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5 Apps for Busy Moms to Manage the Family Better

It would be an understatement to say that mothers are busy. In fact, they are the most active persons on earth owing to their jam-packed life. From feeding kids to tolerating their tantrums, completing their homework to dropping them to school, testing them for upcoming exams to disciplining them; there’s just so much for them to do!

With so many activities on hands coupled with taking care of the rest of the family members can be an out of control situation sometimes. Mothers may be the best multi-taskers, but they too can get away with a little help on some days. From dealing with retirement finances with the help of companies like KeyAdvice, to finding the best cleaning services online, there are always people out there to give you a helping hand. It makes life that little bit easier. If you’re looking for assistance with figuring out your retirement finances, perhaps you should check out this article for ways to start saving for retirement.

But instead of always relying on someone else, it is best to rely on your phone and install some useful apps to simplify your day:

1. Dropbox (link)

Storing photos, docs, and other important data just got easier with this app! Dropbox will help you keep your files securely and let you access them anywhere. You can make different folders here and store your data accordingly. From storing the pictures of your baby’s precious moments to medical bills, you can save any important information here so that you do not lose track of them.

2. Cozi Family Organizer (link)

Cozi is a brilliant app used widely by mothers. It has also won an award for being one of the best family apps. If you are wondering what makes it so awesome, here are the answers. You can do a host of things with Cozi. You can set reminders here so as to not miss any important event or doctor’s appointment, add appointments so that your family members can also see, edit them and use color-coded calendar for better classification of activities.

Apart from that, you can make shopping lists, to-do lists, add images and even store yummy recipes. If you are feeling hungry, give yourself a break from cooking and order delicious pizza at low prices by using dominos coupons at CashKaro.

3. Mint (link)

With a new member of the family, the costs also increase thereby increasing the expenditure. You can quickly go out of a budget. One step you can take is to switch energy providers to cut down monthly outgoings. Mint app is a widely-known app that will help you keep your finances in control. You can check you mint account anytime and maintain a tab on your finances.

You can set different spending limits for different categories such as outings, phone bills, shopping and more. It will help you stay in control of your budget. It will like your personal finance assistant. You can even set financial goals here to get out of that debt promptly. It is completely secure and safe.

4. FoodPanda (link)

For those times when you were occupied with tremendous work and had no energy left to cook something to eat, Foodpanda app will come to your rescue. Providing services in more than 20 countries and with a broad variety of cuisines, you sure are spoilt for choice.

You can order North Indian thali, burger, idli, sambar, Pizza, Sushi, noodles or just anything. All you require to do is find your nearby restaurant, select your food options and place an order. You can save even further on your food bill by availing working foodpanda coupons updated regularly at Get tempting discounts and cash back through it!

5. iCookbook (link)

Giving kids a nutritious meal every time is a constant worry of a mother. Plus kids get easily bored with eating something daily unless it is junk food. With iCookbook app, prepare flavorsome and healthy dishes for your children. It holds over 2,000 recipes, and you can personalize any of them according to your children’s taste. You can also share them with your co-workers and neighbors because sharing is caring!

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Best Productivity Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs in 2015

By Nick Rojas: There is nothing small about running a business. There are so many things that business owners need to consider, ranging from how to get their business to being successful, to finding the cheapest energy provider through someone like Simply Switch. Every entrepreneur could use a longer day with more free time and better organization — and that is precisely what 2015’s best small-business apps provide. Of course, no app can add hours to a day, but the year’s top applications help businesses owners automate whatever they can to increase efficiency through better planning and collaboration. Just like with the use of apps, there are also companies out there that many business can use the services of to help certain parts of their business to run a lot smoother. Just because you run your own business, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way of making it easier on yourself. We all know how stressful management can be, so why not take off some of the pressure and ask for some help! From managing your payroll process with companies like CloudPay, to growing traffic on your website through a specialist SEO company, there is a solution out there for any part of your business you aim to improve on. There are many businesses out there that are moving with the technological times and implementing the use of apps and devices, just to make running their business a lot easier. Every business will be different. For example, if you have an IT company or run an electrical service company, you should check out this service app for your business. No matter what industry you are in, you will eventually find a solution that will work perfectly, with the use of technology.


For the traveling businessperson, Expensify can keep track of far-flung expenses and receipts. By linking credit and debit cards, Expensify can create detailed expense reports for every expenditure. This app can save time and prevent mistakes for traveling business people who have gotten used to keeping receipts or scanning them with third-party hardware devices.

Best Productivity Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs in 2015

With Expensify, the user has the option of taking a picture of their receipts. From there, the app pulls and stores all of the relevant information automatically.


Wave is a cloud-based accounting application that can help businesses keep track of income and expenses, manage payroll and create invoice templates. Receipt scanning, email support, accounting and reports are all free, and paid versions enable business owners to accept credit cards, pay their staffs and get expert help.


Best Productivity Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs in 2015

Pushover can simplify and streamline day-to-day operations for the highly mobile entrepreneur who uses more than one phone. The app costs $4.99 a month, which includes 7,500 messages a month. The app functions on desktops and mobile, including iOS and Android. Not only does it organize all of your messages in one single space, but it sends push notifications to the phone of your choosing.


Best Productivity Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs in 2015

Trello just might be the sleekest, most functional and most aesthetically pleasing of all the collaboration apps. Trade in spreadsheets and email threads for image-based, Pinterest-esque boards that can unite scattered employees, freelancers, clients and co-collaborators. Every member of the team can add to the boards and modify the project. Lists keep track of workflow, and each project is catalogued with timestamped changes. The drag-and-drop format makes editing intuitive and simple.


Mynd is more than a calendar, a planner or a to-do list. Its sole purpose is to get you to every meeting on time. No matter where your meetings are, Mynd can eliminate missed meetings and reduce late starts by recommending a good time for you to leave based on time of day and traffic. One of the app’s best features is that it connects to LinkedIn, so you can see who among your connections is attending the same meeting or event.

Choose apps based not just on price, but on their ability to help you manage your time more efficiently. Any app that can automate tasks for you is an app that can recover lost time, which you can then invest back into your business.

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Create Smartphone Apps Online Easily with Cloud Based

Nowadays, all online businesses and websites are going ahead creating their own mobile versions of their sites. This is primarily because most the website traffic are nowadays from mobile device and tablets. If this is something your business is in the process of or you have already had an app available for a while, it may be worth checking out sites like PieSync, in the hopes of finding out how you can get more out of using apps for your business and how data integration can play a part too. The more you know, the better. Some choose to create responsive version of the website UI while most others like e-commerce and social sites create their own apps which support popular mobile operating systems.

Thankfully there are few sites out there which lets users create their own apps online through a cloud based web application (similar to a cloud-based business application) easily without the user needing to know much about how the mobile OS works and just focus on the development of the app quickly using simple coding languages like HTML5 and Javascript. If you’ve completed your first mobile app, you may want to look at mobile app performance testing just to see how good of a job you really did, who knows perhaps it become your next hobby turned passion / job!

Recently we came across one such site called offers developers the freedom to develop applications in HTML5 and JavaScript, and deploy across multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows 8!

Monaca’s highly-integrated development environment is cloud-based, hence developers can create apps from their browsers collaboratively.

  • The development environment and your source code is all stored on the cloud, enabling you to develop applications anytime and anywhere.
  • Monaca’s user-friendly, integrated editor includes useful features like “code highlighter” and “syntax checker”.
  • Also, you can check your application’s real-time performance using Monaca’s “inspector”, “live preview” and “debugger”.
  • When it comes to security, fear not: Monaca secures your project sources via an automatic code backup system, a connection to Git and WebDAV access.

With the click of a button you can easily preview your app at any point in the development process. Monaca also provides detailed tutorials documented for each of the steps of the multifunction tools it provides. Developers can access them at

One can also find some sample apps which have been created with Monaca and it includes the development guide as well as the entire code of that that runs behind in the backend.

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My Top 5 Android, iPhone Apps: Any.Do, True Caller, Google Maps

Guest Post by Rakesh: Here are 5 iPhone apps (they are available on Android also) which I can’t do without daily. There are a lot of top quality and popular apps out there for your smartphones, but at the end of the day for most users like me it boils down to few apps which I use daily no matter where I am until the battery dies out. Here are my top 5…


Oh did you forget to pay your credit bills , and you are to be penalized for it ? Any.DO is a calendar cum day organizer, with its intuitive UI, will help you manage your task and will also remind you . It helps you categorize to work, personal folders and allows you to create new folders to streamline them further. It also extends you invite your friends if you are doing a group activity. Recently they added Any.DO Moment, a smart and fun way to plan your day.

True Caller

Are you getting calls from unknown number ?? Do you want to avoid calls from unknown marketing companies? Well , then you have a revolutionary application here which will help you do exactly the same. True Caller recognizes the call from an unknown source and displays the name and other information available about the number.

The interesting part is you do not have to have the number in your contacts all you need is internet access and you will have the persons number . Pretty amazing eh ? But the downside is that it saves your contacts to a central server, which is used as a dynamic directory. Which app doesn’t do that nowadays, anyways?

Temple Run 2: Oz

games like temple runEver since Imangi Studios launched the endless running play Temple run iOS and automaton, it created certain that we have a tendency to never stopped running. The app has four different version with the sequel (Temple Run 2) launching in January this year.

With just few days into the market the game broke record of Angry Birds (50 million downloads in 13 days). In the new OZ version of temple run , you are no longer chased by monkeys , it’s the balloons that keeps chasing you while you are running away. So Run Forest Runnnnnn……

Angry Birds Goes Free

Angry Birds, one of the most favored game that started it all for Rovio, is now on the market at no cost on iPhone and iPad. this can be the primary time that the first game is being offered at no cost since the launch of the game in 2009. Moreover, this app has conjointly got an update that more fifteen new unhealthy Piggies levels for gamers to master.

Google Maps is Back

After creating a disappointing failure of Apple Maps, Google Maps has finally arrived for iPhone and its fabulous. One of the major problem with Apple maps is the underlying data connected to the app.

iPhone offline Google mapsThough Google and Apple worked on creating a complex database , each of them get satellite feed and other data from companies . But the problem is , the world is never constant . So the data is never absolutely correct . But Google has perfected its Maps over the years , many Google workers have spent years hand-editing the maps, fixing thousands of errors that folks report on a daily basis. In the new app you can report a bug by simply shaking the phone. And since 2006, Google’s Street read vehicles have trawled 3,000 cities, photographing and confirming the fashioning accuracy of 5 million miles of roads.

But Google maps lacks Siri integration , When you talk to Siri for directions, apple maps opens up automatically. This could be the only black mark on Googles point of view. Finally, though Google Maps runs fine on the iPad, it’s simply a blown-up version of the iPhone version. there is not however not yet an iPad-specific app.

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Best Android LockScreen with Gesture Password on Pictures

If you have been using android you know there are a plethora of screen locks available. Majority of these screen locks are swipe locks for a pattern and pin type locks. But now, inspired by a similar feature in Windows 8, Picture Password Lock-screen would be the most secure version of password protection ever.

We have mentioned in bullet points below on how to enable this app on your phone.

Best Android LockScreen with Gesture Password on Pictures

  1. In the ‘apps’ section on your mobile, we need to select & click on ‘Password Protection Lock-Screen’.
  2. Once you have read about the app, open it. 3. Once you open the app, a menu would appear for you to choose your intended actions.
  3. It is however recommended to enter into the ‘preferences’ option and decide on the lock-screen settings which would be desired by you.
  4. It is also recommended to set a back-up pin to be more sure about the security of your phone.
  5. Once you have done all the settings, you can exit the ‘preferences’ section and go back to the app’s menu screen.
  6. Now you can set a combination of a dot, line & circle anywhere on the background image of your phone.
  7. For your access to be granted, it is mandatory to draw the combination of dot, line & circle as required.

The app has been developed by XDA developers. For more clarity, about how to perform the above mentioned actions on your phone, it is recommended to watch this video by XDA.

You can download this app absolutely free at Google Play. In such cases wherein you are highly impressed with the app, you can shell out close to Rs. 188 / 3$ and unlock some additional features too. These additional features consist of adding time to the lock screen, feature to initiate the app on boot, to name a few.

(Post by Deeptaman Mukherjee)

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Top Radio Apps: Listen English-Hindi Songs on Android, iPhone on the Go

Top Radio Apps: Listen English-Hindi Songs on Android, iPhone on the GoIf you are fed up of listening to your old MP3 collection or simply interested in finding some alternatives for your music choice, you would be delighted to learn a fact that there many radio apps for a wide range of smartphone devices. These apps would help you in tuning some popular radio or FM stations all across the globe. Hence you can simply convert your smartphones into a portable music player using any of the radio applications.

The following are the top 7 radio apps for your smartphone, which you could use to enjoy a different music over any radio or FM station.

Best Smartphone Radio Apps for Listening to English Music, Songs


It is among the popular radio apps for smartphone users, which streams video and music files from places like YouTube and from your memory card along with connecting with a number of TuneWiki users all over the world. It is different from any other radio application in couple of ways. For instance, users could get to see lyrics for all the songs and could be easily synched to music even for the songs that are saved in your memory card. TuneWiki accesses Shoutcast network pertaining to radio stations that helps you to find a huge amount of music genres. In this way, TuneWiki apart from connecting to a number of radio and FM stations acts more than a radio application. It could be downloaded for free.

Links: Tunewiki Apps

It is among the smallest size radio application (1.7 MB) meant for smartphones. It helps you in browsing your favorite radio stations, and artists recommendations along with creating some new stations in no time. A number of new artists could be added over your profile, which helps in expanding your possible recommendations. By carrying some huge amount of artists and countless of genres, this radio application is competent enough to quench your thirst for any music flair. Hence even the most demanding souls enjoy listening to their favorite music over

Links: Apps


If you are sick of listening to the same old music all the time then consider Spotify a handy tool to expand your horizons for music. All you need to do is to load any song, artists or playlist of your choice and then hit the button of Radio and this application will produce a highly personalized radio stations list as per your music type. It is compatible to all the smartphone devices including iPhones, Windows phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android based phones, etc. Though it comes for free, but to enjoy some incredible features you need its premium subscription.

Links: Spotify for Mobile


It is basically Pandora websites natural extension, which comprises of 400 plus musical features simply designed to conform your musical zest. It comes for free, but for this you need to bear a number of ads appearing over your screen. This simply goes off if you subscribe it by paying 36 dollars. Then you could access a wide range of additional features like availing increased amounts of skips per day along with enjoying a wide range of custom skins that enhances your smartphones feel and looks.

Links: Pandora for Mobile

TuneIn Radio

It is among the free radio applications, which could be used for all the major smartphone devices and tablets like iPad. It helps you in connecting to a number of radio and FM stations. With the help of TuneIn Radio, you can stream more than 70,000 radio stations not only local ones but all across the world along with the feature of rewind or pause in the live streams. You also have the option to browse a number of radio stations by country, language, genre, etc. Though its free, however, upgrading to the premium ones gives you enough additional features for enjoying incredible music.

Links: Mobile Apps


Slacker Radio: You could find 100 plus preprogrammed radio stations at this application and thus making your smartphone an incredible handy machine to enjoy music of your taste. Slacker Radio is BlackBerrys product, which help you in personalizing radio stations or select the one that comes configured via the music experts. You can create your own radio stations on the fly along with sharing the biographies of musicians and album reviews. It comes for free.

OurStage: This radio application is among the unique, handy and super hip kind of tool to enjoy incredible music. You could find a number of fresh platforms related to new music, fans, unsigned bands and indie music. OurStage helps you in rating different music piece with the features of thumps up and down. It helps you in tracking your priorities and then starts giving recommendations for new music as per your taste to enjoy.

Tip: Play MP3 Files in your Dropbox on your Phone Browser

Top Android, iPhone Apps to Listen to Hindi, Bollywood Songs and Tracks

Saavn is the best Bollywood and Indian music listening experience, online and on the go. It gives you access to the largest music library anywhere. Our millions of songs, albums, and playlists, include the best of Bollywood, bhangra, bhajans, ghazals, and more, with new releases added every day.

Links: iPhone | Android is a free music streaming service launched by Times Group. With a library of close to a million songs, the application offers users music from a wide range of genres from the oldest Hindi films hits, world music, regional and folk songs to the latest Bollywood chart toppers. became India’s most visited music streaming site within the first 4 months of its launch and has consistently held that position ever since. Its designed entirely in HTML5 to support any tablet and large screen smartphones.

Others in the Indian music streaming space, are MusicIndiaOnline and Raaga being two of the more popular contenders for the best.

The above hot radio applications for your smartphone are among the best apps meant to connect you to music. If your smartphones do not have any of these radio apps, then better download one or few and enjoy music of your zest by connecting any radio or FM station of your liking.

About The Author: Diana is a writer/blogger who loves writing, travelling and blogging. She contributes her writings to Simply Electronics.

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Boost Android Performance: Keep your Smartphone Running Fast

Android is the one of the best operating systems for smartphones nowadays. If you have a look at the best smartphones under 15000, you’re sure to see some Android products there. What it is about is how if youve been using your Android all happy go lucky and now feel that it has started to drain out a bit in terms of performance, there are some ways that you can bring it back to its new day glory and have the old efficiency you loved back.

What happens sometimes is that we end up piling up apps, being careless with security, fall behind updates and just pretty much assume that the Android will take care of its self. Unfortunately there is no magic app for maintenance. So here is the manual way to go about it.

Keep your Apps Up to Date

The Android Marketplace is the highlight of having an Android but that doesnt mean that there arent road blocks on the path to glorious app-dom. Whenever apps become out of date there is a high potential of them being infected with viruses or malware that causes damage to your phone as well as results in the slowing down of its processes. So make sure you get the latest updates to ensure that it isnt an app thats slowing down your Android.

Install Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware Tools

The Android market place allows third party apps to be present and hence there is always a chance of a deviant or mal app infiltrating your phone. There may be a cell phone monitoring app or an Android spy app that has found its way onto your device and is causing your phone to slow down and disrupting otherwise smooth functionality by using your processor and internet to collect and transmit personal data. In order to avoid this, as well as boost your Android functionality, install the latest anti-malware and anti-android spy app tools. Find security apps at the play store at this link.

Turn off Unnecessary Programs.

Apps when not functioning correctly will indeed put a toll on your Android but there are other things which may be taking your smartphone down too. For instance, background data. Services like Twitter, Facebook, Spying apps and WeatherBug are always downloading data.

This way when you launch them you get the most updated version of the Newsfeed etc. All you need to do is de-select the Background Data option by going to Settings and then Data Manager. You can also choose to turn off gprs, 2g network in android settings when on the go.

Use Boosting Power Apps

There are a number of amazing apps available on the Android Market designed to help clean and sanctify your phone. Some of them to get you started are Android Assistant and 1Tap Cleaner. These apps perform functions such as History cleaning, cache cleaning, and Startup Manager. These apps also assist in improving battery life so your Android functions better and longer both.

Put a Check on Google Services

Google Services such as Books, Contacts, Currents, etc. all come as part and parcel of Android devices. If you do not use these services then they just end up being extra data your Android continually downloads, putting a toll on other processes and hence the Androids performance. So simply delete the services you do not need and watch your Android acquire better performance.

Author : Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards PC security Software, cell phone spy software and android spy software. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root Password

Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root PasswordLike any other electronic gadget, your iPhone is at risk of getting viruses, malwares and Trojans from other devices. But this is why having something like Zonealarm Free anti virus installed onto your devices can help protect your files and give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

While Apple executives assert that no virus can infiltrate the system of the iPhone, the Ikee worm has managed to infect it through the Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol. While this usually occurs in phones that underwent jail breaking, its best to keep your device even those not jail broken – protected at all times.

Here are ways on how you can shield your iPhone from nastiest viruses out there. However, there are also ways you can lose your iPhone’s data in the physical world! Keeping your phone’s data safe is very important as people store more information about themselves, their family and their home. Data loss will let hackers threaten you by having your credit card details, but also your location and therefore your home. Make sure you install outdoor home security cameras to keep your home protected!

Jailbreaking is a BIG NO

Jail breaking is the act that removes the restrictions imposed by Apple on your iPhone, allowing you to get more themes and applications that are not authorized by the manufacturer. You can even download those that you cant access through the App Store. While this act makes your iPhone free for some time, it puts your device at risk to viral threats such as the Ikee worm. It also nullifies your phones warranty. So if you jailbreak your phone, you cant have it repaired for freein case something goes wrongas the warranty in these phones are already considered void.

Change your SSH PasswordRun Cydia

Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root Password

As mentioned, the Ikee worm can infect iPhones via the network protocol SSH. In order to prevent this in jail broken iPhones, you need to change your SSH password by running Cydia and choosing the Mobile Terminal program. Install the app and change the old SSH password (Alpine) into a new one. Refer this tutorial.

Scan your iPhone Regularly Using VirusBarrier Program

Protect your iPad, iPhone from Virus & Hackers: Secure Root Password

Apart from jail breaking, surfing the net is a common activity that you perform on your iPhone that makes it prone to contracting virus. Prevent this from happening by scanning your iPhone regularly with the Virus Barrier program. Its available at the App Store for only $ 1.99. Windows, Mac, Unix and Zip files can be scanned by this inexpensive program. It also scans e-mails and downloads you access through your iPhone.

Keep your iPhone secured with Trend Micro Mobile Security

Like your laptop, having an anti-virus program installed is necessary. However, the fact of the matter is there are not a lot of anti-virus programs for the iPhone and other Apple iOS devices. Fortunately, there is one available in the market, and its name is Trend Micro Mobile Security. Apart from mobile device management, its great with mobile device security. Other features include application management and data protection.

Surf the Net safely using Trend Smart Surfing

A lot of people use their iPhones to surf the net, and if you are one of them, you are making your gadget susceptible to getting viruses and other threats. One way to shield your iPhone from these threats is by surfing the net securely with the use of protective programs such as Trend Smart Surfing. It keeps your iPhone shielded from viruses, and it keeps you out of false web pages as well.

While Apple says that the iPhones iOS is one of the best, the Ikee worm infection says that the device is still vulnerable to viral threats. Your iPhone is expensive! Dont waste the hundreds of dollars that you spent on it, make sure you follow these tips.

Guest Post by Mason Brown, who is a marketing lead at, which provides quality iPhone App Development using advanced technologies. It his my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.

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Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

If you are looking forward to buy or sell stuff online or looking for flats available for rent in the locality you have newly moved into or looking for a maid / cook or other rented services, places for learning stuff etc. the best place nowadays is to find it online at sites like the ones below. If you are a provider of these services or looking for these then here are the 3 best sites to post ads free online in India or find the postings. Free classifieds in India

You should have seen those funny OLX ads on TV. If you are still not using OLX then you should check it out. Its one of the popular sites to post classified ads for free online in India. OLX provides an interface to create ads/postings for selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside. You can easily design rich ads with pictures.

Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

You can control your selling, buying, and community activity in My OLX and also choose to display your ads on your social networking profiles (Facebook, Myspace, ). The sites mobile interface makes it easy to access the site from your mobile phone in your local language too. OLX is used in over 96 countries in 40 languages. Free Local Classifieds

Quikr is a place where the local community within a city could come together, meet, trade and help each other in many ways. Community members can come here to find an apartment to live in, sell their old car, bike ,music system, laptop or furniture, promote their small business, find a tuition class or get a break as a model or actor, join a salsa class, get an audience for a local event, buy any item that they might want or have to offer and make new friends while doing all of the above.

Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

Quikr is currently present in over 40 cities across India. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc. Delightful discoveries. Everyday

Sulekha is one of the most popular Indian classified sites which gives free service to users in India. It uniquely integrates Local Search, Classifieds and Ecommerce services, enhanced by member blogs, answers, reviews and ratings in these key marketplaces: Property, Cars, Home Needs, Office Needs, Education/Training, Lifestyle, Movies, Gadgets, Travel, Eatouts, Buy/Sell, Deals.

Top 3 Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online in India

They are experts in providing help to users in business listings, classifieds, ad postings, deals, ecommerce and reviews/ratings through which users satisfy their local needs across many domains.

A tip for postings ads  in these sites, keep the title descriptive and accurately describe what you are trying to convey and post it in the correct category.

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Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote SyncEvernote (link) is a clever cloud driven application using which you can sync your data between your device and online cloud storage. The free application provides a monthly storage of 60MB and you can upgrade to premium if you require more storage. It not only behaves as a backup but you can save your data in the form of notes and notebooks. This way you can organize your pictures, videos, urls, tasks, text in a easily remindful fashion, recover when required and never loose your data.

Once you are connected to the internet whatever you created via the notes are synced online. Since you can sync Evernote with many platforms and devices you may face some problems if your data is not in sync. The other day I faced a similar kind of problem. I have two operating systems – Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. I have Evernote desktop client installed on both the OSs.

I had my Evernote settings to sync every 30 minutes and on exit. This happened on the 32 bit OS. But I logged into the 64 bit OS and made some changes to the earlier notes which I created in 32 bit OS.  But somehow I and the system forgot to sync the changes.

So when I returned back to the 32 bit OS the changes were not visible. I was in dilemma whether I lost those changes. That was significant links to blogs and was requiring them very necessarily for my blog articles. So I logged in back to the 64 bit OS only to find that the changes still existed. So I felt really happy.

But very soon they disappeared once I got connected to the internet, as the system synced the Evernote.  Hmm! So what was really happening?

The Solution to your Evernote Sync Problems

If you face similar kind of problem dont worry. Evernote has some cool recovery solutions by which you can get back your lost changes. I just found out this by accident.

So what happened to the changes I made in the other OS. They were saved in a local notebook called Conflicting Changes.  The data from the server and in the local desktop client were not matching, so these notes with sync problems were saved in that notebook. Now you can move these notes present in this local notebook to your old notebook or any notebook you required.

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

Now there are 2 notes with the same name first one which initially synced with the server and the second one which had the changes I made on 64 bit OS. Now you can leave them as they are or merge them to become one note.

How to Merge Two or More Notes in Evernote

Its simple. All you have to do is select the two notes you want to merge. Press Ctrl + <select each note with the mouse>

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

You can apply this technique to any number of notes. Then, Evernote gives you the option to Merge and other options.

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

My Remarks: Though the merge feature was good, it didnt do what I expected. I was expecting that the changes would be append/added to the old ones. But instead of that, the changes appeared in this fashion.

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