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5 Apps for Busy Moms to Manage the Family Better

It would be an understatement to say that mothers are busy. In fact, they are the most active persons on earth owing to their jam-packed life. From feeding kids to tolerating their tantrums, completing their homework to dropping them to school, testing them for upcoming exams to disciplining them; there’s just so much for them to do!

With so many activities on hands coupled with taking care of the rest of the family members can be an out of control situation sometimes. Mothers may be the best multi-taskers, but they too can get away with a little help on some days. From dealing with retirement finances with the help of companies like KeyAdvice, to finding the best cleaning services online, there are always people out there to give you a helping hand. It makes life that little bit easier. If you’re looking for assistance with figuring out your retirement finances, perhaps you should check out this article for ways to start saving for retirement.

But instead of always relying on someone else, it is best to rely on your phone and install some useful apps to simplify your day:

1. Dropbox (link)

Storing photos, docs, and other important data just got easier with this app! Dropbox will help you keep your files securely and let you access them anywhere. You can make different folders here and store your data accordingly. From storing the pictures of your baby’s precious moments to medical bills, you can save any important information here so that you do not lose track of them.

2. Cozi Family Organizer (link)

Cozi is a brilliant app used widely by mothers. It has also won an award for being one of the best family apps. If you are wondering what makes it so awesome, here are the answers. You can do a host of things with Cozi. You can set reminders here so as to not miss any important event or doctor’s appointment, add appointments so that your family members can also see, edit them and use color-coded calendar for better classification of activities.

Apart from that, you can make shopping lists, to-do lists, add images and even store yummy recipes. If you are feeling hungry, give yourself a break from cooking and order delicious pizza at low prices by using dominos coupons at CashKaro.

3. Mint (link)

With a new member of the family, the costs also increase thereby increasing the expenditure. You can quickly go out of a budget. One step you can take is to switch energy providers to cut down monthly outgoings. Mint app is a widely-known app that will help you keep your finances in control. You can check you mint account anytime and maintain a tab on your finances.

You can set different spending limits for different categories such as outings, phone bills, shopping and more. It will help you stay in control of your budget. It will like your personal finance assistant. You can even set financial goals here to get out of that debt promptly. It is completely secure and safe.

4. FoodPanda (link)

For those times when you were occupied with tremendous work and had no energy left to cook something to eat, Foodpanda app will come to your rescue. Providing services in more than 20 countries and with a broad variety of cuisines, you sure are spoilt for choice.

You can order North Indian thali, burger, idli, sambar, Pizza, Sushi, noodles or just anything. All you require to do is find your nearby restaurant, select your food options and place an order. You can save even further on your food bill by availing working foodpanda coupons updated regularly at Get tempting discounts and cash back through it!

5. iCookbook (link)

Giving kids a nutritious meal every time is a constant worry of a mother. Plus kids get easily bored with eating something daily unless it is junk food. With iCookbook app, prepare flavorsome and healthy dishes for your children. It holds over 2,000 recipes, and you can personalize any of them according to your children’s taste. You can also share them with your co-workers and neighbors because sharing is caring!

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Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Cartoonizer is a new photo editing app designed by team. It is a rather specific and straightforward app. What it excels in is portrait photo editing. Apparently, it got its name from the “cartoonizing” filter that converts photo into cartoon.

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Potentially a great way to play pranks on your unsuspecting friends. Moreover, there’s a score of face-distorting effects, like chubby cheeks or alien head-shapes, in case you want to further mess with the photo. Expressions vary from smug grin to sad face to shocked or scared grimace, etc.

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

You can easily apply realistic emotions to a face  flirty wink, nice smile, screwed up eyes, sad face, surprised expression, etc. But is a lot more than that. It can help you to make caricature effect, turning an ordinary face into an alien, troll, good-soul, bulb-head or a tough guy.

One of the most fun features of the app is the one that lets you animate faces (cartoonized or not), turning them into realistic living emoticons. You can create either static or animated avatar, and you can also adjust animation speed to make your avatar Super Mega Fast or Super Mega Slow ;).

Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces Quickly Convert Photos of Yourself to Cartoons, Emoticon Faces

Smile and wink to your virtual friends, they will appreciate it. Depending on the template you choose, the app will change the expression of a cropped face and even play a short animation.

When you’re done, you can save the resulting image to your iPhone or just instantly share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Links : Online Tool  |  iTunes App. Link

In a nutshell, Cartoonizer is all about having some fun while editing portrait photos. Pretty simple and straightforward interface, cartoonizing filter and some hilarious effects (animating images, changing facial expressions and features, etc.)

Note : We have also covered some tutorials on transforming your photos for fun like creating cartoon like caricatures, or just like the annoying orange putting your faces on fruits and vegetables or put someone’s face on a dancing body.

Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner Art

Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner ArtBored with traditional photography? Sick of drawing stick figures in your sketch book? Why not try scanner art? Its cheap, creative, and fun and the best part? It can capture three-dimensional and high-resolution images/objects fantastically.

Sometimes known as scanography, or scanner photography, scanner art was popularized by practitioners of macro photography in the late 1960s and has since been taken up by amateurs and semi-professionals worldwide.

How To Make Original Scanner Art

Want to learn how to get artistic with your scanner? Read on.

Gather Your Materials

Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner Art

First, envision what you want your scanner art to look like. Lots of vibrant colors, or a more muted tone? Grainy or smooth texture? Many subjects (for a collage effect), or just one or two? You can use almost anything as material for scanner art feathers, beads, dollar bills, random shapes made out of construction paper, flower petals, vegetables, mini machine parts, dolls, hands and faces, seashells, photographs, etc. Any object will do, really. Get creative! Just make sure that your proposed subject isnt wet or greasy, which can ruin the scanner. (For extra protection, use a thin plastic film to prevent objects from scratching the surface.)

Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner Art

If you dont have a scanner, there are lots of cheap or used ones easily available on sites like eBay and Craigslist you can even buy new ones for $100 or less at office supply chains. If you like scanning a lot of text, you might want to consider getting a specially-made book scanner, as well, you might even find using something similar to this hp scan software by Lucion could be helpful too.

Place Them Properly and Re-Scan

Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner Art

Remove the top of your flatbed scanner and carefully place your materials on it (as if youre looking up from the scanner.) Dont close the lid. Turn off the lights and locate the Start button. Done!

Re-scan different arrangements until youre satisfied that youve tried every combination (itll make the editing process a lot less stressful). Use the preview function on your computer to ease the process.

There are many interesting composition schemes to try; for example, if you take, say, a dollar bill and spin and drag it as the scanner light travels across the bed, you can make an interesting distorted rainbow effect. Objects that move by themselves will be harder to control with the flow of light, though.


Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner Art

If youre planning on using your scanner art for something other than personal enjoyment (selling it, for example) then you might want do do a little Photoshop editing or, if thats too expensive, try GIMP (its a free, downloadable photo image editor that works almost just as well.) Polish your picture to perfection: you can add frames and colourful background designs, intensify colours, delete a stray hair, and clean up any dust (or bugs!) that got caught in your picture from the scanner. You can even use your editor to flatten the background, making your subjects appear to float in the foreground.


Create Beautiful Scanner Photography, Make Original Scanner Art

The methods of displaying your new scanner art are endless: postage stamps, personalized greeting cards, decoratively framed pictures, book covers, etc. Remember, you can use your scanner as a tool to record significant events in your life that might not be better suited for a camera flowers from a first date, for example (you cant capture the texture as well in a standard photograph!)

If you feel like youve gotten really good at scanner art, you may want to try submitting your work to real-life art galleries (yes, they have them just for scanographers!) Need more inspiration? Try looking here.

About the Author: Bryan Cochand is a freelance writer for Adobe. Adobe software, such as web design software, and services, like web application development, revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information; anytime, anywhere, and through any medium.

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Most Popular Indian TV Reality Shows: Most Watched Contests in India

Reality TV shows are the latest buzz for the entertainment industry in India. These TV contest shows have welcome heartily by many audiences across the country who have become tired of the never-ending saga of the family dramas and soaps and thus most prefer switching over to the reality tv shows.

The rising popularity of the Indian reality shows lies in the fact that these are short termed yet these present the perfect dose of entertainment. These shows give opportunities to the prodigies residing in the interiors of the country to showcase their talent. These TV shows have given many people the opportunity to launch careers. In order to affirm their celebrity status, they have to use platforms like Instagram so they can harness a position as an influential member of society. It is well known that celebrities use Buzzoid to buy Instagram likes in pursuance of this objective.

Top 5 Reality TV Shows in India with Highest Viewership

Guest Article by Kaustav Ghosh :-

The characters that are part of the reality shows are real. As a result, it is easy for the audiences to relate to the participants. These shows have not only changed the destinies of many television channels but also of many ordinary people.

The boom in the Indian reality shows occurred right after the unprecedented success of Kaun Banega Crorepati on Star Plus and Indian Idol on Sony, which opened up numerous avenues for such shows on Indian television. Remember you can watch all of these shows on a smart TV for a better expierience!

The Indian Reality shows have also been consistently successful in offering a wide variety on comedy, song, dance, talent hunt contest and several others. Celebrity reality shows are another aspect of reality television that has become extremely popular with the audience. Here is a list of most popular and latest reality shows in India:

1.Indian Idol (Sony Entertainment Television) Idol is a popular television show on Indian television, a singing talent contest to determine the best undiscovered young singer in the country. It is based on the international Idol series format, launched by UK show Pop Idol.

It started airing in India with the First Season in 2004-2005.5 successful seasons of Indian Idol have taken place till now and really very deserving people have won the titles.


  • Season One (2004-2005) :Abhijeet Sawant
  • Season Two (2005-2006) :Sandeep Achary
  • Season Three (2007) :Prashant Tamang
  • Season Four(2008-2009): Saurabhee Debbarma
  • Season Five(2010): Sreeram Chandra.

The show encourages young talent of the country and has a panel of very respected jury members who are from the Indian Music Industry or Film Industry who have worked with some prominent singers of the country.

2. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Zee TV) Re Ga Ma Pa, formerly known as Sa Re Ga Ma before Shaan’s debut, is a musical contest shown on Zee TV. ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge’ is one of the oldest and the most reputed reality show on Indian television. This is one show, which brings into limelight the real talent.The first episode aired on May 1, 1995.

The most notable and prominent singers that emerged from the contest are listed below:

  • Avdhoot Gupte
  • Priya bhattacharya
  • Shreya Ghosal
  • Nihira Joshi
  • Sanjeevani Bhelande who won the championship in 1995
  • Hamsika Iyer – Runner up of the championship in 1995
  • Vijay Prakash who participated in 1999
  • Kunal Ganjawala who participated in 1997 and again in 1998
  • Bela Shende who emerged as winner of Mega Final.
  • Sanjeevani who became renowned singer.


  • Sonu Nigam- Host (1995-1999)
  • Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash- Host (1999-2001)
  • Shaan- Host (2002-2006)
  • Aditya Narayan – Host (2007)
  • Dhairya Solecha & Afsha Musani -Hosts of Little Champs 2009
  • Ms.Jani & Karan Singh-Hosts of Mega Channel 2009
  • Purob Kohli-Host(2010)

3. MTV Roadies (MTV)Your browser may not support display of this image. meanest reality show on Indian Television, MTV Roadies has travel, adventure, drama and also a dash of voyeurism. The auditions are deliberately acrimonious to test the participant’s attitude, tolerance and patience levels.

Each episode consists of number of tasks or challenges which they have to perform. These tasks can be either Money tasks or Immunity tasks. In the Money tasks, the Roadies add cash to their account on successful completion of these tasks while in Immunity tasks, the team or roadie which wins gets Immunity. The team or roadie which attains Immunity becomes safe from vote-out i.e its members cannot be voted-out in that particular episode.


  • Season One: no official winner but Rannvijay, who was among the two finalists from this season went on to become a MTV VJ and host the following seasons
  • Season Two: Ayushmann Khuranna
  • Season Three: Parul Shahi
  • Season Four: Anthony Yeh from Kolkata
  • Season Five: Ashutosh Kaushik from Saharanpur.
  • Season Six: Nauman Sait from Bangalore
  • Season Seven: Anwar Syed

Roadies is obviously the BAAP of all reality shows in India. It is a youth-based popular reality television show on MTV India.People watch it to see the constant altercations among the Roadies and to have a laugh at their expense. But the main reason Roadies 4 is to know When The Hell Will Bani Get Eliminated.

4.The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (Star One): Great Indian Laughter Challenge is one of the very successful reality shows on Indian television. It is a competition of stand up comedians that is presented on STAR One. This show is produced by Endemol India, the fourth series of the show launched on June 6, 2008. It has run through three seasons where stand-up comedians and performers from different places came together and showed their comedy skills to judges, live audience and people.

The show was judged by Shekhar Suman, an eminent TV personality and Navjot Singh Sidhu who a famous former cricketer and cricket commentator from India. .” The show also made host Perizad Kolah very popular and Shonali Nagrani .


  • Season One: Sunil Pal
  • Season Two: Rauf Lala from Pakistan
  • Season Three: Kapil Sharma from Amritsar
  • Season Four: Suresh Albela from Kota, Rajasthan

The judges for the grand finale, included Umer Sharif, the legendary Pakistani performer.The first two seasons were followed by another show The Great Indian Laughter Champions which included top performers of the previous shows.The fourth season features judges Navjot Singh Sidhu and popular actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, who has replaced Shekhar Suman.

5. Jhalak Dikhla Jaa (Sony Entertainment Television): Dikhhla Jaa is an Indian version of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. ony Entertainment Television brings Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa with new celebrities and well known faces to perform with professional dance partners on a highly competitive stage. The show is produced by Synergy (makers of Kaun Banega Crorepati), BBC worldwide and Theatre Red for SET in India.

The show whose format is taken from the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ show of BBC, which has been a huge success across 27 countries like Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy.It also loosely based on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show, and was started by Sony to compete against STAR One’s already popular Nach Baliye show.


The first season of the show that started on September 7, 2006 was hosted by real life couple Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi.

The second season of the show that started on September 28, 2007 and ended December 15th, 2007. The show was hosted by Mona Singh, Winner of first season, and Rohit Roy. This time there were 12 participants.

The third season started on February 27, 2009 and ended on May 31, 2009.and hosted by beautiful Shweta Tiwari and Shiv Pandit.

The fourth season of the show premiered on December 12, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television and hosted by Mona Singh and Sumit Raghavan


  • Season One – Mona Singh, television actress
  • Season Two – Prachi Desai, television actress
  • Season Three-Baichung Bhutia,famous footballer
  • Season Four-Meiyang Chang,Actor,Singer,Dentist & Anchor


  • Season One – Farah Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Shilpa Shetty
  • Season Two – Urmila Matondkar, Shiamak Davar and Jeetendra
  • Season Three-Saroj Khan , Juhi Chawla and Vaibhavi Merchant
  • Season Four-Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora Khan and Remo Dsouza.

It’s a ‘Bollywoodisation’ of salsa, jazz and cha cha for the contest, says dance consultant for the Sony reality show and choreographer Sandip Soparrkar whose task is to ensure that the international dance forms appeal to the Indian viewer.

Make Connect the Dots Puzzles: Create Dotted Worksheets for Kids

Make Connect the Dots Puzzles: Create Dotted Worksheets for KidsDot to dot printables (or connect the dots worksheets puzzles) are a fun way for kids to learn their numbers and number order.  They are easy for pre-school and kindergarten kids to connect the dots to reveal the final picture and in process help to improve hand-eye coordination in kids.

Tip: Create Toys from Trash: Make Science Projects, Toys from Junk

Convert Photos, Pictures to Dotted Worksheets, Connect Dots Puzzles

PictureDots is an excellent online tool that allows you to create dotted worksheets, join the dots puzzles which can downloaded as PDF with any photo, picture of your choice for printing.

Step 1 : Find a photo or image online (use image search) and copy the image url. [right-click > select Copy Image location or Image URL]

Step 2 : Go to, use the "Make Puzzle" link and then Click on Load Image.

Step 3 : Enter the image url and click "get image".

Step 4 : After the image is loaded click on borders of the image to add dot points in order.

Step 5 : After its done click the "Make PDF" button to download the worksheet as printable pdf.

This best way to use photos of your dog, car etc. and teach your kids about stuff as well.

You can also find some readymade printable worksheets, connect dots puzzles for free download at here and here.

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Convert Images Photos into Lego Colored Bricks Art, Pixel-Tile Graffiti

Create Pixel, Tile Graffiti, Convert Images into Lego Brick Art ModelsDo you like those lego art and graffiti art created with coloured tiles, bricks. Here is a cool online tool you can use to generate your own schematic map of where to place coloured bricks to create the impression of any image or photo.

Create Pixel, Tile Graffiti, Convert Images into Lego Brick Art Models

Brickify (link) is a web application that turns images into LEGO building plans, with coloured bricks or tiles. Just provide the image url and it converts it into a virtual model of the that image, photo into lego colored bricks, tiles.

Create Pixel, Tile Graffiti, Convert Images into Lego Brick Art Models

See the example created with the google logo.

Download the schematic and inventory of the the number of different colored bricks required to create that model, art. You can easily create large scale impressions on roads etc by arranging the colored boxes, items etc according to schematic map.

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Most Popular Foods In India: State Wise Food Culture of Indian Cuisine

Most Popular Foods In India: State Wise Food Culture of Indian CuisineIndia is a very large country. There are may popular foods in India. Most of them are restricted to certain regions.

Favourite Indian Cuisine, Popular Foods of the People

#1: Andhra Pradesh You will love Andhra Pradesh especially if you like spices and chillies. This food is consumed in regions where most people are vegetarians. They had to invent delicious foods to be able to cope with their self imposed condition.

#2: Goa Goan cuisine comes from the region of Goa. The actual region is located on the Arabian Sea coast. Its main influences are Hindu, Portuguese and certain contemporary techniques. The cuisine is intensely sea food based. The Kingfish is the symbol of the Goan cuisine.

#3: Gujarat It’s a vegetarian diet. The most common serving is made out of a Roti, rice, shaak and daal. Roti is a white bread also known as Rotly in the region. Shaak is a spicy and sweet dish made out of vegetables. Daal is a dish made out of lentils, beans or dried lentils. People who eat this cuisine are also engaging in a lot of fasting on a regular basis.

#4: Haryana Haryana consists mostly of a milk like diet. You will also see booze shops in this region. Many truck drivers transit this region on a regular basis.

#5: Maharashtra The most important ingredients forming this cuisine are: wheat, rice, fruit, vegetables, jowar and lentils. Most of the dishes involve vegetables, fish and coconut. Coconut oil is also used for cooking.

#6: Mizoram It’s a special cuisine because it’s very different from most other Indian cuisines. It’s similar to the Chinese and certain north Indian cuisines. The dishes are served on banana leaves and they are mostly non vegetarians. Pork, bamboo shoot, spinach, chicken and wine are the most common ingredients. The local wine is extremely popular.

#7 : Bihar Bihari cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, because the traditional society of Bihar influenced by Hindu and Buddhist values of non-violence does not eat eggs, chicken, fish and other animal products. But there is also a tradition of eating meat and fish.

Visit India. Eat some of the most popular foods in India. And enjoy this amazing country. My advice is to try out different regional foods and find your own favorite Indian food.

#8 : Punjab Punjabi cuisine can be non-vegetarian or completely vegetarian. One of the main features of Punjabi cuisine is its wide range of dishes.Roh Di Kheer, is cooked with rice. The rice is cooked for a long time in sugar cane juice.Within the same area, there are different preferences. People in the area of Amritsar prefer stuffed parathas and milk products. In fact, the area is well known for the quality of their milk products.There are some dishes that are exclusive to Punjab, as Mah Di Dal and Saron Da Saag (Sarson Ka Saag). The food is tailor-made for the Punjabi lifestyle in which most rural people burn calories while working in the fields.

#9 : Rajasthan Rajasthani cooking was influenced by the lifestyle of the war, as the people of Rajput and availability of ingredients in this arid region. In Rajasthan water is a luxury, and therefore the food is usually cooked in milk or butter, so it is quite rich. Moreover, Besan or gram flour is one of the pillars of Marwari food mainly due to the shortage of vegetables in this arid land.

#10 : Bengal Bengali cuisine is a style of food preparation originating in eastern India with emphasis on fish and lentils with rice as staple food. Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle flavors. The nature and variety of dishes found in the Bengali cuisine is unique, even in India.Bengalis prepare the fish in countless ways – steamed or boiled or stewed with vegetables or vegetables and sauces

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Create Toys from Trash: Make Science Projects, Toys from Junk

Arvind Gupta’s Toys from Trash

Link :

Arvind Gupta's Toys from Trash The website has a fantastic variety of educational experiences such as how to design a potato battery and a barometer of bottle, and a section called “discharge pumps, which includes a stellar looking syringe pump.

Example : Simple Spiral Motor (Link) + Video Tutorial Below

Of course there is a light series of experiments similar to those you find in the previously reviewed Science Toys you can do with their children. But besides the nerd things, educational, the site features quick and easy to exceptional measures which are not the least bit science-y, like how sometimes six types of newspaper hat. You can then even use your creations to create a kid story, bringing your models to life.

Other Categories and Awesome Toys at Arvind Gupta’s Toys from Trash

Amazing Astronomy

Sudarshan Chakra , Balloon Rocket , Free Fall , Nutty Centrifuge , Sundial , Power Of Spin , Rocket Projectile , Water Centrifuge , Coin Centrifuge , Solar Eclipse , Focoult’s Pendulum , Basic Astronomy , Simple Sextant , CD – Spectroscope , Black Hole , Moon Phase , Moon Distance , Spin of Earth , Spiral Spinner , Rainbow Color , Simple Sundial , Sun – Earth – Moon Model , Twin Plane

Pumps from the Dump

Balloon Pump , Inertia Pump , Coin Pump , Rotary Pump , Jumbo Pump , Straw Centrifuge , Fan Sprinkler , Rubber Bulb Pump , Pipe and Bottle Cap Pump , Jumbo Syringe Pump , Inertia and Valve Pump , Simple Pump 2 , Air-Water Pump , Toothpaste Pump , Single Valve Pump , Twin Syringe Pump , Two Straws Water Pump , Mini Pen Pump , Mini Straw Pump , Simple Pump , Syringe Pump , Simple Handpump , Pipe Pump

Math Magic

Abacus , Flexagon , Triangle Grid , Flat Flexagon , Slipper Insets , Folding Pentagon , Which Holds More? , Tangram , 14 Page book , Paper Octagon , Cylinder and Cone , Area of Triangle , Inset Puzzle , A4 to Pentagon , Clock Face Cut Cake , Triangle to Square , Triangle to Rectangle , No-Glue Cube , Roulette , Geoboard , Star Patterns , Soap Films , Soap Path , Paper Diamonds , Paper Cobweb , Circle to Ellipse , Fun Fractions , Square Box , T – Puzzle , Plus Puzzle , Old Slipper Insets , Diameter of Refill , Square to Cylinder , Finger Multiplication , Broomstick Multiplication , Paper Protractor , Envelope Tetrahedron , Circle to Rectangle , Rectangle to Circle , Add Angles , Moebius Twist , Folding Parabola , Pythagoras Theorem , Bit by Bit , Prismatic Patterns , Twenty Teaser

Paper Fun

Colourful Fish , Jumping Frog , Flapping Butterfly , Newspaper Caps , Cat Puppet , Chatterbox , Goose Berry Star , Transformation , Self Locking Box , Cool Dude , Newspaper Bag , Square To Box , Modular Octagon , Beautiful Butterfly , Paper Bugs , Buckyball , Bird of Peace , Inside-Outside Cube , Newspaper Bin , Paper House , Paper Clapper , Tumbling Toy , Paper Man , Paper Shelf , Paperbag With Handle , Babloo’s Boat , Stand-Up Art , Pen Box , Paper Chandelier , Flapping Ear Rabbit , Flapping Bird , Fan-tailed Bird , Paper Bin , Paper Top , Mother and Baby , Square paper Spinner , Envelope Petals , Paper Pot , Carry Bag , Paper Crow , White Swan , Talking Frog , Lovely Lotus , Mother Teresa’s Medicine Pouch

Tipping Toppling Toys 

Balancing Nails , Dancing Dragonfly , Balancing Ballerina , Tilt Balance , Floating Forks , Balancing Toy , Margosa Merry-go-Round , Balancing Act , Balancing Doll , Cup Crocodile Motor and Generator , Homopolar Motor , AC Motor , DC Motor , Generator From Motor , Multiple Generator , No Magnet Motor , Portable Generator , Magnetic Torch , Simple Motor , Generator , Magnificent Motor , Open Generator , Disco Generator , Generator from Motor , Aluminium Can Motor , Simple Spiral Motor

Electricity and Magnetism

Spooky Spoke , Solar Car , Resistant Pencil , Forceful Fall , Series & Parallel , Magnetic Field Lines , Eddy Currents , Induced EMF , Induction Apparatus , Magnetic Jumping Frog , Paper Kite , Magnetic Needle , Nose Bug , Pen Prop , Magnetic Levitation , Paper Electroscope , Magnetism from Electricity , Fleming’s left hand rule , Geometry with Magnets , Induction in a Test Tube , Moon Buggy , Reactance , Maglev CD , Shocking!! , Static Strands , Magnetic Brake , Static Bell , Magnetic Zoom! , Magnetic Rail , Potato Battery , Crazy Magnet , Current – Magnet Effect , Making Magnets , Magnetic Motion , Magnetic Air Fan

Newton Unplugged

Spinning Bottle , Hovercraft , Climbing Brush , Newton’s Cradle , Inertia Bottles , Bottle Jet , Water Bottle Rocket , Straw Spinner , Balloon Helicopter , Crawling Coin , Potato Inertia , Float – spin Plate , Mad Marbles , Balloon Car , Balloon Rocket , Upright Coin , Stay- Put Coins , FAN CAR

Fun with Pressure

Hydraulic Jack , Pressure Magic! , Height Might , Dare – devil Diver , Aerofoil , Barometer Bottle , Balloon And Bottle , Coin In Cup , Coupled Cups , Balloon Bench , Telescopic Jack , Fantastic Fountain , Bag Jack , Injection to Balloon , Level Low, Constant Flow , Bubbly Bottles , Heron Fountain , Open Balloon , Car Jack , Tubelight Diver , Siphon Height , Blowing Bernoulli , Fountain Jet , Boyle’s Balloon , JCB Truck , Ball in the Air , Bernoulli Cone , Bernoulli Bag , Blow And Lift , Deep Diver , Freaky Flame , Small is Strong , Push Plungers , Balloon Fountain

Fun with Light

Colour Mixer , LED Torch , Solar Eclipse , Running Horse , Simple Periscope , Moon Distance , The Phantascope , Japanese Lantern , Colour Wheel , Radio Meter , Fiber Optics , Total Reflection , Simple Rainbow , Plastic Scale Prism , Imagining Images , Flywheel , One Sun , Sun is One , Ray Models , Color Chroma , Light Experiments , Multiple Images

Toys from Trash

Coke-can Aeroplane , Spider Man , Spray Pen , Can Train , Rubber Cars , Tetrapack Butterfly , Tetrapack Models , Up-Down Ball , Float Ball , Ice-Cream Sticks Bomb , Cool Bottle , Tin Tanker , Butterfly Net , Floating Boat , Leaf Zoo , Corn Drummer , Mango-Seed Animal , Stretchable Stomach , Cool Wool , Coconut Creature , Buckling Basket , Lift , Stretchable Neck , Fevibond Acrobat , Fighters , Hide and Seek , Tin Clock , Pecking Cocks , Praying Frog , Running Mouse , Pod Art , Bottle Planter Simple Sounds , Clap in Air , Musical Obe , Musical Sound , Sarangi , Roaring Cylinder , Crown Cap Whistle , Crown Cap Tik-tiki , Pop Gun , Trumpet , Cap Whistle , Musical Glass , Paper Flute , Trumpet Thunder , Paper Phataka , Roaring Cup , Straw Flute , Puppeteer’s Whistle , Pod Phat – Phat

Strong Structures 

Tyre Playgrounds , Matchstick Mecanno , Stick strength , Corrugated Magic ! , Card Chair , Cup Chair , Atomic Balls , Tooth – pick Structures , Shell Seat

Flying Toys 

Air Surfing , Flying Bat , Paper Helicopter , Jumping Dragonfly , Flying Fish , Jumping Beetle

Force Fun

Climbing Butterfly , One Newton Force , Spider , Shimmering Fish , Rolling Bottle , Climbing Cat , Climbing Man , Resonance Magic , Back Bouncing Ball , Tug Of War , Dancing Diamonds , Pencil Dance , Funny Money , Gyro-Disk , Bendum Twistum , Thread Loop , Rampuri Chaku , Free Fall , Mischievous Ball , Resonating Nut , Stirling Engine , Twin Tots , Marble Mouse , Matchbox Train , Postal Balance , Matchbox Acrobat , Focoult’s Pendulum , Sympathetic Pendulum , Sympathetic Marbles , Law Of Moments , Self Turning Car

Spinning Toys 

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Natalie di Luccio Videos: Pehla Nasha, Tu Jaane Na, Kahin To Hogi Wo

Natalie di Luccio You might have noticed on facebook and twitter, this song is everywhere Tu Jaane Na song from Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani is sung beautifully by Natalie di Luccio. This is not her first Hindi song sung but definitely one of the most popular in social media.

Natalie has done a variety of recordings for different Bollywood projects including a Michael Jackson Tribute Song with Sonu Nigam, which was released in August 2009.

Natalie di Luccio – Pehla Nasha Official Music Video

Check out this latest awesome song Pehla Nasha sung by her. Btw, she looks gorgeous in that saree…

Natalie di Luccio Youtube Song: Tu Jaane Na

You can download Tu Jaane Na cover by Natalie di Luccio mp3 for free : Click here

Update : New Song Kahin To Hogi Wo- Natalie Di Luccio

This video was uploaded on Sep 29th, and it has already crossed 200,000 views on youtube. Also the search for Natalie di Luccio Youtube video has peaked in the last few days.

Natalie di Luccio Youtube Song: Tu Jaane Na Song Becomes Hit


I guess everyone is in love with Natalie di Luccio youtube cover of Tu Jaane Na which was originally also a very popular song sung by Atif Aslam.

Natalie Di Luccio is a 21 year old Classical Crossover Singer/ Actress from Toronto, Canada. She has collaborated with many Indian music directors and has performed all over India including in Delhi on invitation from India’s Minister of Health. She has also sung jingles and voice-dubbed for many commercials and most recently, for the film, "My Name is Khan". As well, she has made a small appearance in the Bollywood Film " Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai!" which released in April 2010. Read more

Check out Natalie di Luccio Official Facebook Fan Page : Link

Natalie di Luccio Youtube Song: Tu Jaane Na

You can download Tu Jaane Na cover by Natalie di Luccio mp3 for free :

Increase Laptop Volume, Boost Sound Quality in Speakers ?

Increase Laptop Volume & Sound Quality in Laptop Speakers

The speakers on laptop computers are usually not very loud. There are some laptops out there that have good speakers and can put out some good volume but most consumer laptops are lacking in this area.

This can become very frustrating, especially if you are someone that uses your laptop a lot to watch YouTube videos or even catch up on your favourite shows. This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost! There is still a way for you to increase the volume of your laptop a little more. One simple way of going about this is to install a new audio driver, as this is generally a solution for many windows computers/laptops. Take a look at other ways that can help you increase the sound on your devices.
(Previously I wrote how to improve the text display on laptops )

Best Ways to Increase Sound & Volume in Laptops

1) Optimize Equalizer Setting in your Media Player, VLC etc

– Windows Media Player – Make minor adjustments in the sound output quality using the graphic equalizer. Similar to where you change wmp skins.

  • To turn on the graphic equalizer in Windows Media Player, go to the “view” menu and choose “Enhancements” and then choose “Graphic Equalizer”
  • Move each of the sliders up to boost the volume as in the image below:

Sometimes if you want to boost your laptop audio are you are into music production. It is a good idea to get the best graphic equalizer. It will really give you so much more sound!
Increase Laptop Volume & Sound Quality in Laptop Speakers

– Using VLC Media Player – VLC is the best player for laptops. VLC is one, if not the, best media player ever created. It is lightweight, portable, and can play almost any media format even videos downloaded from Youtube. VLC doesnt require external, extra codecs to run. (Get VLC)

Do you know that you can increase the volume in your VLC player to 400% of its actual volume.

  • Hold CTRL+ and Keep Pressing the [UP] Key on your Keyboard. You would see an icon on the top right corner of your VLC player
  • The icon would increase from 100% to 200% to… 400% and increase the volume on your player.

Generally this is quite enough to increase the laptop’s volume to the max. If want to increase the sound quality of the laptop speakers still more then use the equalizer settings.

Click Extended Settings

Increase Laptop Volume-Sound Quality in Laptop Speakers

Use the Equalizer and Set it to “SKA”. (Use “SKA” for Movies & “Full Bass & Treble” for Songs)

Increase Laptop Volume Sound Quality in Laptop Speakers

This will ensure the max. audio optimization. These settings are sure to increase laptop volume & sound quality to a large extent.

Tip : Best Free Music Players to Get High Quality Sound in Laptops

2) Using Paper Cups to Increase Laptop Volume

  • Take two Paper or Polystyrene cups. The Taller the better. Best is the 450ml Pespi Glass.

Increase Laptop Volume-Sound Quality Laptop Speaker

  • Cut out circles in the bottom in an angular plane, large enough to cover the Laptop Speakers.

Increase Laptop Volume-Sound Quality Laptop Speakers

  • Tape them over the laptop speakers, such that that the wider top faces you. I use clay as tape make the setup messy.
  • Enjoy the better sound :)

Tip : Check the Temperature inside your PC or Laptop

3) Buy USB External Speakers to Improve Laptop Sound Quality

There are cheap external USB speakers available in the market. Buy a slim type so that you can carry it easily in the 15 laptop case. These cost around 1500 or less. And I think you should buy It if you think the above steps are complicated.

So, these are some of the things I do to increase my laptop volume. These tips if followed properly will surely improve your laptop’s sound quality.

One can also use a software to improve mp3 sound for better audio quality in laptops.

If you have some suggestions let us know in comments.

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