choosing a QR Code keep the following things in mind:

  • Size of the message
  • Readers specifications
  • Error corrections
  • Number of modules present in the codes

It is suggested that version 6 can be enough for business cards, advertising and marketing campaign.

At First, read on how to generate a custom QR code online for URL, contact info. etc.

If you are a tablet or smart phone user you can easily read it by using QR code reader software while Nokia mobile users can download the software if they do not have QR code reader software inbuilt. Apart from these, people can also use internet QR readers which are offered for free by a number of websites.

How to Insert Logo Design into the QR Code

Though the Quick Response Code appears in a simple black and white image, they can be completely redesigned by inserting custom logo design while keeping their originality intact.

Follow the steps to insert logo design:

1st Step: First a version 6 Quick Response Code should be generated with a H error correction level (error level should be maximum 30%) for a selected URL. You may use a generator downloaded from the internet. The generator should permit you to edit the following:

  • Size of the QR Code image
  • QR Code error correction level i.e. up to 30%
  • Version of the QR Code i.e. version 6
  • URL address

2nd Step: Open Photoshop and open a new document with the following settings:

  • Background Contents: White
  • Height: 300px
  • Width: 300px
  • Color Mode: RGB

3rd Step: Add the Quick Response Code image using file -> place from Photoshop menu. Now the image is a smart object and is on a new layer. To identify the layer give it a name.

You can also resize the image if needed by selecting the layer and choosing Edit -> Transform -> Scale -> or Edit -> Free Transform (Ctrl + T)

4th Step: You can edit the QR code image from the layer by using Layer -> Rasterize -> Layer or you may right click on Layer and select Layer Rasterize.

5th Step: Here you can edit the image according to your choice

6th Step: Here you can generate QR Code with rounded corners by selecting the Layer and pressing the Ctrl and left click on the icon of the layer at the same time.

7th Step: You can apply Pattern Overlay, Gradient Overlay on the Rounded Layer if you do not perform the 6th step

8th Step: You can save your precious time by defining a safe work part that can be used as a reference. For example, if the QR Code generated with the size of 250X250 the safe work area can be 100px X 100px square and 200px X 50px rectangular and 100px radius circle.

9th Step: To highlight the embedded logo design 4-5 pixels white color from the background can be applied on the layer.

Adding Logo Inside QR Codes Using Photoshop: Video Tutorial

The above video tutorial will show you how you can add your very own logo into a QR code in Photoshop CS5.

About the Author : The above article is written by Sara Parker who is an associate writer from Logo Design Team. She is an expertise writer for writing articles related to Logo Design, custom logo design and anything that is related to this niche. Her latest work can be fine here : Animated Logo Design.

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