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Install Windows 8 on a Mac, Macbook: Step by Step BootCamp Guide

Macbook with Windows 8 Developer PreviewFor all of the Mac owners longing to try out the latest revolution of technology offered by the new Windows 8 operating system, this simple guide will run you through the steps required to install it.

For all of the Mac owners longing to try out the latest revolution of technology offered by the new Windows 8 operating system, this simple guide will run you through the steps required to install it.

Steps to Install Windows 8 Developer’s Preview on Mac

The new Windows operating system has a huge amount to offer which surpasses even Apples popular iOS interface. The software is a revolution for Microsoft which rejects large amounts of the interface used since Windows 97. The new system is compatible with laptops, desktops, and importantly tablets.

Running though ARM, it is possible to install the new Windows OS on practically anything from smartphones to Macs. If you are sceptical, you wont be for long once you have installed this new piece of software from the worlds bestselling OS producer.

Step 1. Get a copy. Quite simply, find a Windows 8 Download (full versions due for release in 2012) and get the software ready for installation.

Step 2. Get a USB Drive with 8GB+ of Memory.

Step 3. Create a Backup of all of your files and folders as a restore point should anything go wrong.

Step 4. Go to Utilities and click on Boot Camp Assistant to open it.

Install Windows 8 on a Mac

Step 5. Click Continue and select all three options: Create a Windows 7 install disk, Download the latest Windows support software from Apple, and Install Windows 7. (If the first option isnt available then select the others and click Continue to advance.)

Step 6. (Skip this step if the Create a Windows 7 install disk option was not available in Step 5). Select the Windows 8 ISO file and the USB device on which you want to create a boot disk. When this is done click Continue.

Step 7. Click Continue when told that the drive will be erased.  Type your password when prompted to Add Helper.

Step 8. The Boot Camp Assistant will ask you to create a partition for Windows. It is recommended that this partition is at least 20GB if you intend to install further software on the Windows partition.

Step 9. Click Install and watch as your Mac begins an automatic reboot and begins installing Windows. You will see the message Booting from Boot Camp Assistant created boot drive. (At this point you will be prompted to insert the Windows 8 install disk if you did not have the option to Create a Windows 7 install disk in Step 5).

Step 10. Follow the on screen procedure to select partition to install Windows on. Select the BOOTCAMP partition to install the software. Make sure the BOOTCAMP drive is formatted before selecting by going to Drive Options (Advanced) and clicking Format.

Step 11. Click the Next button to finish installing and follow the on screen prompts for Windows setup.

Step 12. Install Mac compatibility software for Windows. If you selected Download the latest Windows support software from Apple option in Step 5 then this data will be ready for installation on your boot disk. Double click on the Setup.exe icon to install software.

Step 13. You are ready to go. When you turn on your computer, hold either the Alt or Option key to see an option to boot either your Windows or Mac OS.

Video Demo of Windows 8 Developer Preview on a Mac

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Sync My Documents with Google Docs, Dropbox for Automatic Backup

Sync My Documents with Google Docs, Dropbox for Automatic BackupMy Documents is probably most important folder in your PC or laptop since it is the default save location for all type documents like word, presentations and office files. So if you want to make sure that you don’t lose important data and your document files etc in case of a hard drive crash or windows boot problems, its best to sync the "My Documents" folder with an online backup drive like Google Docs or Dropbox.

Backup My Documents Automatically Online to Google Docs

Google Docs is my favourite online file backup service since it is a very useful online ms-office alternative. Anyone can create and edit documents and you can work on your files collaboratively with other users. And since its online you can access your files and work on them from anywhere and any device with an internet connection.

There are some free tools that let you sync google docs to your file system on your computer but I liked this simple freeware application developed by

Download and install SyncDocs on you computer and after installation follow steps and login with your Gmail account. A "Data Folder Selection" (see below) window will appear which will let you choose the folder that you want to sync with your Google Docs account.

Now, you can either click Change and choose "My Documents" as the folder to be synced with Google Docs if you want to sync your existing data with your Google Docs account,

Backup My Documents Automatically Online to Google Docs

or, if you have lots of files in "My Documents" then it can take a lot of time to upload sync your files, in that case keep that "My Google Docs" sub folder as the folder you want to merge with Google docs online. You just need to save or drag drop important files to this folder to automatically upload it to Google Docs.

Watch the video below for an idea on how SyncDocs works to manage your files between your computer and Google docs.

Move My Documents Folder Inside Dropbox for Auto Backup

Windows has this useful feature that allows to move the default location of your "My Documents" folder to any other drive, location on your computer.

This means if you move your "My Documents" folder inside your Dropbox local directory, then a backup copy of "My Documents" will be created on your Dropbox account online in the cloud. So every time you save files in My Documents, the changes are automatically updated on your online backup too. So you don’t have to worry about losing your files ever.

To Move My Documents Location to your Dropbox : Go to your My Documents folder (C:Users<name>My Documents) and do a Right-Click > Properties . Choose Location tab in the properties window (see below).

Move My Documents Folder Inside Dropbox for Auto Backup

Click the Move button and select your local Dropbox folder and windows will use this new location for My Documents. So your My Documents is now synced with your Dropbox account.

The only drawback is that Dropbox has limited space and no editing support… hence I prefer Google Docs over Dropbox for backing up my "My Documents" folder online. For other folders like my "My Music" folder I use the Dropbox method so that I can get access to my mp3 collection and stream play songs in my dropbox from any device and anywhere I go.

Links : SyncDocs | Dropbox

2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhones

2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhonesI have always been a fan of DIY (do it yourself) stuff. Last time we posted about how to make toys from junk and today I would like to share one of of my favourites, to make and iphone paper stand, the one you can easily make by using a cut-out from a stiff card paper and folding it up to make a stand to dock your iphone, ipad or any smartphone you carry.

An advantage of these cardboard paper stand for iphone etc are not only simple to make, but also easy to carry around in your wallet/purse or create as many as you want or give them away as gifts or like a business card for your company etc.

2 Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones

1. iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Dessinemoiunobjet created this really cool cardboard paper iphone stand idea, where you can download the PDF template, print it out on card paper and cut it then fold it to create this beautiful looking iphone stand within a few minutes.

iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Though, it was free earlier but now you have to buy the template from the author’s fiverr gig at 5$. But if you look at the designs above and at the author’s site and the video tutorial below then I think its quite easy to create one yourself from scratch using your own design idea.

2. Cool iPhone, iPod Cardboard Stand, Dock

Check out this really cool cardboard stand by for smartphones made very easily by folding a cardboard paper cut-out which can downloaded from their site at this link.

Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones

They have designed it in such a manner so that the iPhone, iPod dock cable gives it extra stability, and its really easy to place and remove your iPhone off the dock, just like any real one. Watch the video below to see how its made from the cut-out.

Bonus : Simple Paper Clip iPhone, Mobile Stand

This one’s worth a share because in the past few months, this stand by has become one of the very popular DIY iphone stands due to its sheer simplicity and portability. Check out their step by step tutorial video guide of converting a simple paper clip into a cheap stand for your iPhone, smartphone.

If you do the bending properly, then this is one of the most minimal diy iphone stands out there and it looks sleek can compact, and you can find paper clips everywhere. You might even create a bigger version for your ipad using hangar wire which works quite well.

You can also visit to get some ideas to make portable pocket stands out of cardboard or credit cards or buy them from there.

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Enable Speech Input in your Browser: Talk to Type, Enter Text Online

You might have noticed android phones come with feature that enable users to enter text in the Google search box using speech by taking into the mic. and the voice recognition software built into the mobile os. converts it into text and places it in the input box.

After Vista, Window 7 comes with inbuilt voice recognition support which you can use to your advantage to enter text via speech input while typing in notepad or word documents etc. But you can also enable speech input in your chrome browser without launching windows speech recognition.

Tip : Listen to Selected Text on WebPages

Use Speech Input in Chrome Browser

Use Speech Input in Chrome BrowserChrome has already enabled HTML5 speech input into chrome from their 11.0 version onwards. But it works only on Google search input box and as a input feature in Google Translate. But you can’t use speech input elsewhere.

Fortunately with the help of chrome extensions you can enable speech in your browser and use voice to type text into input boxes in most webpages easily.

Use Speech Input in Chrome BrowserVoice Search extension allows user to search by speaking. Just click on the microphone icon and say "puppies" to search for puppies. If you specifically want pictures of puppies, say "google images puppies". Want to learn more about World War II ? Say "wikipedia world war two".

Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works…

Voice Search comes pre-loaded with the following default services: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo etc. You can also add your own user-defined search engines. It also integrates speech input buttons for text fields on all websites.

Speechify is an similar extension, with it, many of the search boxes you encounter while surfing the web will have the little microphone icon. Clicking it allows you to speak and input your search term into the search box. It works on Google, Bing, YouTube, Hulu a ton of sites and it works well.

Enable Speech Input in your Browser: Talk to Type, Enter Text Online

Another extension is TalktoType. To type into text box use the mic icon while speaking and it populates the text box automatically. Test all the 3 extensions mention to see which one works best for you.

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Tag Status, Comments in Facebook with Shorter Firstname or Lastname

Tag Friends on Facebook Easily, By their Shortest Name   Facebook recently updated their tagging feature to include short names, which means you can just tag them with only friends’ firstname or lastname or whichever is shorter. Even middle names will work.

This is an great implementation as previously tagging people with long names made the comment look cluttered, now you can choose the shortest part of your friend’s name and also make the comment look less formal.

Tag Friends on Facebook Easily, By their Shortest Name  

Not only this after the recent update you don’t need to use the @ symbol to tag someone anymore. Simply type in the name with starting with capitals, like Amit instead of amit while writing your status message or a comment.

To use short names (either the firstname, lastname or middlename), first tag the person and then use the mouse cursor and delete/backspace to remove tag on the part of the name you want to remove the tag from. Watch the clip below to understand.

Tag Status, Comments in Facebook with Shorter Firstname or Lastname

As you can see from above, I chose the parts names I wanted to keep as tagged. You can remove rest part of the name that you don’t want to keep in the comment or status and keep only part of the name which you think will work for you.

For people with only Firstname and Lastname you can use any one for tagging. But for people with middle names you can tag any one of the part of that friend’s name.

I think this a great feature that many will appreciate since long names sometime makes the comment replies not only ugly but it also makes it look formal. With this new short names tagging you have more control over how you tag people in your facebook comments and status.

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Get URL Link to Start Playing Youtube Video from Exact Specific Time

Start Playing Youtube Video from Exact Specific TimeYou might know that you can quickly copy youtube video embed code by right clicking on a youtube video while its playing. There is a new option which lets you copy the link to that exact moment in the video, so that when you share the link url, clicking on it starts the youtube video from that specified time you copied the link.

Simply Right-Click on a youtube video while its playing and click on "Copy video URL at current time".

Get URL Link to Start Playing Youtube Video from Exact Specific Time

For example the one I copied from the video above, I got the url

Notice that #t=56s is what controls the start time of the video. You can just reduce it by few seconds before sharing to make sure people don’t miss the first few words.

The basic idea to add is #t=XmYs where X are the minutes and Y are seconds to the end of the video URL. This also works for youtube embed codes.

For example, you can manually specify minutes and seconds by changing the parameters as #t=01m28s (for 1 minute and 28 seconds).

This might be very useful for sharing videos starting from the important part of a speech or a funny part in the video etc.

There are other online services which lets you add advanced playback controls on youtube videos by letting you customize youtube player for slow, zoom, annotations etc.

You can also try out YouTube Subtitler, an online service which lets you view lyrics on music videos or transcripts, subtitles on popular speeches during playback.

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Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wireless Range Extender for Modem Router

Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wireless Range Extender for Modem RouterI am using a BSNL Wi-Fi ADSL Modem and really enjoy wireless broadband on my laptop, android phone at my house. My only problem is that the bandwidth speed decreases as I move farther away from the modem, router.

So I was looking for a solution and came across this awesome homemade wi-fi range extender to improve wireless signal strength which can be easily made in a few minutes.

If you want to know how to login to your router to access the settings and setup page, see here.

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Make Homemade Wi-Fi Range Extender for Your Broadband Modem, Router

1. Download the Windsurfer Ez-12 Parabolic Reflector Template : Click Here and print it.

2. Paste it on a piece of card, chart paper and then cover the back side with aluminium foil. Try to keep the foil as level smooth as possible. Use a glue stick instead of adhesive for best results.

Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Wireless Range Extender for Modem Router

3. Then, cut out the 2 pieces and make the slits as marked in the template. Then bend the circular piece lightly (foil inside) and insert the extended parts into the slits of the rectangular piece. (see below)

Make Homemade Wi-Fi Range Extender for Your Broadband Modem, Router

4. Finally insert your router’s wi-fi antenna through the 2 hole slits to finish the setup.

Now, point the parabolic reflector towards the part of the room you have the wireless device like your laptop, ipad etc.

Watch the video demonstration below to get a clear idea…

Thanks to this amazing setup, I now have full wireless signal strength in the nearby rooms in my house with the same speed as on my desktop.  I highly recommend you try this setup to improve your wireless signal strength.

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Fix Tilted Phone Video Clips: Edit, Rotate Videos 90 Degrees Online

Rotate, Fix Horizontally Tilted Video ClipsIf you record videos from your mobile phone camera, then you will know that if you hold the phone vertically while capturing video, the result is that when you save those videos to your pc you’ll see that they are tilted by 90 degrees and all you can do is to turn your head to watch it. Here’s a quick fix…

Tip: Crop Videos and Extract Video Portions

Rotate, Fix Horizontally Tilted Video Clips

# [Link] – Rotate Videos 90 Degrees Online Free

With this free online video rotator tool you can instantly rotate digital videos easily and with the click of a button. If you have videos clips taken on your mobile, digital camera which are in a vertical portrait orientation, and you want them in landscape orientation for general viewing on pc, Movie Rotator can rotate them so that you can view them easily.

Rotate Videos 90 Degrees Online Free

Rotate videos in AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV or MP4 format clock or counter-clockwise. Really useful and fast tool for those quickly needed conversions. But one drawback is max. file size allowed is 3 MB.

# X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate Tool [Link]

X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate can help you rotate video 90 degrees with only a few clicks. It will loyally keep the original file quality. This smart application is portable with intuitive interface and perceptible buttons.

X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate Tool

It provides eight flip and rotate style for users, so you can flip and rotate video into any side view as you like. What’s more important, almost all the video formats. It also functions as a video to MP4 converter which can help you to convert video to MP4 format with one click on "Convert" button when the flip and rotate style isn’t changed.

# Rotate Videos Easily by Any Angle with VirtualDub [Link]

Rotate Videos Easily by Any Angle with VirtualDubVirtualDub is a lightweight and really useful video editing program. Open the video clip and press Ctrl+F to load filters menu.

Now implement a filter named "rotate2" – this filter allows you to rotate video clips by any angle. VirtualDub supports most video formats and you can straighten video clips captured on your mobile phone camera.

# Rotating Movie Clips, Videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

It has the direct option to rotate videos easily under "Video Tools" in the Home tab after you load your video clip. Save after rotating.

Rotating Movie Clips, Videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

# Rotate Tilted Video while Watching in VLC

1. Open a tilted video in VLC or drag and drop or use Ctrl+O

2. Go to Tools > Effects and Filters (Ctrl+E) and click on Video Effects tab.

Rotate Tilted Video while Watching in VLC

3. Look for the Transform option (see above) and rotate you video in the angle you want. You can also Flip videos for mirroring.

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5 Awesome Websites You Should Visit Daily to Learn Valuable Topics

5 Awesome Websites You Should Visit Daily to Learn Valuable TopicsHow many times do you find yourself at the computer doing absolutely nothing ? Some people find themselves sitting at home with little to do. Most may look at a college website like the University of Southern California to see if they can sign up for online courses, but if you aren’t looking for that type of learning experience: Here are some useful resources, websites you should visit daily for learning new stuff and feeding you brain with positive, useful information.

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Utilize 10 Minutes Daily to Learn Useful Stuff, Gather Knowledge Online

1. Qwiki – Futuristic Talking Encyclopaedia, Search Engine

Qwiki - Futuristic Talking Encyclopaedia, Search Engine

Qwiki (Link) is an online search tool, information aggregator application which let you audio-visually learn about all sorts of topics. Type in a query and as if by magic, in seconds Qwiki prepares a multimedia presentation with voice, video, data charts and photos. And if you’re inspired, you can always choose to see the day selection.

Here is a quick example of how Qwiki works (I searched for my city Kolkata)

Why I think Qwiki so unique is, apart from it being like a futuristic, rich experience with a voice narrating onscreen knowledge, text about the topic to you. In fact hence its a perfect wiki tool for your mobile device, tablet pc etc. With graphs, maps, visual clips and speech this is surely now one my daily sites. If you are knowledge hungry youll find Qwiki your favourite companion. Plus it can be a great learning tool for kids.

2. The Wikipedia : A Powerhouse of Textual Knowledge and Information

Who doesn’t know about Wikipedia ? It is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopaedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its 18 million articles (over 3.5 million in English) have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site.

Wikipedia currently supports content in 260 different languages and there are over 75,000 authors on Wikipedia, responsible for constantly maintaining and adding to the sites database.

The pages of Wikipedia are under constant supervision by over 1,500 administrators. The problem with this is that when a person edits a pages content with new information that has yet to be released to the public, said information is removed.

For example, when searching for an Episode Guide for your favourite television show, youll often find 10 to 20 future episodes and their descriptions; however, the administrators will remove all of the future episodes except for the one that airs the following week.

Most of the articles on Wikipedia can be edited by users that havent even registered an account on the site.

3. Improve Your English with BBC

 Learn Useful Stuff, Gather Knowledge Online

There are countless number of free online resources that offer english courses. Among them, the BBC Learning English has a huge amount of online learning material as well as a wide selection of games, quizzes, crosswords and other interesting flash games that will help you take advantage of your free time to give a boost to your English and keep up with the news alongside. However, these free tools can only really be used as a test of your English skills, and are not necessarily going to help you learn the English language. However, programs such as the Effortless English Club aim to get people speaking fluent English in only 2 or 3 months. While a tool like this does cost money, it is indisputably a more sophisticated, helpful way of helping people to learn English. As mentioned, crosswords and related puzzles and games are great resources for learning, whether that be for English or another subject. Teachers may find the WordMint crossword maker a useful tool for creating resources for their students.

Tip: Listen to English Pronunciations, Translations Online

4. Inspiring Speeches at TED

Everyone likes to know what’s coming in the future. And if you’re tired of unrealistic stuff shown in TV, then switch to the awesome TED videos. TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

 Learn Useful Stuff, Gather Knowledge Online

TEDTalks (Link) shares the best ideas from the TED Conference with the world, for free: trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses, all giving the talk of their lives in 18 minutes.

Some of my best talks from TED are:

5. Khan Academy: Free World Class Education Online

Khan Academy: Free World Class Education OnlineKhan Academy (Link) is a not-for-profit educational organization created by Salman Khan. With the stated mission of “providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere”, the website supplies a free online collection of over 2,200+ micro lectures via video tutorials stored on their youtube channel (link), teaching mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and economics.

 Learn Useful Stuff, Gather Knowledge Online

Students can make use of their extensive video library, practice exercises, and assessments from any computer with access to the web.

All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. The Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.

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Did Spelling Mistake on a Facebook Comment? Edit Typos Within 10 Sec

Did Spelling Mistake on a Facebook Comment? Edit TyposFacebook rolled this new update for facebook comments which allows you to edit any recently posted facebook comment within 10 seconds. I think this is a very useful feature and targeted solely for the purpose of edit spelling mistakes (typos) on your facebook comments.

Facebook commenting system was improved recently by letting you post a comment by pressing Enter (Shift+Enter for a new line), which bugged some people but again I think it was a nicely implemented feature as now you don’t need to use your mouse every time you post a comment.

And if you use facebook’s keyboard navigation shortcuts, then the whole facebook experience can become mostly keyboard based, mouse-less. Quite productive I think if you are using a laptop.

How to Edit a Recently Posted Comment on Facebook

Watch the little demo below, once you post a comment you have 10 seconds to edit it in case of changing a comment or correcting spelling mistakes.

Edit a Recently Posted Comment on Facebook

After posting the comment, hover you mouse on the comment and click [x] button. The edit feature will activate and you can change the content of your comment as desired. You can re-edit the comment if you click [x] within 10 seconds.

The users won’t see your comment unless 10 seconds have passed after the last edit. So you don’t have to worry now about those silly spelling mistakes, typos or something which you shouldn’t have said.

I must thank facebook  for this comment edit feature since I do lot of typos and now I can just edit them, no one will ever know…

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