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Best 5 High Performance Ultrabook Laptops in India 2012

Packed with Intel Core processors (see which processor is best at this i5 7600k review) and solid-state drives, ultrabooks have set to conquer the realm of personal computing, providing the unhindered performance of a desktop PC inside a lightweight, slim and sleek package. They have the convenience of a regular tablet and the potential of a workstation. Ultrabooks are something beyond ordinary laptops. Their uniqueness in design and performance has resulted in more demand, followed by more supply. The market is flooded with ultrabooks offering diverse features, under different trade names, under different price tags. Don’t just look for a computer, you’ll also need an awesome desk & chair. Shop smart and check out the gaming chair reviews before purchasing.

For a first time buyer it seems almost impossible to select the ideal ultrabook he or she’d love to have, due to the massive competition between manufacturers out there. Following is a concise guide to the top 5 ultrabooks of 2012, to assist any one wanting to select the ideal ultrabook for him or her. Here are the top 5…

Apple MacBook Air

On the ultra portable laptop arena, Apple MacBook Air has always received a top notch spot, for its sleek elegant design and lightness in weight. The newest member of the lineup packs a third generation Intel core i5 processor clocking at 1.5GHz, 4 GigaBytes of RAM, 64 GB SSD drive and a 11 inch display with a 1366 by 768 resolution under the same lustrous iconic design, and weighs merely 2.3lbs.MacBook Air is equipped with a thunderbolt port and 2 USB3.0 ports for establishing faster connections. The 720p FaceTime camera that sits on top bezel of the bright display is ideal for video calling your friends and family.

MacBook Air is powered by the Mac OSX, and the special track pad supports multiple multi-touch gestures which synchronize with the OSX to provide you a seamless experience in working with the Mac. MacBook Air isnt the most powerful machine in the league; however it gets the job done in most cases. While the limited flash memory would soon run out of space if you use it as your primary Mac, and do not depend heavily on cloud storage, Mac Book Air is a good secondary Mac for anyone expecting something beyond an iPad.

HP Envy Spectre XT

HP Envy Spectre XT, packing a third generation Intel core i5 processor clocking at 1.7 GHz, a solid state drive of 128 GB and an Intel HD 4000 graphics engine backed by 4 GB of RAM is a direct rival to the MacBook Air. HP has crafted this ultrabook, with a sleek metallic design that looks and feels premium, squeezing USB2.0, USB3.0 ports and a SD card reader into the slim slate that bears the backlit keyboard. Thanks to the beats audio engine, HP Envy Spectre XT offers superb audio, enhanced by the four speakers glued to the metallic frame. Image quality of the 13 inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 is satisfactory, though not the best that couldve been achieved.

HP Envy Spectre is powered by Windows 7 out of the box, but could easily be upgraded to Windows 8. The performance of the ultrabook is pretty decent for a beast in its league, backed by a huge 8 hour battery life. The buyers get to enjoy Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements software and free Norton 2012 Internet Security licensed for 2 years along with the package, at no extra cost. HP Envy Spectre XT is a great ultrabook, offering the much anticipated portability and a wide array of features for a price tag below $1000. This will be great for anyone who wanted to play online games similar to League of Legends with their new smurf, this is what my friend told me anyway. If you’re interested in learning more about smurf services check out this unrankedsmurfs review.

Samsung Series 9 – 13 inch Ultrabook

Samsung Series 9 -13 inch version encapsulates an Intel core i5 IvyBridge processor clocking at 1.7 GHz, 128 of solid state drive and an Intel HD 4000 graphics core backed by 4GB of RAM inside a sleek iconic design. Weighing merely 1.16kg this unique ultrabook reigns as one of the lightest ultrabooks out there. The display with a stunning resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels reduces the glare and produces richer colors even at extreme viewing angles, proving that Samsung has engineered a state of the art display for the series 9- 13 inch ultrabook.

This unique ultrabook records one of the fastest boot times in its league, snapping into life within seconds of powering up. It even holds the record for the maximum battery life, which makes this ultra portable gizmo a major competitor. Series 9 -13 inch version is typically available in two different price tags, at $1300 and $1400. The extra $100 upgrades the Windows7 Home Premium version to Windows 7 Professional.

Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB71

If you want a crisp high resolution display and heavy duty performance, yet want to keep the package as small as possible, Asus Zenbook Prime could be the ideal ultrabook for you. Gluing a stunning 1920 by 1080 Full HD display, this tiny ultrabook beats down the rivals like Mac Book Air hands down in the display department. Zenbook Prime packs a third generation Intel corei7 processor clocking at 1.7GHz, backed by 4 GB of RAM, along with a NVIDIA graphics card of 1 GB. Multimedia performance has been given prominence, and the sleek design reserves spaces for sticking a full sized HDMI port and 3 USB3.0 ports. The Zenbook Prime comes with a 500GB hard disk drive and 24 GB of solid state drive, providing you a plenty of space to store most of your files.

Asus Zenbook Prime outruns most of its rivals when the performance is considered, for its able to handle serious graphics way better than the rest of the league. It performs pretty well in high resolution 3D games as well, a feature lacking in most of the counterparts. For a serious user needing seamless performance for high quality image processing and multimedia editing etc., Asus Zenbook is an ideal choice for $1300.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is a superior ultrabook specially crafted for the new touch friendly Windows8 operating system. Packing a 14 inch display with a resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels, dual core Intel Core i5 processor clocking at 1.8 GHz and a 128GB solid state drive backed by 4GB of RAM ThinkPad X1 Carbon joins the elite league of ultrabooks with a unique specification that gives it a head start ahead of the rivals, its touch sensitive display.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon excels when performance is considered, and the graphics engine powered by Intel HD 4000 graphics satisfies the most business needs, although it might not be ideal for gaming purposes. The battery continuously powers the ultrabook for nearly 6 hours before running out of juice, and is pretty decent when compared with those of the rivals. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 which comes preloaded with the new Windows8 OS is a superior ultrabook for any one needing the performance of a beast in a light compact package for under $1500.

Author : This is an article by Vincent Neil from DrmRemoval software team DrmRemoval is all about converting your digital media downloads for unrestricted playback on MP3/MP4 players, smartphones and tablet computers.

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files Easily

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files EasilyDropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive are the most reliable cloud based online file storage with synchronization features. They are also known as cloud computing services. To find out more regarding theses services, you could look into a site like Many of us use these features daily so it would be worth finding out more about where you are storing your personal files and folders. If you own a business and you’re not familiar with cloud systems/analytics and their benefits, you should visit a website like to learn about the ways it can benefit you and your company. Under one roof of Google Drive and SkyDrive from Windows Live, one can store documents, spreadsheets, presentations from your mail-attachments in Gmail and Hotmail respectively and view them in the browser itself. Dropbox is even more amazing in its own ways like streaming mp3 music or download torrents automatically.

That being said, users should consider having atleast one of these apps in their system, because not only are they free, but you don’t need to scar about the loss of important data in your laptop/computer hard drive. Plus it makes sharing and access of data easy from anywhere in the world.

Include any Sync Folder from Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive in your Right-Click Context Menu’s Send To option

After installation Google Drive and Dropbox is automatically available under the normal favorites section in left sidebar of the windows explorer. While you can drag drop file here but still if you have a deep folder hierarchy, it requires extra efforts to put your files in the right locations.

But for quick access to a particular folder in your Dropbox structure you can use this tip and add it to your right-click context menu’s Send to option. This way you can select one or multiple files and folders, right click and send them directly to your cloud storage for safe-keep. If you are a developer you know useful this is to check-in a new or updated file to any synced and shared folder on your Dropbox.

To do it, Go to this folder path C:UsersAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsSendTo or use Windows Start > Run and type in this command %APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo and hit the OK button.

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files Easily

After opening the Send To folder, navigate to the folder you want to add. Right click that folder and keep holding the right click and drag it an open area in the Send To folder and release. Select Create Shortcut from the context menu. Only shortcuts should be placed in this folder.

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files Easily

Now test it by right clicking on any file you want to upload and select Send To and the folder you just added. And it should work fine.

You can also use a special app called Right Click Enhancer to further enhance the capabilities of your right-click Send To menu like adding a collection of folders in one sub-menu group etc.

Words from Author: (Diana,who is a blogger by profession and loves writing, reading and travelling and contributes her writing to Raul Gorrin Seguros La Vitalicia). Since these cloud services are open, surely there will be security concerns. Individual prevention will help to overcome that. One should not store sensitive data and if it needs to be stored, one need to follow encryption mechanisms and password protection for the files of folders.

One should accept the modern trends since traditional methods like copying and transferring files external hard drives, CDs, flash drives etc., are outdated, and there is no guarantee for the permanent persistence of the data. But there is more guarantee if the data is stored in reliable cloud services like Dropbox or Google drive. Plus all of them provide free desktop apps for using them, it let us use them effectively with folder sync and other features.

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Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote SyncEvernote (link) is a clever cloud driven application using which you can sync your data between your device and online cloud storage. The free application provides a monthly storage of 60MB and you can upgrade to premium if you require more storage. It not only behaves as a backup but you can save your data in the form of notes and notebooks. This way you can organize your pictures, videos, urls, tasks, text in a easily remindful fashion, recover when required and never loose your data.

Once you are connected to the internet whatever you created via the notes are synced online. Since you can sync Evernote with many platforms and devices you may face some problems if your data is not in sync. The other day I faced a similar kind of problem. I have two operating systems – Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. I have Evernote desktop client installed on both the OSs.

I had my Evernote settings to sync every 30 minutes and on exit. This happened on the 32 bit OS. But I logged into the 64 bit OS and made some changes to the earlier notes which I created in 32 bit OS.  But somehow I and the system forgot to sync the changes.

So when I returned back to the 32 bit OS the changes were not visible. I was in dilemma whether I lost those changes. That was significant links to blogs and was requiring them very necessarily for my blog articles. So I logged in back to the 64 bit OS only to find that the changes still existed. So I felt really happy.

But very soon they disappeared once I got connected to the internet, as the system synced the Evernote.  Hmm! So what was really happening?

The Solution to your Evernote Sync Problems

If you face similar kind of problem dont worry. Evernote has some cool recovery solutions by which you can get back your lost changes. I just found out this by accident.

So what happened to the changes I made in the other OS. They were saved in a local notebook called Conflicting Changes.  The data from the server and in the local desktop client were not matching, so these notes with sync problems were saved in that notebook. Now you can move these notes present in this local notebook to your old notebook or any notebook you required.

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

Now there are 2 notes with the same name first one which initially synced with the server and the second one which had the changes I made on 64 bit OS. Now you can leave them as they are or merge them to become one note.

How to Merge Two or More Notes in Evernote

Its simple. All you have to do is select the two notes you want to merge. Press Ctrl + <select each note with the mouse>

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

You can apply this technique to any number of notes. Then, Evernote gives you the option to Merge and other options.

Recover Changes in Notes After Conflicts During Evernote Sync

My Remarks: Though the merge feature was good, it didnt do what I expected. I was expecting that the changes would be append/added to the old ones. But instead of that, the changes appeared in this fashion.

Guest Post by Palla Ramarao, who is a tech evangelist and web enthusiast. Hes a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time. He worked for various engineering colleges, software companies and likes to blog on Microsoft Windows, Apple, Google, Browsers, Software, Technology and Gadgets. He presently works onhis Windows blog in his free time.

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Embed a Branded Logo Design Inside your Custom QR Code: Photoshop

Embed a Branded Logo Design Inside your Custom QR Code: PhotoshopQR Codes or the Quick Response Codes are the magical bar codes which can be read by smart phones. But these codes are often criticized because of their black and white appearance like a checker box. Fortunately these codes can be revamped while retaining their ability to get scanned. QR codes have enough potential from a designers point of view while designing a code to boost the value of you of your brand and make it appealing to the customers. This is the latest development in the ever-evolving world of brand promotion, but if you don’t feel that you have the technical capacity to do this, you could stick to the more traditional forms of raising brand awareness, just visit for example.

Quick Response Code was developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota in the year 1994 to help the car makers in managing different types of auto parts. These codes were developed to produce the fast visual classification of the components as well as for managing the additional information.

Quick Response Codes, these days, have become one of the most useful tools for transmitting information to the cell phone users because of its following advantages:

  • Minimum requirement of hardware and software to read a QR Code
  • Fast reading quality
  • Capability of storing a wide range of information from text to numeric to binary data

Here in this article we will discuss the way of changing a Quick Response Code and insert a custom logo design into it. This branded logo will be shown correctly in spite of this modification.

The QR Code which symbolizes a two dimensional bar code was earlier used by the organizations. But now a day it is extensively used for encoding and transmitting small information such as URLs, business cards, contact details, phone numbers, GPS locations, meetings and mails etc. This transmission procedure is performed visually and only the mobiles which are inbuilt with code reader software and camera can be a receiver.

Choose the QR Code type: While choosing you may find various types of QR Codes categorized by their number of columns and rows which are called modules. Nearly 40 versions are there containing modules from 21 to 177. Higher versions of QR Codes have more storage capacity but you may face problem while reading as it has higher density of points in the images. Therefore while choosing a QR Code keep the following things in mind:

  • Size of the message
  • Readers specifications
  • Error corrections
  • Number of modules present in the codes

It is suggested that version 6 can be enough for business cards, advertising and marketing campaign.

At First, read on how to generate a custom QR code online for URL, contact info. etc.

If you are a tablet or smart phone user you can easily read it by using QR code reader software while Nokia mobile users can download the software if they do not have QR code reader software inbuilt. Apart from these, people can also use internet QR readers which are offered for free by a number of websites.

How to Insert Logo Design into the QR Code

Though the Quick Response Code appears in a simple black and white image, they can be completely redesigned by inserting custom logo design while keeping their originality intact.

Follow the steps to insert logo design:

1st Step: First a version 6 Quick Response Code should be generated with a H error correction level (error level should be maximum 30%) for a selected URL. You may use a generator downloaded from the internet. The generator should permit you to edit the following:

  • Size of the QR Code image
  • QR Code error correction level i.e. up to 30%
  • Version of the QR Code i.e. version 6
  • URL address

2nd Step: Open Photoshop and open a new document with the following settings:

  • Background Contents: White
  • Height: 300px
  • Width: 300px
  • Color Mode: RGB

3rd Step: Add the Quick Response Code image using file -> place from Photoshop menu. Now the image is a smart object and is on a new layer. To identify the layer give it a name.

You can also resize the image if needed by selecting the layer and choosing Edit -> Transform -> Scale -> or Edit -> Free Transform (Ctrl + T)

4th Step: You can edit the QR code image from the layer by using Layer -> Rasterize -> Layer or you may right click on Layer and select Layer Rasterize.

5th Step: Here you can edit the image according to your choice

6th Step: Here you can generate QR Code with rounded corners by selecting the Layer and pressing the Ctrl and left click on the icon of the layer at the same time.

7th Step: You can apply Pattern Overlay, Gradient Overlay on the Rounded Layer if you do not perform the 6th step

8th Step: You can save your precious time by defining a safe work part that can be used as a reference. For example, if the QR Code generated with the size of 250X250 the safe work area can be 100px X 100px square and 200px X 50px rectangular and 100px radius circle.

9th Step: To highlight the embedded logo design 4-5 pixels white color from the background can be applied on the layer.

Adding Logo Inside QR Codes Using Photoshop: Video Tutorial

The above video tutorial will show you how you can add your very own logo into a QR code in Photoshop CS5.

About the Author : The above article is written by Sara Parker who is an associate writer from Logo Design Team. She is an expertise writer for writing articles related to Logo Design, custom logo design and anything that is related to this niche. Her latest work can be fine here : Animated Logo Design.

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Install Windows 8 on a Mac, Macbook: Step by Step BootCamp Guide

Macbook with Windows 8 Developer PreviewFor all of the Mac owners longing to try out the latest revolution of technology offered by the new Windows 8 operating system, this simple guide will run you through the steps required to install it.

For all of the Mac owners longing to try out the latest revolution of technology offered by the new Windows 8 operating system, this simple guide will run you through the steps required to install it.

Steps to Install Windows 8 Developer’s Preview on Mac

The new Windows operating system has a huge amount to offer which surpasses even Apples popular iOS interface. The software is a revolution for Microsoft which rejects large amounts of the interface used since Windows 97. The new system is compatible with laptops, desktops, and importantly tablets.

Running though ARM, it is possible to install the new Windows OS on practically anything from smartphones to Macs. If you are sceptical, you wont be for long once you have installed this new piece of software from the worlds bestselling OS producer.

Step 1. Get a copy. Quite simply, find a Windows 8 Download (full versions due for release in 2012) and get the software ready for installation.

Step 2. Get a USB Drive with 8GB+ of Memory.

Step 3. Create a Backup of all of your files and folders as a restore point should anything go wrong.

Step 4. Go to Utilities and click on Boot Camp Assistant to open it.

Install Windows 8 on a Mac

Step 5. Click Continue and select all three options: Create a Windows 7 install disk, Download the latest Windows support software from Apple, and Install Windows 7. (If the first option isnt available then select the others and click Continue to advance.)

Step 6. (Skip this step if the Create a Windows 7 install disk option was not available in Step 5). Select the Windows 8 ISO file and the USB device on which you want to create a boot disk. When this is done click Continue.

Step 7. Click Continue when told that the drive will be erased.  Type your password when prompted to Add Helper.

Step 8. The Boot Camp Assistant will ask you to create a partition for Windows. It is recommended that this partition is at least 20GB if you intend to install further software on the Windows partition.

Step 9. Click Install and watch as your Mac begins an automatic reboot and begins installing Windows. You will see the message Booting from Boot Camp Assistant created boot drive. (At this point you will be prompted to insert the Windows 8 install disk if you did not have the option to Create a Windows 7 install disk in Step 5).

Step 10. Follow the on screen procedure to select partition to install Windows on. Select the BOOTCAMP partition to install the software. Make sure the BOOTCAMP drive is formatted before selecting by going to Drive Options (Advanced) and clicking Format.

Step 11. Click the Next button to finish installing and follow the on screen prompts for Windows setup.

Step 12. Install Mac compatibility software for Windows. If you selected Download the latest Windows support software from Apple option in Step 5 then this data will be ready for installation on your boot disk. Double click on the Setup.exe icon to install software.

Step 13. You are ready to go. When you turn on your computer, hold either the Alt or Option key to see an option to boot either your Windows or Mac OS.

Video Demo of Windows 8 Developer Preview on a Mac

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Sync My Documents with Google Docs, Dropbox for Automatic Backup

Sync My Documents with Google Docs, Dropbox for Automatic BackupMy Documents is probably most important folder in your PC or laptop since it is the default save location for all type documents like word, presentations and office files. So if you want to make sure that you don’t lose important data and your document files etc in case of a hard drive crash or windows boot problems, its best to sync the "My Documents" folder with an online backup drive like Google Docs or Dropbox.

Backup My Documents Automatically Online to Google Docs

Google Docs is my favourite online file backup service since it is a very useful online ms-office alternative. Anyone can create and edit documents and you can work on your files collaboratively with other users. And since its online you can access your files and work on them from anywhere and any device with an internet connection.

There are some free tools that let you sync google docs to your file system on your computer but I liked this simple freeware application developed by

Download and install SyncDocs on you computer and after installation follow steps and login with your Gmail account. A "Data Folder Selection" (see below) window will appear which will let you choose the folder that you want to sync with your Google Docs account.

Now, you can either click Change and choose "My Documents" as the folder to be synced with Google Docs if you want to sync your existing data with your Google Docs account,

Backup My Documents Automatically Online to Google Docs

or, if you have lots of files in "My Documents" then it can take a lot of time to upload sync your files, in that case keep that "My Google Docs" sub folder as the folder you want to merge with Google docs online. You just need to save or drag drop important files to this folder to automatically upload it to Google Docs.

Watch the video below for an idea on how SyncDocs works to manage your files between your computer and Google docs.

Move My Documents Folder Inside Dropbox for Auto Backup

Windows has this useful feature that allows to move the default location of your "My Documents" folder to any other drive, location on your computer.

This means if you move your "My Documents" folder inside your Dropbox local directory, then a backup copy of "My Documents" will be created on your Dropbox account online in the cloud. So every time you save files in My Documents, the changes are automatically updated on your online backup too. So you don’t have to worry about losing your files ever.

To Move My Documents Location to your Dropbox : Go to your My Documents folder (C:Users<name>My Documents) and do a Right-Click > Properties . Choose Location tab in the properties window (see below).

Move My Documents Folder Inside Dropbox for Auto Backup

Click the Move button and select your local Dropbox folder and windows will use this new location for My Documents. So your My Documents is now synced with your Dropbox account.

The only drawback is that Dropbox has limited space and no editing support… hence I prefer Google Docs over Dropbox for backing up my "My Documents" folder online. For other folders like my "My Music" folder I use the Dropbox method so that I can get access to my mp3 collection and stream play songs in my dropbox from any device and anywhere I go.

Links : SyncDocs | Dropbox

Automatically Copy Public URL of Newly Added, Uploaded Dropbox Files

Automatically Copy Public URL of Newly Added, Uploaded Dropbox FilesIf you are a frequent dropbox user, you might have noticed if you want to share a link (public url) of a file you recently added to your dropbox folder, it’s a 3 step process to copy the url link to the windows clipboard.

By default, to copy a file’s public url you have to Right Click > Dropbox > Copy public link.

Automatically Copy Public URL of Newly Added, Uploaded Dropbox Files

Copy Links of New Dropbox Files to Clipboard with DropBox Linker

Check out DropBox Linker <link>, a very useful app. which works along side with Dropbox. It monitors all new files added to the dropbox public folder and smartly copies the URLs to the windows clipboard.

Automatically Copy Public URL of Newly Added, Uploaded Dropbox Files

While this utility running in the background, you will get the url link of the newly added file automatically copied to clipboard and also see the corresponding tray notification of the same.

But perhaps the most useful feature of this app. is that when you add multiple files to your dropbox public folder. Previously you would have to individually copy the link to each file separately to prepare a list of url links to those file which can take forever.

Automatically Copy Public URL of Newly Added, Uploaded Dropbox Files

But with DropBox Linker, this process will be automated as this utility appends new links to the clipboard as the files are being uploaded, so when you add multiple files, a list of url links will be copied to the clipboard.

If you rename a file in the Public folder, and the file url link was already copied in your clipboard, the link are updated automatically with the new one. Additionally, if you decide to remove a file while uploading multiples its URL will be removed from the list of urls from the clipboard.

Automatically Copy Public URL of Newly Added, Uploaded Dropbox Files

You just need to configure once by providing the Public folder path and User ID to the utility.

Dropbox is cool, but I recommend you also try FluffyApp which is tray application to upload files to the cloud. I think it’s better for regular users and it allows to auto-upload screenshot of parts of the screen and copy links to the clipboard automatically.

And if you looking for quick and temporary options to share some files easily then try the browser-based drag drop uploading sites like and letscrate, gopileus.

Scan & Check Database Files, CSV, List to Find Invalid Fake Email ID

Scan & Check Database Files, CSV, List to Find Invalid Fake Email IDIf you manage student, college applications or manage customer service or the database admin for any ecommerce site or a shop etc, then you might find many non-existent email addresses and fake email ids or some with spelling mistakes. Sometimes its useful to keep your email lists as clean as possible from fake, non-existing emails and also to notify a customer without a valid email address.

Scan Mail Checker verifies if email addresses of your list are valid. The program eliminates repeated addresses, checks if they are written correctly, and if these email addresses actually exist.

Scan & Check Database Files, CSV, List to Find Invalid Fake Email ID

Once installed, the program imports lists of email addresses from text files, Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets, any database (Access, MySQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, etc.), CSV files, Scan Mail projects, etc. Features of Scan Mail Checker are :

  • Finds repeated email addresses
  • Checks the syntax of addresses for obvious errors
  • Checks if the email domain is currently available.
  • Checks if the email address exists on its mail server.

A very handy tool to check your list of emails for reducing failed delivery reports can stay aware if any customer misses your newsletter or offer, news etc for some syntax error, spelling mistake.

# Get Scan Mail Checker <Download>

Once that’s done you can read this tip on how to get email delivery reports to know if the person you’re sending the email to has actually read the email and when.

Tip : Send Email to Group in Gmail by Creating Contact Groups

Transform, Convert Photos to Cartoon Like Caricatures, Vector Images

Transform, Convert Photos to Cartoon Like Caricatures, Vector ImagesHave you seen movies like Waking Life and Waltz with Bashir ? In Waking Life the entire movie is cartoonized, ie, it was originally shot like a normal movie but during post production the movie content was made to look like cartoons or hand drawn animations.

You too can create the same effect for your photos and images and make them look like cartoons, caricatures so you can use them as clip arts, profile avatar, greetings, posters etc.

Tip: Make Yourself Look Older in Photos

Photo to Cartoon: Free Online Tool to Create Vector Images, Cartoon Illustrations

The online tool at  lets you converts photos into cartoons in one click. It’s free and easy. Just click Open Photo to upload your photo and drag the slider to manage the intensity of carbonization.

But you must also try their desktop application (download) which has better controls for customizing your photos into cartoons plus it converts, raster images and photographs into high quality vector art.

Photo to Cartoon: Free Online Tool to Create Vector Images, Cartoon Illustrations

They also have a Movie Cartoonizer which converts movies into cartoonized animation and cartoons with various automated options, settings and manual tools. Perfect for making movies like the Waking Life and Waltz with Bashir etc.

There is a similar tool online tool and convert2ctn which produces similar good enough results.

For the desktop IntoCartoon is a freeware tool designed for conversion of photos into cartoon-like pictures or other graphic representations like pencil sketches.

Using Photoscape to Convert Photos into Cartoon, Paintings Easily

We have mentioned Photoscape earlier, which is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos and many features, here’s one that lets you convert photos into cartoons, clip arts and paintings.

Step 1 : Once installed open Photoscape and load the image from the explorer on the left.

Step 2 : Click on [Filter ] button and select Noise Reduction (Clear Skin) and set it to High to reduce grainy parts in the image. You can also use Clear Blur is some cases.

Using Photoscape to Convert Photos into Cartoon, Paintings Easily

Step 3 : The click [Filter ] button again and select Pictorialization > Oil Painting to add a cartoon, painting effect on the photo. you can increase the amount to add more cartoon effect. Similarly try other effects like Water Painting for similar effects or whichever is better.

This is the type of result you can expect…

Transform, Convert Photos to Cartoon Like Caricatures, Vector Images

And if you are a newbie photoshoper then you can read this tutorial. And if you’re looking for a professional service try where professionals create cartoon versions of your portrait photos, pets etc for cheap.

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Convert Print Locked PDF Files to Printable JPG Image, Word Document

Want to print a pdf file but its print locked ? Many pdf documents are print locked pdf formats which blocks you from printing or copying especially ebooks, forms etc. But here’s an useful tip : simply convert the pages in a print locked pdf file into printable formats like a JPG image or word documents which also retain any styles, designs, tables in the PDF file using something similar to File Center to help do this.

Convert PDF Files to JPG Images Online – Best Free Tools

Here are some of the best tools you can use to convert pages of print locked pdf files into individual jpg images online…

Zamzar : I think Zamzar is probably the best online file conversion tool that provide a huge range of input and output formats. And yes, it will let you convert offline as well as online files upto 100Mb in size.

Simple browse select the file or add the pdf url path (for online files) and then select the out put format as jpg, or png (larger size but higher quality), then add your email id and then click convert. Once the conversion is done they will send the files in a .zip file as attachment to the email id you provided.

Neevia : Their Document Converter makes it easy for users to quickly convert files of many formats into PDF or Image format like JPG.  Simply upload the pdf file and choose jpeg or png as output format an then select your delivery method.

You can wait for the conversion to be completed on the browser or provide email address to let them send you the download link once converted. The converter is really good quality and fast but the upload limit is 1MB only. Very useful for those quick single page PDF documents that can’t be printed.

Other similar sites are CoolUtils, My-Addr and CPdftoImg.

Free Software Desktop Tools to Convert PDF to JPG

PDF-XChange Viewer : Its actually a PDF file viewer with lot of cool features. One of them being able to export PDF pages or entire files to any one of the supported image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and many more.

Convert Print Locked PDF Files to Printable JPG Image, Word Document

Open your print locked PDF file in the viewer, then click on File > Export to Image and a window open where you can set which pages to convert, the image type to convert to and the destination folder. You can also add finishing touches like Page Zoom, rotate pdf etc.

Quick PDF Convert : Very simple lightweight desktop software for converting PDF files to JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, EMF and BMP files. The process is a very simple 3 step process. Just select your print locked PDF or any pdf document and select the output format and click Start Conversion.

Despite the conversion process is so simplistic the tool offers a range of fine-tuning options, including DPI, image quality and partial conversion. But what makes PDF to Image really irreplaceable is its batch PDF conversion. You can load multiple PDF files (or drag&drop them) and convert all of them to images with a single click!

Tip : Create Better Presentation Slides Using PDF

Use Google Docs to Convert PDF Files into Word, Text Documents

1. Login to your Google Docs account and go their file upload page (Link).

2. Drag and Drop your PDF file to upload it.

3. Check the option Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents as enabled and click Start Upload.

4. Once uploaded, open the file online in Google docs’ viewer and Click on File > Download As > Word, RTF, ODT etc.

Now you could also choose to directly print the document from Google Docs (File > Print) option if you have the printer connected.

Note : This method is only for files with text based content only. Images, chart will be excluded. File upload limit is upto 2MB.

Facebook App to Convert PDF to Word Inside Facebook

The Able2Extract team has also developed a facebook app (Link) turn your PDFs to editable word docs instantly directly from your facebook. Once the app is installed, Upload your file. When your file is uploaded, the conversion will begin automatically. Click on the URL provided to pick up your file.

Free Software Tools to Convert PDF into Word

For the online version we mentioned Zamzar which is the best for converting PDF to Word online for free. You can also use NitroPDF’s online pdf to word converter.

Here are few desktop freeware tools to do the same.

PDF Tiger : A free PDF To Word Doc tool that can quickly, accurately create PDF documents from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, txt or Images. It can also convert PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files.

In batch mode PDFTiger will convert more than 10,000,000 files at a time. Its lightweight but really powerful for converting your print locked pdf files in word documents.

AnyBizSoft : Just with one click, you can convert your read-only PDF files into fully formatted editable Word documents less one minute.

Convert PDF to Word, Convert PDF to Word document

PDF to Word Converter can convert PDF file which was restricted by author to prevent others from copying, editing or even printing. The original text, layouts, images and hyperlinks can be exactly retained in the generated Word documents.

You can also try Hellopdf, PDFZilla converting PDF to Word formats including docx.

While it’s not possible to replicate the exact formatting and appearance of the original file used in creating a PDF, we believe the mentioned tools produces the best results than any other freeware tools out there.

Tip: Copy Text or Print Locked PDF Files Free PDF Password Remover