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Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Cartoonizer is a new photo editing app designed by team. It is a rather specific and straightforward app. What it excels in is portrait photo editing. Apparently, it got its name from the “cartoonizing” filter that converts photo into cartoon.

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Potentially a great way to play pranks on your unsuspecting friends. Moreover, there’s a score of face-distorting effects, like chubby cheeks or alien head-shapes, in case you want to further mess with the photo. Expressions vary from smug grin to sad face to shocked or scared grimace, etc.

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

You can easily apply realistic emotions to a face  flirty wink, nice smile, screwed up eyes, sad face, surprised expression, etc. But is a lot more than that. It can help you to make caricature effect, turning an ordinary face into an alien, troll, good-soul, bulb-head or a tough guy.

One of the most fun features of the app is the one that lets you animate faces (cartoonized or not), turning them into realistic living emoticons. You can create either static or animated avatar, and you can also adjust animation speed to make your avatar Super Mega Fast or Super Mega Slow ;).

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Smile and wink to your virtual friends, they will appreciate it. Depending on the template you choose, the app will change the expression of a cropped face and even play a short animation.

When you’re done, you can save the resulting image to your iPhone or just instantly share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Links : Online Tool  |  iTunes App. Link

In a nutshell, Cartoonizer is all about having some fun while editing portrait photos. Pretty simple and straightforward interface, cartoonizing filter and some hilarious effects (animating images, changing facial expressions and features, etc.)

Note : We have also covered some tutorials on transforming your photos for fun like creating cartoon like caricatures, or just like the annoying orange putting your faces on fruits and vegetables or put someone’s face on a dancing body.

2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhones

2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhonesI have always been a fan of DIY (do it yourself) stuff. Last time we posted about how to make toys from junk and today I would like to share one of of my favourites, to make and iphone paper stand, the one you can easily make by using a cut-out from a stiff card paper and folding it up to make a stand to dock your iphone, ipad or any smartphone you carry.

An advantage of these cardboard paper stand for iphone etc are not only simple to make, but also easy to carry around in your wallet/purse or create as many as you want or give them away as gifts or like a business card for your company etc.

2 Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones

1. iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Dessinemoiunobjet created this really cool cardboard paper iphone stand idea, where you can download the PDF template, print it out on card paper and cut it then fold it to create this beautiful looking iphone stand within a few minutes.

iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Though, it was free earlier but now you have to buy the template from the author’s fiverr gig at 5$. But if you look at the designs above and at the author’s site and the video tutorial below then I think its quite easy to create one yourself from scratch using your own design idea.

2. Cool iPhone, iPod Cardboard Stand, Dock

Check out this really cool cardboard stand by for smartphones made very easily by folding a cardboard paper cut-out which can downloaded from their site at this link.

Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones

They have designed it in such a manner so that the iPhone, iPod dock cable gives it extra stability, and its really easy to place and remove your iPhone off the dock, just like any real one. Watch the video below to see how its made from the cut-out.

Bonus : Simple Paper Clip iPhone, Mobile Stand

This one’s worth a share because in the past few months, this stand by has become one of the very popular DIY iphone stands due to its sheer simplicity and portability. Check out their step by step tutorial video guide of converting a simple paper clip into a cheap stand for your iPhone, smartphone.

If you do the bending properly, then this is one of the most minimal diy iphone stands out there and it looks sleek can compact, and you can find paper clips everywhere. You might even create a bigger version for your ipad using hangar wire which works quite well.

You can also visit to get some ideas to make portable pocket stands out of cardboard or credit cards or buy them from there.

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Find Mobile Number of Facebook Friends + Hide Contact Info [Privacy]

For any reason if you want to find the mobile number of a friend, the best place to find it is facebook. Most of the times, by the default settings in facebook, the mobile number of a user is visible to his/her friend on facebook if that user has added it by giving it to the site at some point of time. If you’re doing this process in reverse, i.e. you’ve received a call from an unknown number, you can check phone number online.

So, you can easily find most of your friend’s mobile number on facebook by searching on the Contacts page from your facebook account.

Search For Friend’s Phone Number on Facebook

Once you log into your account, click on the [Accounts ] tab (top-right on the navigation bar) and select Edit Friends link.

Search For Friend's Phone Number on Facebook

On that “Friends” page click on Contacts menu to show a list of available mobile numbers of your friends on facebook.

Search For Friend's Phone Number on Facebook

This list pulls together the contact information your friends already share with you on their profiles into one convenient place. It also includes contacts you import from your phone.

Use Search to find the contact number of a friend you’re looking for. This helped me a lot to quickly find mobile numbers of facebook friends who are not there on my phone. By being able to view the contact information of my friends on facebook, I can use a reverse address lookup site to find more of their contact information. This can help me to find the address of a facebook friend just by knowing their phone number.

Though this is fine, you might not want to share your mobile number so publicly (with friends) on facebook unknowingly. You should then read on to see the privacy settings for hiding your contact information from Friends and strangers or specific people on facebook.

How to Hide Contact Information on Facebook

1. Once again go to your account, click on the [Accounts ] tab and select Privacy Settings link.

Hide Contact Information on Facebook

2. On the Privacy Settings page, scroll down and click on Customize settings link (see pic. above).

3. On the Customize settings page scroll down to find Contact information section and it will show you all the contact information and whom you allow to see it.

Hide Contact Mobile Number on Facebook

4. Click on any one of the contact info. like mobile number and select the type of people who can see/access it. If you want to hide your contact number on facebook completely from everyone choose Customize. (see above)

5. In the next window under Make this visible to you can select the option Only Me or the others.

Hide Contact Information on Facebook

By choosing “Only Me” youre specifying that only you can see that contact information on your facebook profile, while the rest of the world won’t see it at all or access from their phonebook page, unless you specify certain people in the above step to see them.

Search for a Friend’s Phone Number on Facebook and How to Hide Yours [Video]

Hope this helps from unknown people calling you in the middle of the night. It’s best that you hide your mobile number on facebook to avoid security issues.

Note, if you ‘re based in Australia then check our some really interesting offers on the iphone at

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Play MP3 Files in Dropbox by Streaming Songs Inside the Browser

Google Music Alternative DropTunes: Stream Play MP3 Songs in DropboxGoogle’s new Music Beta service is cool, but it’s now available for US only. If you are looking for an almost similar alternative, I recommend you check out DropTunes. It an online service that lets you play mp3 songs in your Dropbox account directly in your browser online.

Play Songs in Your Dropbox Account Online

ª Go to Droptunes :

Log in with your Dropbox email and password. You’ll see all the folders you have. Navigate to the one with your songs in it and you will see all the music files listed.

Click the Play button beside a song to start playing it. Once the song has finished playing, the next song in the list starts playing automatically… although there is no shuffle option to play randomized songs in the list.

Google Music Alternative DropTunes: Stream Play MP3 Songs in Dropbox

There is a seek-bar and volume control and its supports both Flash and HTML5 mode. Which means if your browser supports HTML5 like Chrome and Firefox then you can play music with Droptunes on devices which doesn’t support flash.

The good thing about playing music from your Dropbox you can sync it with various other services like iTunes etc. And if you are using DropTunes from a mobile device then your songs are with you all the time. Quite good enough if you’re looking for a cloud based music player.

For iOS users, MusicDrop, SongBox and BoxyTunes are useful apps for iphone, ipod touch or ipad which does an awesome job of turning your DropBox into a  cloud music jukebox service. They let you stream music from your DropBox account, also fetches album artwork and other info.

We recently also wrote about a chrome extension that lets you add online files directly to your Dropbox, which means you can save any mp3 URL you come across the web to your Dropbox immediately.

Tip: If you are a song lover I recommend you try YouTube Music Discovery which is an awesome tool that lets you create personalized playlists with music from popular artists and songs related to your name entered, or get list of the top 50 songs on YouTube.

Create Fake Facebook Comments, Twitter Conversation, iPhone SMS Text

Create Fake Facebook Comments, Twitter Conversation, iPhone Text MessagesLove those funny facebook comments on status fails or a funny twitter reply thread or those funny autocorrect iphone text conversations. If they seem fake to you then here are some free online tools to generate those type of fake facebook comments or iphone text conversations at a click of a button and post them on, and

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Create Fake Facebook Comments Thread on Status Fails

Create fake Facebook Conversations at

Create Fake Facebook Comments Thread on Status Fails

Simple enter text as Person1: Status and on the next line Person2: Comment and next line as Person3: Comment and so on as shown above and click "Create Facebook Quote" to generate your funny facebook comments conversation.  

You can also create more natural looking facebook conversations at which lets you easily create fake Facebook news feeds and conversations with advanced settings.

Create Fake iPhone Text Conversations, Messages

Generate fake iPhone conversations, text at

Create Fake iPhone Text Conversations, Messages

Simple enter text as Person1: Text Message and on the next line Person2: Reply Message and next line as Person1: Text Message and so on as shown above and click "Create" to generate your funny iphone conversations, text messages, autocorrect fails etc. 

Fake Tweet Builder, Create Fake Tweets

Make your own fake Twitter conversations, funny tweets at

Fake Tweet Builder, Create Fake Tweets

Simple enter text as Person1: Tweet and on the next line Person2: @ Reply Tweet and so on as shown above and click "Create Twitter Thread" to generate your funny tweets, twitter reply threads, conversations.

Here’s a video by gigafide explaining these online tools and how to use them to make fake iphone text messages, facebook & twitter conversations.

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Create Wi-Fi HotSpot, Use Laptop As Wireless Router with Windows 7

Create Wi-Fi HotSpot, Use Laptop As Wireless Router with Windows 7Virtual Router converts any Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 on a WiFi access point to Windows 7 hosted wireless network (virtual WiFi) technology. Virtual Router router is a free software that works with Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

Make Your Laptop a WiFi Hotspot for Your Wireless Internet Connection

Users can wirelessly share any Internet connection (WiFi, LAN, cable modem, dial, cellular, etc) with any Wi-Fi device (laptops, smart phones, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android phone, Zune, netbook, wireless printer, etc.) These devices connect to the virtual router as any other access point and the connection is fully secured with WPA2 (the most secure wireless encryption.)

Create Wi-Fi HotSpot, Use Laptop As Wireless Router with Windows 7

Unlike other similar applications, Virtual Router is not only completely free, but do not bother with any ad. Also, since the Virtual Router is not advertising, does not track your web traffic, the way of other applications with advertising / can.

# Download Virtual Router : Link

The wireless network or to create shared virtual router uses WPA2 encryption, and no way to disable the encryption. This is actually a feature of the wireless network hosted API built into Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 to ensure the best possible security.

You can give your "virtual" wireless network in any name you want, and also set the password to anything. Just make sure that the password is at least 8 characters.

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Read, Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info etc

Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info QR Codes seem to be everywhere these days, and each has a unique destination. Know how to create qr codes for your website or company address or some random info.

What are QR Codes ? A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

How are QR Codes Useful ? QR Codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or on just about any object about which users might need information. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR Code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone’s browser. This act of linking from physical world objects is known as a hard link or physical world hyperlinks.

Create QR Codes, Barcodes for Your Website, Business Card Online

Using Google ( to Generate QR Barcode for URLs

Step 1 : Go to (Google’s url shortener)

Step 2 : Enter URL and click "Shorten"

Step 3 : Add .qr to end of this shortened url. (For eg :

Adding .qr at the end of the short url will generate a QR Code for the URL.

Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info

QR Code for

Use ZXing to Create Detailed Information QR Codes

ZXing (Link) is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java. Our focus is on using the built-in camera on mobile phones to photograph and decode barcodes on the device, without communicating with a server.

Generate QR Code Online: Create Barcode for URL, Contact Info

You can create QR Codes for Contact information, Calendar Event, Email Address, URL, Geo Location, Phone Number, Wifi Network, SMS and Text.

Decode, Read QR Codes Online from Webcam or Image

Go to and you can provide an QR Code image url or hold the QR code image from the magazine etc in front of the web cam and the application will translate the QR code information instantly. Alternatively you can upload the QR Code image at and it will decode, read qr code info online.

Smartphone, Mobile Apps Supporting QR Codes

Nokia Barcode Reader : If you have a Nokia Device you can download the barcode reader application via the following Link. Download to your computer and transfer it to your mobile device.

iPhone : QR app (itunes link) is a good, free iPhone app that Auto-Scans QR codes in real-time. You can also try NeoReader (Link). The program is simple, it’s intuitive, and it does a relatively good job of reading QR codes.

Android, Other Mobiles : I-nigma reader is a good app for android. Install via mobile browser: . For other mobiles Install UpCode reader via mobile browser: or download to your pc and transfer it to your mobile device from this Link.

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Unlock Symbian s60 Phones: Install Unsigned Apps Certificate Errors

HelloOX2 is a step A mobile unlocking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd and 5th. Unlocking symbian means that you can get full access to the phone system folders and files, with this capability. Completely fix the annoying certificate errors and install unsigned symbian apps on your s60 phone! Install to your phone, run it after install. All steps run automatic, just wait and see.

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HelloOX2 (Link) – Unlock Symbian s60 Phones

HelloOX2 could install a root certificate on the phone, and the CER of roots and key pair can sign any application to install include the ability of the manufacturer requested applications.

HelloOX2 is here for all you need. Hacking in a single step, just run it, do it all the rest for you. Have been tested and confirmed working in almost all devices, including the newest model of Nokia Symbian S60 X6, N97, 5800, 5233 Samsung i8910/Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Satio/U1/U1i…etc.

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Best Popular RSS Readers for Windows, Mac OS, Online

In case you don’t know about it read what exactly is RSS ? In simple terms, RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. Here are the top RSS readers for windows, mac os and online.

List of Popular RSS Readers

# Popular RSS Readers for Windows

Blog Navigator – Blog Navigator is a new program that makes it easy to read blogs on the Internet. It integrates into various blog search engines and can automatically determine RSS feeds from within properly coded websites.

Feed Demon (Best+Free) – FeedDemon’s easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information.

NewzCrawler – NewzCrawler is a rss/atom reader, news aggregator, browser and blog client for Windows which provides access to news content from various sources

Omea Reader – It’s fast, it aggregates, and it keeps you organized. Check out the additional features: lightning-fast desktop search, flexible information organizer, contextual access, and quick extensibility for developers who want more.

RSS Bandit -  RSS reader that works with Google Reader and Facebook.

Sharp Reader – Feed settings like refresh-rate and purge timeout can be set per feed or per category. Category-wide settings apply to all feeds in that category that are still set to "Default" for the setting in question.

# Popular RSS Readers for Mac OS Users

NewsMacPro – NewsLife is the simplest way to stay up-to-date with tons of websites without even having to touch your web browser until you see something you want to read.

NewsFan – NewsFan is the RSS web news aggregator for MacOS X. NewsFan download the latest news from thousands of web sites and gathering to read quick and easy.

NewsFire (Best+Free) – NewsFire’s feed list, floating new items to the top with smooth animation, is an original. It looks good. It moves well. It delivers the polished Mac experience you expect.

NetNewsWire (Good+Free) – Award-winning NetNewsWire has a familiar three-paned interface and can fetch and display news from millions of different websites and weblogs.

OmniWeb – OmniWeb is a powerful, feature-rich alternative to the standard web browser. Save time and be more productive by using built-in web shortcuts and unique drag-and-drop tabbed windows.

Shrook – Shrook is a full-featured RSS reader that’s completely free – no ads, no spyware. And if you want to access your feeds on another Mac, iPhone or any web-connected PC, just get a account for painless synchronization.

# Best Online RSS Readers

Bloglines – Bloglines is a FREE online service for subscribing, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content. With Bloglines, there is no software to download or install — simply register as a new user and you can instantly begin accessing your account any time, from any computer or mobile device.

Google (Best) – Google Reader is a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. Read them in one place with Google Reader, where keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email.

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Top 10 Sites to Maintain, Track Your Fitness Journal Online

You’re on fire with enthusiasm and desire to take control of your body and whip it back into shape. You’ve taken workout tips from sites like Wisdoms of Health and you feel ready to tackle anything that comes your way. You know the importance of planning and tracking when it comes to reaching fitness goals. At the same time you love technology and would really like to use the Internet to help track your journey to fitness. Some key factors that you might record could include: fats, carbs, salts and sugars. This can be a struggle as there are few easy-to-use platforms for the job. By searching in Google, “how to count carbs” many websites came up in the results, some good and bad but ultimately if you shop around you’ll find the platform that works for you and your workout schedule.

Best Websites to Keep Track of Your Fitness Online

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the top 10 resources on the Web for maintaining a fitness journal.

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Best Websites to Keep Track of Your Fitness Online

# BodyDaemon (Url)

BodyDaemon offers a free online fitness journal where users can record every aspect of their workouts (duration, weight lifted, repetitions, distance traveled, etc), daily food intake, and body measurements such as waist, weight and muscle sizes, and goals. There are a number of custom reports and graphs that can be created and analyzed. The nice thing about BodyDaemon is that it works like a fitness community where other members can help coach one another and discuss various fitness topics. There are even forums for discussing injuries, ways to publish articles and fitness ideas, and a tools to map a distance run, walked or cycled where the tool will calculate the distance for you. It is free, cool analysis toos and has a Facebook feel to it, so it nabs the top fitness journal spot.

# MyFitnessJournal (Url)

MyFitnessJournal is a free journal for tracking fitness and nutrition on the web. It will allow the user to keep track of foods, exercises, and measurements daily. It has easy to use reports and allows the user to customize their journal and share it with others. There are over 8000 foods and 500 exercises in the journal’s database. This site excels when it comes to the simple and painless food entry which minimizes time adding food entries and maximizes the user’s time viewing results and charts. For the cost (free) and what it has to offer, this fitness journal is hard to beat.

# MyFitnessJournal (Url)

The fitness journal offered by Strength and Body is touted as the world’s first workout journal blog community. The fitness journal allows the user to create a free online workout journal and blog. It offers customizable information pages about you. It also has a very efficient workout entry tool. The journal and blog can also be personalized with a number of different themes. Users also get 10MB of free storage for personal videos and photos which can be embedded into workout entries and blog posts.

# FitNovo (Url)

FitNovo is an online fitness journal that helps users plan for specific goals. Some goals include losing 20 pounds, running a marathon, and increasing one’s bench press. This is called the plan phase. The next step is the do phase where the tool helps users track their nutrition and helps them make better food choices. The final phase is the become phase which helps users track their fitness progress and refine their routines for better results. FitNovo also has a number of fitness calculators, a workout program manager, fitness articles and an exercise database.

# Fitday (Url)

Fitday allows you to track your nutrition, exercise, and weight loss goals. As you track your progress you can review things like calories burned, nutrition eaten, and weight loss. The basic membership is free and includes daily calorie counts, detailed nutrition for lots of foods, long term diet analysis, and more. They also have a premium membership which will get rid of advertising, allow custom tracking and unlock advanced reporting.

# FitnessJournal (Url)

This resource allows you to enhance your diet and exercise program via an interactive tool to manage your diet and workout information. It also allows you to track up to 72 different activities and sports with the fitness journal. Fitness Journal is a web based program that allows users to keep track of fitness, health, and weight loss goals and customize reports. It also has discussion groups that allows members to communicate with one another. It has various levels of membership with a one month membership going for $7.95 and 3 year membership going for $89.95. If you like bells and whistles, you’ll love the fitness journal. It even has an iPhone App.

# DailyBurn (Url)

DailyBurn is very easy to use. It allows users to track what they eat with a few mouse clicks and there is almost no data entry. Recording workouts is fast and easy, too. You can also network with other people which works as a source of accountability for reaching fitness goals. It is free to join and there is even a (iPhone App for tracking your fitness). It doesn’t have the deep analysis tools of some of the other online journals but if you are looking for help with motivation and accountability, then this is the fitness journal for you.

# BodyGain (Url)

The BodyGain fitness journals are a set of free fitness journals with a dynamic charting system. BodyGain allows the user to track weight and a number of measurements. It also can be used for setting goals, reminders, and has a number of rich graphical charts for analyzing results. If your looking for a journal for tracking goals and body measurements, then this is the journal for you. It doesn’t have much in the way of tracking workout routines or diet information though that is planned for in the future.

# FitSugar (Url)

The Fitsugar fitness and food journals are geared more towards women. They are free for download and printing and allows the user to pencil in their workout plan as well as keep track of food intake. Although they are more hands-on, the printouts are nice and straightforward for tracking fitness and nutrition.

# ActivityFitnessJournals (Url)

The activity fitness journals offered are training logs that cater to one of three sports; golf, running, or general exercise. The guide is formatted for the user to write their goals, weekly events, self-assessments and accomplishments. It is more hands on and doesn’t have any bells or whistles but the printouts that you get (192 total) for $15 are rather nice and will cover 12 months of progress.

About Author : This post has been contributed by Nick Clipton from Building Body Muscles. Nick likes to write about gaining muscle and latest home gym gadgets. You can follow his posts by subscribing to his site via rss or email.

He previously wrote about New Generation Exercise n Play Console Games

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