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2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhones

2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhonesI have always been a fan of DIY (do it yourself) stuff. Last time we posted about how to make toys from junk and today I would like to share one of of my favourites, to make and iphone paper stand, the one you can easily make by using a cut-out from a stiff card paper and folding it up to make a stand to dock your iphone, ipad or any smartphone you carry.

An advantage of these cardboard paper stand for iphone etc are not only simple to make, but also easy to carry around in your wallet/purse or create as many as you want or give them away as gifts or like a business card for your company etc.

2 Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones

1. iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Dessinemoiunobjet created this really cool cardboard paper iphone stand idea, where you can download the PDF template, print it out on card paper and cut it then fold it to create this beautiful looking iphone stand within a few minutes.

iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Though, it was free earlier but now you have to buy the template from the author’s fiverr gig at 5$. But if you look at the designs above and at the author’s site and the video tutorial below then I think its quite easy to create one yourself from scratch using your own design idea.

2. Cool iPhone, iPod Cardboard Stand, Dock

Check out this really cool cardboard stand by for smartphones made very easily by folding a cardboard paper cut-out which can downloaded from their site at this link.

Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones

They have designed it in such a manner so that the iPhone, iPod dock cable gives it extra stability, and its really easy to place and remove your iPhone off the dock, just like any real one. Watch the video below to see how its made from the cut-out.

Bonus : Simple Paper Clip iPhone, Mobile Stand

This one’s worth a share because in the past few months, this stand by has become one of the very popular DIY iphone stands due to its sheer simplicity and portability. Check out their step by step tutorial video guide of converting a simple paper clip into a cheap stand for your iPhone, smartphone.

If you do the bending properly, then this is one of the most minimal diy iphone stands out there and it looks sleek can compact, and you can find paper clips everywhere. You might even create a bigger version for your ipad using hangar wire which works quite well.

You can also visit to get some ideas to make portable pocket stands out of cardboard or credit cards or buy them from there.

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Enable Speech Input in your Browser: Talk to Type, Enter Text Online

You might have noticed android phones come with feature that enable users to enter text in the Google search box using speech by taking into the mic. and the voice recognition software built into the mobile os. converts it into text and places it in the input box.

After Vista, Window 7 comes with inbuilt voice recognition support which you can use to your advantage to enter text via speech input while typing in notepad or word documents etc. But you can also enable speech input in your chrome browser without launching windows speech recognition.

Tip : Listen to Selected Text on WebPages

Use Speech Input in Chrome Browser

Use Speech Input in Chrome BrowserChrome has already enabled HTML5 speech input into chrome from their 11.0 version onwards. But it works only on Google search input box and as a input feature in Google Translate. But you can’t use speech input elsewhere.

Fortunately with the help of chrome extensions you can enable speech in your browser and use voice to type text into input boxes in most webpages easily.

Use Speech Input in Chrome BrowserVoice Search extension allows user to search by speaking. Just click on the microphone icon and say "puppies" to search for puppies. If you specifically want pictures of puppies, say "google images puppies". Want to learn more about World War II ? Say "wikipedia world war two".

Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works…

Voice Search comes pre-loaded with the following default services: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo etc. You can also add your own user-defined search engines. It also integrates speech input buttons for text fields on all websites.

Speechify is an similar extension, with it, many of the search boxes you encounter while surfing the web will have the little microphone icon. Clicking it allows you to speak and input your search term into the search box. It works on Google, Bing, YouTube, Hulu a ton of sites and it works well.

Enable Speech Input in your Browser: Talk to Type, Enter Text Online

Another extension is TalktoType. To type into text box use the mic icon while speaking and it populates the text box automatically. Test all the 3 extensions mention to see which one works best for you.

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Best Wireless Broadband Internet Connection, USB Data Card in India

Best Wireless Broadband Internet Connection, USB Data Card in IndiaNowadays there are many laptop users in India because the price of laptops have gone down and so, now everyone wants a wireless Internet connection to connect to the Internet and stay always in touch.

Many shopping centres and airports are equipped with internet access Wi-Fi but either it is not accessible to all or it has limited service. People want to get in touch whenever they want no matter where they are at that present moment.

For businesses, a quality broadband connection is essential. Looking to upgrade your business broadband? Take a look at the Utility Bidder website to find quotes from telecommunication providers at an affordable price for your budget.

Kaustav GhoshGuest Post by Kaustav Ghosh [FB], an engineering student from Kolkata with a passion for technology and latest trends in mobile news in India.

How Wireless NIC (Network Interface Controller) Work ?

A wireless network interface controller (WNIC) connects to a radio-based computer network though mobile towers called BTS (Base transceiver station) rather than a wire-based network like Ethernet, ADSL broadband. This card uses an in built antenna and modem to communicate through microwaves. Connectivity options are USB and PCI card.

Nowadays USB data card internet is very popular in India and if you plan to get wireless broadband then you need to find a one that connects via USB to your laptop and also the best for you usage and cheap. There are loads of ways that you can get cheap broadband, such as using a company like Usave. However, there are loads of options that you could take a look at though for getting your broadband sorted. You just have to ask the right questions.

Tip: Use Your Laptop’s Wireless As Wi-Fi HotSpot in Windows 7

Best USB Data Card, Wireless Broadband Internet Connection Providers in India

Some of the popular wireless connections via USB Data Card in India are :-

  2. Tata Photon+
  3. Reliance Netconnect Data Card
  4. MTS High Speed Internet

My Choice : BSNL EVDO

EVDO stands for Evolution-Data Optimized. It is only available in select cities in India and offers download speeds up to 2.4 mbps. But if there is no EVDO coverage is your area, the EVDO card switches to CDMA 1.x based Internet access which gives speeds up to 144 kbps.

I am currently using Bsnl EVDO nic data card and to be frank I am quite satisfied with its performance. In metropolitan cities, download speed is quite good at 60-70 KB/sec.

But outside the city the speed is okay for surfing but not for downloading large files. All in all with the rental of 650 per month with unlimited scheme and with its speed it always fulfils my daily high volume internet usage needs.

Find detailed information about BSNL Evdo at this link.

Advantages, Disadvantages of Wireless Connection USB Data Cards

Bsnl Evdo


  • Cheap price(Cost only 650)
  • Unlimited scheme
  • Speeds upto 2.1 Mbps
  • Good speed even outside the city


  • Downtimes occur often.
  • Non availability of data cards most of the time
  • Unreliable speed
  • Coverage not so good outside cities.

Reliance NetConnect


  • High speed with speeds upto 3.1 Mbps
  • Service centres available in most cities in India.
  • Better network and speed.
  • Customer care is good.
  • National roaming.


  • No unlimited data plans
  • Expensive tariff
  • You have to pay much more even you get 1x speed.
  • Though surfing speed is good Download speed is not great

Tata Photon+


  • Cost effective
  • Faster than 256 broadband line
  • Download speed is good
  • Customer care is good


  • Lack in availability of network
  • Service centres not located in smaller towns and cities.
  • Most offers is in postpaid not in prepaid.

MTS Mblaze


  • High speed internet
  • Wide range of data plans
  • Very fast in metropolitan cities


  • Expensive for heavy data usage
  • Entry cost is much more
  • Not good speed outside the city.

My Verdict : These four are leading companies for wireless internet thru usb data card in India. I am using Bsnl evdo and I quite like it. It has the cheapest unlimited plan with a good speed. Now those you who are looking for high speed internet surfing I will suggest to them Reliance Netconnect. It has good performance when you are surfing but not for heavy downloading. Those who are looking for high speed download with least cost I will suggest to them Tata Photon+. And at last but not the least those who are willing to pay more for high speed internet (priority is speed) and also living in metropolitan city I will suggest them MTS Mblaze.

Leave comments letting us know your views or any questions you have.

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Download Torrents Remotely: Auto-Initiate uTorrent Using Dropbox

Download Torrents Remotely: Auto-Initiate uTorrent Using Any DropboxDo you download a large files from the Internet using your torrent client ? Do you want to initiate a torrent download in your home computer from your office, mobile ? Yes, it is possible. You can remotely start a torrent download in your home using Dropbox from your office computer or your android phone. You could even look into a company like Premiumize, where you will be able to download torrents for your computer. You’ll no longer have to endure the time it takes to download videos or any other file.

This tutorial is based on Windows 7 as the operating system and uTorrent as the torrent client. Lets take a quick tour on how to setup your computers and Dropbox to trigger any torrent download from a remote PC.

Tip: 5 Awesome Free Remote Assistance Programs

Trigger Your Torrent Client to Start Remotely & Start Downloading

#Part 1: For your Home (Remote) Computer

Step 1: For the first time, download and install both the Dropbox and uTorrent in the target computer (home for example). Though I’ve described this tutorial using uTorrent, but you can use any other torrent client, which have the same settings.

Step 2: Open your uTorrent client and click on Options > Preferences.

Step 3: In the “Preferences” window, Click on Directories from the left panel and enable Automatically load .torrents from:

You can find a […] button under that option. Click that and browse to the location of a local Dropbox folder.

It is recommended that you create a new separate folder for torrents in your Dropbox and set the path of this folder in the above step. Make sure that this folder is synced with your Dropbox cloud account.

Now, leave keep this computer on… and go to your office/workplace (remote) computer.

#Part 2: From the Office/Workplace Computer

Step 1: Go to any torrent site and select the file you want to download. Download the .torrent file for that download and save it to your PC.

Step 2: After downloading that .torrent file in your office/workplace computer, Open your Dropbox Account/Client and simply add (copy-paste) it to that Dropbox location that you specified earlier to your utorrent preferences to load torrents automatically from.

Or, if you have Dropbox client installed on your office/ workplace PC then login and add that .torrent file to that folder. Now this torrent file will be synchronized with all commuters connected with your Dropbox account including the one added to your home computer with the utorrent preferences.

When synchronized, the home/remote computer will start seeding and trigger uTorrent to will start downloading the files automatically without you being present there.

Note: Some machines are set to shut down or hibernate after few inactive minutes,so make sure those options are disables before you proceed.

You can’t also initiate downloads from your smartphone with Dropbox for Android (Link). Download the .torrent file and add it to a folder (synced with your dropbox acc.) on your phone.

So, from now you can start the Torrent downloads in your home computer from anywhere anytime, similarly perform other functions remotely.

About Author: Tanmay is a tech geek and a full time blogger from Kolkata. He’s recently developed a script to remotely shut down PC using Dropbox. Check it out and at his blog

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Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wireless Range Extender for Modem Router

Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wireless Range Extender for Modem RouterI am using a BSNL Wi-Fi ADSL Modem and really enjoy wireless broadband on my laptop, android phone at my house. My only problem is that the bandwidth speed decreases as I move farther away from the modem, router.

So I was looking for a solution and came across this awesome homemade wi-fi range extender to improve wireless signal strength which can be easily made in a few minutes.

If you want to know how to login to your router to access the settings and setup page, see here.

Tip: Disable Wireless Automatically after Connecting to LAN

Make Homemade Wi-Fi Range Extender for Your Broadband Modem, Router

1. Download the Windsurfer Ez-12 Parabolic Reflector Template : Click Here and print it.

2. Paste it on a piece of card, chart paper and then cover the back side with aluminium foil. Try to keep the foil as level smooth as possible. Use a glue stick instead of adhesive for best results.

Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wireless Range Extender for Modem Router

3. Then, cut out the 2 pieces and make the slits as marked in the template. Then bend the circular piece lightly (foil inside) and insert the extended parts into the slits of the rectangular piece. (see below)

Make Homemade Wi-Fi Range Extender for Your Broadband Modem, Router

4. Finally insert your router’s wi-fi antenna through the 2 hole slits to finish the setup.

Now, point the parabolic reflector towards the part of the room you have the wireless device like your laptop, ipad etc.

Watch the video demonstration below to get a clear idea…

Thanks to this amazing setup, I now have full wireless signal strength in the nearby rooms in my house with the same speed as on my desktop.  I highly recommend you try this setup to improve your wireless signal strength.

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Fix Tilted Phone Video Clips: Edit, Rotate Videos 90 Degrees Online

Rotate, Fix Horizontally Tilted Video ClipsIf you record videos from your mobile phone camera, then you will know that if you hold the phone vertically while capturing video, the result is that when you save those videos to your pc you’ll see that they are tilted by 90 degrees and all you can do is to turn your head to watch it. Here’s a quick fix…

Tip: Crop Videos and Extract Video Portions

Rotate, Fix Horizontally Tilted Video Clips

# [Link] – Rotate Videos 90 Degrees Online Free

With this free online video rotator tool you can instantly rotate digital videos easily and with the click of a button. If you have videos clips taken on your mobile, digital camera which are in a vertical portrait orientation, and you want them in landscape orientation for general viewing on pc, Movie Rotator can rotate them so that you can view them easily.

Rotate Videos 90 Degrees Online Free

Rotate videos in AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV or MP4 format clock or counter-clockwise. Really useful and fast tool for those quickly needed conversions. But one drawback is max. file size allowed is 3 MB.

# X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate Tool [Link]

X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate can help you rotate video 90 degrees with only a few clicks. It will loyally keep the original file quality. This smart application is portable with intuitive interface and perceptible buttons.

X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate Tool

It provides eight flip and rotate style for users, so you can flip and rotate video into any side view as you like. What’s more important, almost all the video formats. It also functions as a video to MP4 converter which can help you to convert video to MP4 format with one click on "Convert" button when the flip and rotate style isn’t changed.

# Rotate Videos Easily by Any Angle with VirtualDub [Link]

Rotate Videos Easily by Any Angle with VirtualDubVirtualDub is a lightweight and really useful video editing program. Open the video clip and press Ctrl+F to load filters menu.

Now implement a filter named "rotate2" – this filter allows you to rotate video clips by any angle. VirtualDub supports most video formats and you can straighten video clips captured on your mobile phone camera.

# Rotating Movie Clips, Videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

It has the direct option to rotate videos easily under "Video Tools" in the Home tab after you load your video clip. Save after rotating.

Rotating Movie Clips, Videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

# Rotate Tilted Video while Watching in VLC

1. Open a tilted video in VLC or drag and drop or use Ctrl+O

2. Go to Tools > Effects and Filters (Ctrl+E) and click on Video Effects tab.

Rotate Tilted Video while Watching in VLC

3. Look for the Transform option (see above) and rotate you video in the angle you want. You can also Flip videos for mirroring.

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Create Wi-Fi HotSpot, Use Laptop As Wireless Router with Windows 7

Create Wi-Fi HotSpot, Use Laptop As Wireless Router with Windows 7Virtual Router converts any Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 on a WiFi access point to Windows 7 hosted wireless network (virtual WiFi) technology. Virtual Router router is a free software that works with Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

Make Your Laptop a WiFi Hotspot for Your Wireless Internet Connection

Users can wirelessly share any Internet connection (WiFi, LAN, cable modem, dial, cellular, etc) with any Wi-Fi device (laptops, smart phones, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android phone, Zune, netbook, wireless printer, etc.) These devices connect to the virtual router as any other access point and the connection is fully secured with WPA2 (the most secure wireless encryption.)

Create Wi-Fi HotSpot, Use Laptop As Wireless Router with Windows 7

Unlike other similar applications, Virtual Router is not only completely free, but do not bother with any ad. Also, since the Virtual Router is not advertising, does not track your web traffic, the way of other applications with advertising / can.

# Download Virtual Router : Link

The wireless network or to create shared virtual router uses WPA2 encryption, and no way to disable the encryption. This is actually a feature of the wireless network hosted API built into Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 to ensure the best possible security.

You can give your "virtual" wireless network in any name you want, and also set the password to anything. Just make sure that the password is at least 8 characters.

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Read, Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info etc

Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info QR Codes seem to be everywhere these days, and each has a unique destination. Know how to create qr codes for your website or company address or some random info.

What are QR Codes ? A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

How are QR Codes Useful ? QR Codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or on just about any object about which users might need information. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR Code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone’s browser. This act of linking from physical world objects is known as a hard link or physical world hyperlinks.

Create QR Codes, Barcodes for Your Website, Business Card Online

Using Google ( to Generate QR Barcode for URLs

Step 1 : Go to (Google’s url shortener)

Step 2 : Enter URL and click "Shorten"

Step 3 : Add .qr to end of this shortened url. (For eg :

Adding .qr at the end of the short url will generate a QR Code for the URL.

Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info

QR Code for

Use ZXing to Create Detailed Information QR Codes

ZXing (Link) is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java. Our focus is on using the built-in camera on mobile phones to photograph and decode barcodes on the device, without communicating with a server.

Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info

You can create QR Codes for Contact information, Calendar Event, Email Address, URL, Geo Location, Phone Number, Wifi Network, SMS and Text.

Decode, Read QR Codes Online from Webcam or Image

Go to and you can provide an QR Code image url or hold the QR code image from the magazine etc in front of the web cam and the application will translate the QR code information instantly. Alternatively you can upload the QR Code image at and it will decode, read qr code info online.

Smartphone, Mobile Apps Supporting QR Codes

Nokia Barcode Reader : If you have a Nokia Device you can download the barcode reader application via the following Link. Download to your computer and transfer it to your mobile device.

iPhone : QR app (itunes link) is a good, free iPhone app that Auto-Scans QR codes in real-time. You can also try NeoReader (Link). The program is simple, it’s intuitive, and it does a relatively good job of reading QR codes.

Android, Other Mobiles : I-nigma reader is a good app for android. Install via mobile browser: . For other mobiles Install UpCode reader via mobile browser: or download to your pc and transfer it to your mobile device from this Link.

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Customize Youtube Player for Slow, Zoom, Annotation Embed Features

Customize Youtube Player for Slow, Zoom, Annotation Embed Features Want to enhance the viewer experiences and discussions around the YouTube videos you embed? With EmbedPlus, you can now enhance your embeds with real-time reactions, DVD-like controls, and more without having to alter original content.

Tip : Embed Only Audio from Youtube Videos

Embed Custom Youtube Player on WebPages with Advance Playing Controls

EmbedPlus (Link) lets you easily upgrade your video embeds with enhanced playback and relevant content. You can add enhanced features like real-time reactions, movable zoom, slow motion, annotations, chapter / scene skipping, and more to your video embeds.

Customize Youtube Player for Slow, Zoom, Annotation Embed Features

Features of Embed Plus for Youtube Videos :

All you need is a standard youtube video link and within seconds, their wizard gives custom player embed code for the features below:

Third Party Annotations : Add your own timed annotations to any video. Use it to display titles, captions, scene labels, and side comments during playback. The control bar displays the text to avoid blocking the video screen and distracting viewers.

Slow Motion On-Demand : Instantly watch videos at a slower rate to more clearly see what happens. Use it for videos with sports highlights, demos, tricks, and raw footage.

Movable Zoom : Dynamically magnifies the area you point over. Use it to get a close look at objects, writing, and things like an athlete in motion. Added accessibility can benefit many users especially with the growing number of small-screen-friendly platforms like Android.

Real-time Reactions : Discussions about a video occur in many places. Show viewers the latest Internet reactions to the video, right inside the player. Currently showing YouTube comments and Twitter feeds; more platforms soon.

Instant Replay : Replay an event soon after it happens.

and more…

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Download Best Free Windows Media Player Skins

Windows Media Player (WMP) is one of default media player for playing movie, Video and Audio files in Windows. Windows Media Player is available as default media player from Microsoft Windows 98.

Over a period WMP has been enhanced in many ways not only in terms of Graphics and new GUI but also features and supports various codec and file format.

Tip : Download VLC Player for Windows 7

Here are some free skins for Windows Media Player 11.

Best Windows Media Player 11 Skin WMP11

My Favourite : Batman – Bam! Wham! Pow!

Bam! Wham! Pow!

Get ready for the return of Batman this summer in The Dark Knight. Download

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology

For all Age of Empires and Age of Mythology fans. : Download for Player 9 Series or later | Download for Player 7


Anemone Always wanted to get into oceanography? Now is your chance. : Download



Experience Japanese anime with this cool skin. : Download



If you’re an Age of Empires fan you’ll love this one. : Download

Back to the Future Trilogy

Back to the Future Trilogy

Marty McFly’s DeLorean skin takes you back to the future. : Download

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight returns! Check out this amazing skin celebrating Batman Begins. : Download

Blue Crush

Blue Crush

Take the risk. Feel the ride. Download the companion skin to the hit wild surfing movie from Universal. : Download for Player 9 Series or later Download for Player 7



For those who like their desktop neat and organized. File Size: 41 KB Created By: Microsoft Corporation : Download



Check out this handy Internet Radio skin. File Size: 340 KB Created By: Cablemusic Networks, Inc. : Download



This official Catwoman movie skin is the purrr-fect addition to your desktop. : Download



Experience this android-like skin. : Download

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Hello Angels. Cameron, Drew, and Lucy return for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. : Download



Enjoy the overlapping circular disks. : Download



Here’s a skin you can sink your claws into. : Download

Color Chooser

Color Chooser

Indulge your inner artist by selecting a different background color to suit your mood. : Download

Combat Flight Simulator 3

Combat Flight Simulator 3

For All Combat Flight Simulator fans. : Download

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

Look deeply into this crystal ball and experience the music. : Download



Join the fight against evil and download this Constantine skin. : Download



Fully animated. Created for the Aezra Records recording artist to celebrate their self-titled album release. : Download

Digital DJ

Digital DJ

Check out this radical skin for automatically building playlists based on different preferences. : Download



A companion skin to the creepy thriller DreamCatcher, starring Morgan Freeman. : Download (only for 9 Series or later)



Don’t forget your rubber ducky! : Download



The King will get you to rock ‘n’ roll with a special visualization screen under his feet. : Download

Energy Blue

Energy Blue

Created just for Tablet PCs, the knobs and buttons in this skin are easy to control with a pen! : Download



Want to build your own player? Here’s one way to do it. : Download

> More Windows Media Player Skins At Microsoft Site

The Default Skin of Windows Media Player 11 (WML 11) is pretty good but you might get bored with this skin. Many Users love to customize their Windows Skins and Theme same goes for Windows Media Player.

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